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The Fly
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My Final Tour

I said I was going away to dream it all up again... Well, I'm actually doing that. And that's cool. Still, I was coming here to see what was going on, just reading post's title. And I fell on that Superbowl thing. And shit, that really disappointed me. I know it's only a rumor, but shit... They sell out Beautiful Day for that Bruce Willis movie, UTEOTW for Proof of Life, One for Family Man... They sell Beautiful Day to BBC for the Olympics. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some... I truly was disappointed by that. I was disappointed that they did the basketball half-time at Boston. And that story with the beautiful fans... It makes me sick to hear Bono scream USA before Walk On when he has song Bullet the Blue twenty minutes sooner...

U2 is really my favorite band. I love them. I love Bono. But I must say that they are presently doing it for the money. And no, that's not fair even if the world have changed... Maybe they were doing the flag thing more than fifteen years ago, but ZooTV and Popmart are not so far. Can you just tell me what the fuck these shows were about? Yes, U2 is growing old. But it doesn't mean you have to grow fat too. I agree with a third leg, as long as it is for the fans. But when you play the same songs night after night, when you take off Mysterious Ways and With or Without You (not that they are obligatory... But changing the whole setlist would be better than taking out two of the best songs, mostly when you're playing a greatest hits tour!), when you still tour while your wife is educating your child and you don't see it quite often, when you're still touring after your father have just died... Shit, I'm just taking some distance with the world to have a new look on it and I'm not really happy with what I see. I mean, yeah, he's a star and that's normal for a star to be away from home. But, every parents here, would you be away nearly all the time, away from family? To all the people here, is it normal? Is it normal to say that people are sick and tired to the teeth of Pop music and use just the same tricks of pop music to sell your album? I mean, I love U2, but there are some questions we need to ask ourselves. U2 is playing MUSIC to live their lives. Bono was saying that it's ridiculous that they are consider as heroes, when the firemen, policemen and nurses are the real heroes. But now, he's taking a hero role. I think I've just lost some illusions I had. I really thought U2 was pure and was doing soul music, not money sell out. I passed a long time of my short life to love U2. I don't think I've lost my time, but shit, just imagine what I could have done will all those hours (put together, you can count in weeks) "wasted" to wait for U2 tickets, to search for mp3, to listen again and again and again to every albums. Just imagine everything you could have accomplished!! Learning to play music, every books that could have been read, every conversation that could have happened, everything you could have built.

This is not a complaint. This is nothing but my OPINION. It's not the truth. It's what I think. And it's my reason to leave and continue to dream it all and finally BUILD IT ALL!!!

Sincerely, I want to wish happiness and joy ( to 4a) to everyone here. Be good and happy! Be YOURSELF!! If you want to write me, I'm still open to that :
No offense to anyone and flame me if you want. I just hope that this raised a few questions... PEACE!!!

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Hello soul service! I knew you'd come back!

The one and only!

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all your points are valid but i still disagree with your conclusion.
they are business people and they are very smart at it-paul mcguinness seems to have led them to great financial success, but i don't believe that is the driving force behind all that they do.
i really don't feel comfortable drawing conclusions regarding their personal lives when i don't know all the facts-none of us know, and if we do we shouldn't, just how much Bono sees his kids or wife. it just may be that he doesn't care and wants another buck or he just might need the attention and fame-i don't see how we, as fans, can draw conclusions such as those that you have made.

welcome back btw, and please join us whenever you can. it seems increasingly rare that intelligent threads such as yours appear anywhere on the internet-partly due to me but i try to formulate 'real' discussion at times...hehehehe

Kobayashi's bizarre use of colour, superfast editing and extreme camera angles, coupled with a hilariously deadpan performance by Toshiro Takemitsu as the inspector who discovers a whole family of ghosts travelling without valid tickets, remains without peer.
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Old 11-18-2001, 11:04 PM   #4
The Fly
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Thank for your warm welcome!!

Still, Kobayashi (name referring to Usual Suspect, Memento fan?), you don't need to live his life to understand this. Look, when you're on the road touring, you surely don't have the time to see your family. Bono himself said it. "It's kinda pathetic to see my child evolution on the net" or something like this. And, I AGREE!!! Maybe he needs people to applause him and to warm him up. Maybe they all need that. Maybe not. But the thing is that he is far from home and family. You said he's a businessman. Let's say I agree with that. Let's say that I believe that U2 didn't need to become businessmen. I'm not a real fan of money people. I think that there is a little value problem in there. I know, most of the people will disagree. But if you someone in your family were near death, money wouldn't care. And we all say :"Yeah, but that's a particular situation." Well, NO!! Let's live like humans. Let's live like evolution is the goal, no instant pleasure. Evolution is quite tough cause it means sacrifices and it's an everyday work. And it also means to be true to yourself and discover your true self to others, and that sometime means suffering.

Everything I wrote seems bondless. But I presently feel that U2 are businessmen and that really makes me sick. I truly prefer Rattle and Hum U2 playing music honestly, because they had a passion and believes rather than a U2 playing to make money. I'm not saying that I now hate them. I'm not saying they're only playing for money. I'm not saying their show aren't great. Actually, the shows I assisted were TRULY INTENSE moments, emotionnally and spiritually!!! It's just that I'm tired that people see star's attitude differently than everyday people's attitude. Bono, the Pope, Bush, you and me, we are ALL HUMANS!! Nothing more, nothing less. Get what I mean? We all have the potential. I FERMLY BELIEVE IT, we all have the potential to be the best in something. And I passed a good time of my short life to adore someone else:U2. From now on, let's just be me and work to be best instead of working on adoring the best!! That is my point.

Be GOOD and HAPPY!!! But, mostly, be YOURSELF!!!
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The Fly
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Mikal, if you read this, e-mail me!
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