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Old 10-18-2001, 12:06 AM   #1
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My Montreal Concert Experience

Sorry if I took some time posting this, but I had to organize my thoughts and my emotions a bit more..I am still in a daze from my U2 weekend...Well here it goes:
On Thursday evening I left my film class earlier, because I couldn't concentrate on the movie or on anything that the teacher was saying. As soon as I arrived home I started running around the house like a madwoman, trying to organize my stuff for the weekend, singing along and dancing to U2 songs. I had decided on my outfit, which was going to be a red tank top and some Macphisto devil horns. My parents gave me a lift to the Molson Center, and on the way in the car my dad was wearing my devil horns and my mother was singing along to my U2 music tape. How cool are my parents?

I arrived at the venue at around 9h15pm. There was already about 40 people or maybe more in the line. I met up with the other U2 freaks who saved me a spot. At about 12:30 am my best friend Stef and her boyfriend Charles came to meet me in the G.A line (even though they weren't going to the sweet are they?). We went out for a drink (or two ) at an Irish Pub while someone saved my spot. It was really fun and it helped pass the time. I got slightly drunk and I came back in the line at around 3am..and I was shocked and amused to find that everyone was sleeping! There were no night owls; everyone was in their sleeping bags..It was so calm. My good friend Ed had arrived and we talked for a bit before trying to go to sleep on the cold cement. *lol*

At around 6am the security made us move, and the line still remained orderly. I must say that the Molson Security was very competent. (Two Thumbs Up ! ) I then slept a bit..And then I met Mrs Edge ! I really wanted to meet *THE* Mrs Edge and when I heard her introduce herself to ZooGirl I bolted out of my sleeping bag ! Hehe. I then met Olive and She is Raging, who were both very nice. I also met Mrs Edge's husband...who looks so much like Edge it was so freaky !!! I also met Melpop, (very briefly though). I also met Chickles after the show who recognized me by my devil horns; lucky girl got to touch Bono's thighs, arms and butt ! And they're all rock hard from what she told me !

The day went on so fast. The line was so big..At noon there was about 400 people. I tried meeting the band before soundcheck but no luck.

At 4pm they distributed the floor wristbands, and at 6pm they opened the doors.Now the last 5 minutes before they opened the doors, I thought I was going to die...I was so nervous. I had one goal, and it was to be first row in front of Bono. It was my last chance to have that spot ( I never had it). So they open the doors, and the lady goes to scan my ticket and IT DOESN'T WORK !!!!! I had this horrible vision of me losing my spot and I was getting more and more worried. The woman had the nerve to tell me to calm down. Oh yeah I've been here for nearly 24 hours and you tell me to calm down? Anyway after a couple of minutes it worked and I walked VERY fast to the heart. I get in, get my wristband, and get the spot !!! But wait, two girls come to the railing and start pushing me farther on Adam's side,saying they were there before me even though they just arrived !! But one of them had the decency to give me her spot right in front of Bono's mic so that I could be near ZooGirl. I apologize to them and they apologize to me. That was nice of her but I didn't apreciate her friends elbowing me.

So I'm smack dab in front of Bono's microphone, first row. I cannot believe it. I'm in shock. I've been dreaming about this for years ! My back is hurting like hell and I'm an emotional and physical wreck but I have my spot.

Garbage comes on and Shirley is the coolest chick ever ! She sings and dances so well..She captivates the audience and is very thrilled to be opening for U2. She talks in french and is the cutest thing ever. They play a very good set.


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Now the countdown begins...They start playing "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder. Then..."All You need is Love" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band "by the Beatles!!! Being the Beatles fanatic that I am this makes me so joyful..
After the second Beatles song end, the Influx remix comes on. "WOO HOOOO !!! WOOO HOO HOOOO !"I'm about to lose it. Everyone in the Molson Center is standing up, screaming. The screams get louder and more piercing...Then finally the band comes on the stage. I am fighting back tears of joy (yes laugh all you want)..It's like a dream (the whole concert was like a dream)..They all look so cool, so nice..The screams are so loud I am getting dizzy, my heart is beating so fast, and Bono is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME !! Right before he starts singing Elevation, he kneels and then then IT STARTS!!! The most rocking performance of Elevation I've ever seen !

During Elevation Bono notices my devil horns, and I get a smile from him !! At the end of Elevation he sings : "Montreaaaaal !!!!Montreaaaaaal !!!!"

Then comes Beautiful Day...Bono reaches down to the us in the front and holds ZooGirl's hand tightly while looking deep into her eyes !! Then, he reaches out to my outstretched fingers and holds them for about 4 seconds and he's looking at me !!. His hand is big, soft, and sweaty. What he does next is so cool. Immediatly after touching my fingers, he licks his own fingers !!! I don't know if he was looking at me while doing it, but I was like .

Until the End of the world is the next song and Bono does his usual routine: on the right side of the catwalk he takes the hand of a girl sitting on a guys shoulder and kisses it..then BITES IT ! The girls is ecstatic ! She is cheering and nearly falls down but is held by other members of the crowd.

