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Old 05-22-2005, 10:20 PM   #21
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Originally posted by Palace_Hero
It definately alludes to terrorism in Norther Ireland.

"In a parked car, in a crowded street, you see your love, made complete"

What else can that mean, but a bombing?
Yeah, and the guitar solos always struck me as reminiscient of bombs going off.

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great song, I prefer the live version... is like... tragic? or something

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Old 05-23-2005, 02:00 AM   #23
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Even reading the lyrics is enough to bring tears to my eyes sometimes.
I can't think of a more passionate/ emotional/ hypnotic/ addictive song by anyone in history.
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Old 05-23-2005, 02:18 AM   #24
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This song has never been a real favourite of mine but is a top example of why Achtung is the best album ever. It used to be the only track I didn't like, and I thought the organs were ugly.

However as I've matured and can understand songs better, aswell as giving the song a proper chance, I now see the greatness. It is the execution of a musical idea and theme at it's best. Like I say, not an all time favourite, but an example of why Achtung is because of LIB's pure depth, both in song and to the album.
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Old 05-23-2005, 04:17 AM   #25
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According to Bono...

Love Is Blindness was wrote during the Rattle and Hum period.
It portrays love at the end of it's tether.
Deceit, betrayal and infidelity.
It also mimics the atmosphere when making Achtung Baby when the band, their families and their relationships were all feeling the strain.
But in the end it's about the dark side of love - a theme Bono tends to revisit again and again.

Not political at all, but the trouble with politics is that people can see something that isn't there.
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Hearing the solo on the live Sydney video, is just fantastic...
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Old 05-23-2005, 04:32 AM   #27
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Well, it can mean a lot.

"Love is Blindness" goes with the "cold steel, fingers too numb to feel etc etc" as, basically, the opposite of "Love is sunshine and flowers and puppy dogs". For a lot of people, a lot of the time, love is a dark, hurtful, horrible thing. The blindness is the 'living a life in darkness'.

"Love is Blindness" could also be loving something so much that you are blind to the truth. For example, loving your country, your religion, any belief so much that you become disillusioned and blind to what your actions truly are eg terrorism as an extreme example, but it could also be something smaller, closer to home. Blind to an abusive partner for example.

In the end they can both fit together.

Love Is Blindness is an extraordinary song. Beautiful, heartbreaking. Edge's guitar part through the song is the best prayer ever written.
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Old 05-23-2005, 05:37 AM   #28
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it's better live... it's one of my less favourites in AB and IMO 40, yahweh and wake up dead man are better album closers

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