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Old 11-06-2002, 12:49 AM   #81
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Random thoughts on the Best Of package, now that I've had a chance to listen to the CDs and watch the DVD:

1. I like The Hands That Built America but not as much as Electrical Storm.

2. I LOVE the remix of Gone.

3. It definitely feels like there's a big void in the intro on the Discoteque remix.

4. The extended dance mix of Lady With a Spinning Head kicks ass!

5. Salome sounds great!

6. I'm very disappointed in North and South of the River. It sounds blah to me.

7. The live performance of Please from Helsinki on the DVD is incredible.

8. The new-image-every-millisecond editing on the history mix gave me sensory overload! Next time I watch I'm going to have to go frame by frame.

9. U2's marketing strategy in including the teaser DVD really worked. I can't wait for December to get here so I can buy the full-length DVD!

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hey how much time is left on the best of cd??..think its about 4 mins right

just thought that maybe...they could have put elevation hidden in there goes for like 3:45

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Old 11-06-2002, 02:16 AM   #83
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i'm not saying they have...just a thought
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Old 11-06-2002, 11:09 AM   #84
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Big Grin

Originally posted by scatteroflight
As I'm in Dublin now,
WOW! I didn't know that. Have you seen the band?

Here are a few of my thoughts on this best of:

-the line change in Mysterious Ways is just weird; I want to hear an explanation. I don't really mind, because of course I have the original, but it's certainly not an improvement.

-the new version of Gone seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. I think that the original is a really, really good song, with great lyrics, and it had potential to be a great song. Although there are some things about the new version I like more, overall I don't think it's much better, if at all.

-remix of Numb is probably worse, but I never liked it anyway, except as a performance piece--the video is so funny.

-remix of Discotheque comes close to making me like the song! I still don't like it a lot, except in bits, but it's much less of a mess.

-Compared to the B-sides disc of the 80's best of, this B-sides disc makes me think that U2's creativity was not as high as so many people say it was in the 90's. It's almost all remixes. Most of them, as tends to be the case with remixes, are not actually improvements. Look at the 80's b-sides disc; all new songs, most of them not covers, and admittedly not all are amazing, but then there are incredible songs like Love Comes Tumbling, Three Sunrises, Luminous Times, and Walk to the Water.

-I'm glad to have this new package, but it's not as strong as the 80's package.
I agree with you, good descriptions!
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Old 11-06-2002, 12:12 PM   #85
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I almost kissed my mailman today

That DVD

I'm being weird and listening to disc 2 first
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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Originally posted by U2Kitten

WOW! I didn't know that. Have you seen the band?

No I haven't, but I have discovered so many connections to the band. For instance, I know someone whose brother does work for them on their security cameras so hangs out with them a lot, I know someone who works at the Clarence and I'm told he "sees Bono all the time" (I haven't even asked him about U2--he's a lot older, I have a feeling he doesn't care much!), one of my relatives has a friend who is Bono's cousin, etc. The new friends I have made here think it's hilarious that I scream with excitement every time something like this comes up. But I'm not blase about it yet. It's also cool to be in Dublin at a moment when U2 releases something new--I dunno, there's just something in the air

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