While Bono and Edge are on the catwalk doing their cool bullfight, ZooGirl and me hold a sign that ZooGirl made especially for Adam. It reads "Adam we love your bASS" (with a very tiny b ) Adam reads it and looks so shy! Adam the coolest band member looks shy ! Mission accomplished !

"New Year's Day"..what can I say? Perfect !

They start playing "Out of Control"...and I go bonkers ! I love that song !!! I start jumping even more ! Then Bono metamorphoses into teenage Bono, all awkward and unsure. He starts introducing the other band members, saying "I'm 16, he's 14.." asking the record producer to listen to their first single..he says he know it's out of tune..but he says :"WE'RE GONNA BE OUT OF CONTROL !!!!!!!" EVERYONE IN THE PLACE IS JUMPING AND GOING CRAZY !!!! The band is tight, they're giving it all they've got !!

They start playing "Stuck"..I love that song..It really means a lot to me, I can relate to it so much...Bono kneels down and takes some people's hands..And then (it was confirmed by my friend Ed ) he took my hand ! Wow !! (There are some things that I donT remember..I was in such a daze but I remember he was always very tender)

"Kite", absolutely beautiful yet so sad..

"Angel of Harlem" full band version at the tip ! Very cool !


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Then comes the most touching moment..During Bad, Bono notices a woman in THE SEATS !! He is on the right catwalk and motions for her to come and join him ! She looks a lot like Ali. They do a sweet slow dance and at the end of the song he lifts his shirt and asks her to do the same...She does and she reveals her round pregnant belly !!! Bono puts his hands around her round tummy and kisses it !! Absolutely a beautiful and tender moment! He then starts singing :"Be my little baby" Aaaaw !
"Streets" comes on..The beginning always sends shivers down my spine...Such an inspring song and so fantastic live..Bono is running the fastest I've ever seen him run !

"Mysterious Ways": Girls , Bono at his sexiest ! He does his own little belly dance..Oh wow!!! Edge's guitar is so hypnotic ! He sang some lyrics while looking at me and smiling ! ( I was trying to move in mysterious ways too ! )At the end he blows a kiss to both me and ZooGirl (From what our friend Dawn told us) and as if on cue we both blow one back at him !

"Pride" brings the house down.

"Bullet" : Very intense..powerful.

"New York": This song is the most amazing live. It reaches new heights. Bono said: "Political fanatics are not welcome in NY.

They then start playing WOWY...on the main stage. I'm so happy I could cry. I adore that song. And then he sings THE EXTRA VERSE :"We'll shine like stars in the summer night !!"

POE and then Walk On...Haleeee Haleee ! Haleee Halee lujah !!!

The band was amazed at the crowd, they didn't want to leave. Bono had his hand on his ears sometimes and just repeating "Wow, wow" because we were so loud and enthusiasthic. The first hands that Bono shook was me and ZooGirls

I was truly amazed with every one of them. They each delivered an excellent performance, they were very happy to play for the Montreal crowd, I could feel it. I love their stage personalities, there is such a perfect balance between these 4 guys, it's like magic. Like I have often repeated in this review, it was like a dream.

I am so very fortunate to have seen this concert (and 4 others). It is so funny because when I saw them at PopMart I never imagined that one day I would see them that up close and that Bono would hold my hand! Not even in my wildest dreams ! The heart was an excellent idea and gave us fans such a great opportunity.

I know they will probably never read this, but I would just like to say thanks anyway. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. You made this girl insanely happy.

Oh yeah: Here's a pic of me at the show, taken by one of the security guys. Behind me is my friend Ed and next to me is Hayley (aka ZooGirl)

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Thats such a good story - glad you got to hold Bono's hand!

(He's really sweaty isn't he! )

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What an amazing story, Naya! You have just helped me to re-live the whole experience. That was certainly a show I will NEVER forget.

I am so glad that I finally got to meet *THE* Naya too!
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Cool beans Naya..dimonbeans..


ps-since when do they let 17 yr.olds drink in Canada?


"...The big guy is made of STEEL." - Bono as we stood together on stage at Boston #4, June 9th, 2001.

If curious click
links for
Boston 4 story
and photos..
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Great Posting Naya!

I must admit that this was a fabulous show - so much fun overall. I've been to four shows so far this tour, just back from Chicago yesterday. While all of them were a blast, I must say that Montreal has been my favorite so far - just something about the atmosphere of the night etc that made it that way!
Nice meeting you too by the way!

"Edge, it's you she's you!...I know him! He's in my band!" Bono - Zoo Boston, 1992
- Kathleen -
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Awesome! Sounds like the Montreal show was pretty decent
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great review Naya!

I recognize the girl and guy standing next to you in that picture...I saw them in Hartford, they were standing right in front of me in the heart.

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Thank you so much everyone for taking the time and reading my review ! I appreciate it!
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Hey Naya!

Great story!! I was at the show, too...fantastic! I've seen 8 shows on this tour and Montreal definitely ranks as one of the best...easily...

I swear I saw you during the afternoon...did you go to the other side of the Molson Centre where the band arrives in order to meet them???
I think it was there that I saw you...
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Hi Lady !
Yup I tried to meet them before the soundcheck! I was so nervous and fidgety I kept taking off my horns and then putting them back on.

I was very near the railing when I waited for them..where were you?

And where were you at the concert?

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