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long ass review of the first 2 LA concerts

I wasn't sure whether to start a new thread or just post it in one of the existing threads but since they all seemed to be picture threads I figured I'd start one. Sorry if it's repetative and I missed it.

Damn, what an amazing experience. I had GA's to both LA1 and LA2 and though I'm beat beyond belief I wouldn't trade my 3 days in line and in the show for anything.

Where to even start, alright let's start with the lines and just the
fact that, how in the world do we know nearly everyone there, and
by name? I thought that was really special. I loved running into
people and the fact that we were this big family was amazing. If I didn't know someone the person next to me did, so on and so forth.

LA1 I was #23 and I ended up next to the Exit girls in line the
first night and watched them as they made their signs and rehearse just in case it happened. Had fun hanging out with them, both parties trying to kill time. This all made watching Courtney, the guitarist, get up there all the more exciting. WOW I was so happy I was jumping up and down the whole time, and she completely rocked. I spoke to her the next day to ask how it happened, especially since the plan was originally to play stay (as her sign said). So Bono saw her and her sign told her they needed something a bit more upbeat. Of course at this point no one can really respond coherently so the only thing that she could think of was people get ready because it's obviously been done so many times. Well up she goes they give her the guitar and Edge escorts her to the top left corner of the heart where she starts to play and he follows. Bono realizes they've started and leaves the tip to join them singing the chorus. Of course a) he still hasn't bothered to look up the lyrics or b) he just can't remember them. So the whole song is improvised.

Now before I continue, me and a couple of fans had waited for their arrival at the Arena. Edge came out before the show and little Anthony (10 year old boy that plays the guitar, he's so adorable) whom I stood behind was able to get the only handshake. See Edge was in a rush so he just got out the car and walked by us making eye contact with each one of us. I couldn't bring myself to ask for an autograph but instead kept saying to Edge when he looked our way, he plays the guitar (pointing to Anthony). And then Anthony lets out "Edge you're my hero" so Edge comes over shakes his hand and you can see in his eyes he truly appreciated the comment. Courtney and the Exit girls were also standing around Anthony and we were speechless. WOW we were sooooo happy for our little guy, and he was nearly crying afterwards. Bono just drove by and later John came out to explain to us that he's really sorry but his voice is really shot over and he can't stop. This was mostly not noticeable throughout the concert since everyone is so into it that it doesn't really matter if at times he lost his voice or it sounded as if he had inhaled helium cause the crowd was singing every word and it all just blended in.

So anyways with this in my mind if you were watching you'd realize Bono was looking to rest his voice this time around. And so when they're in the main stage and into it and Bono steps away from the mic and motions her to step up and sing. Now Courtney isn't much of singer, she's too shy for that since she doesn't trust her voice. So she walks up to Bono and says she's really sorry but can't do it, Bono keeps trying to get her to do it but she just laughs, shakes her head, and steps away towards Adam who is laughing and says something to her. So Bono continues making up lyrics like uhm "there is a big difference b/t guitars players and singers, guitar players are too cool and singers are laid back" or something to that extent. I don't know I was too busy jumping up and down like a maniac. Of course she goes over to Edge and checks out his gear etc. The whole thing is really fun. They end song, oh yeah Larry and Adam did join in, and Courtney hands Bono the guitar and they both hug for a long time. Then as Edge hands his guitar to Dallas Bono leads Courtney back to tip with his arms on her shoulders, she tells me that he said "I didn't mean what I said those lyrics" Edge notices and starts towards the tip looking rather rushed and stops Bono, right before he lowers her to her spot, to give her a hug. And that was the end of that. Completely surreal not only to her but everyone else that knew her and didn't.

I'm not gonna go through every song, cause personally it's all a blur all I know is that I was there in the heart first row, with a great undisturbed view of the stage.

Let me tell you I had an interesting experience being squished in
b/t the Adam lovers the first night and I'm still trying to find out
why it was everytime I stopped jumping and singing along to
Bono and looked at Adam I saw him laughing, and considering
we made eye contact, I'm guessing it was at me. Was I too
normal for him? Especially considering to my left we had the girl
with the Kitty ears, whom let's just say were out control, she kept shoving her poster in front of me and I wanted nothing to do with that. Oh well at least I helped Susan (the bassist from Exit) get sign read by Adam and at the end she got his pick though she didn't get up there as she wanted. I must say I admired Adam's behavior. When the little sister from the girl whose behavior I thought inappropriate wasn't feeling well he gave them his cup of water which they shared b/t themselves.

Speaking of Outta of Control, can I just say how outta of it I was
when I heard it. Oh my gosh!!!! That was too good. I had a lot of
fun the first night, though I must say second night was just as special. To me it seemed like the first night was pure adrenaline whereas the second was more personal.

Second night you can tell the boys were more laid back, and Bono a bit more rested as he spent most of his time at the tip where me and my friend Anthony (not the little one, this is one of my Vegas buddy) decided to stay. He took the American flag early on the show during Beautiful day. Then at some point I'm not sure which song but I think it was UTEOTW he lays on the walkway right in front of the photographers and reaches for a girl inside the heart whom he kisses on the lips. Later he leans down on one knee and plays rock, paper, scissors, ? (I don't know what it's called) with the fans outside the heart. Touching the hands of the ones that won. Though I must say the fans participating were pretty bad only winning twice out of at least 5 tries.

During SBS he walked over to the other side of the catwalk (he was on Adam's during the above events) spots a different girl with flag inside the heart. he reaches and they start passing him the flag. He doesn't take it but is still reaching the people are confused but eventually they get it. He didn't want only the flag he wanted the girl too. So eventually this girl who was was at least 5 inches shorter than him, gets up there and he just holds her from behind the whole song while she drapes them both with the flag. It was very heartfelt.

My personal highlight from the show was watching Edge and Bono at the tip of the heart for Wild Honey. Of course the man has still to memorize the lyrics so John comes and puts them on the floor right in front of me. I start cracking up nearly immediately. Bono shoots me a dirty look and the rest of the people realize why I'm laughing and join in. Edge starts to play and Bono himself is laughing. He starts to sing and everything goes well till about half way through. We're still laughing and this time Bono looks straight down to the floor, not disguising the fact that was lost at all, and he is struggling to read the lyrics as he is completely lost. He raises a finger to Edge so that he would repeat the chords and buy him some time to find himself. Edge complies but is cracking up and we're even more. Bono stands straight up and raises a finger to his mouth, pleading us to be quiet cause we're not making it any easier by also cracking him up. Of course this has the opposite effect and we're laughing even harder. He goes back to the paper and finally finds his spot he continues to sing but is struggling to contain his laughter. To top off the circus act, watching Edge's expression when Bono motioned him to sing the high note (oh oh oh) cause his voice had completely left him was the icing on the cake as was Edge was in complete disbelief and took a while to compose himself. Needless to say watching the whole thing unfold was a lot of fun.

Oh what else, yes of course for both nights during What's Going he brings Gwen out on stage. Again another tactic to save his voice. She did a fine job, both in the song and also opening. I don't care how much you hate No Doubt their live shows are so energetic that it's contagious.

In any case I loved hearing All I Want is You the second night I was completely loving it. In fact I think that might have been the song in which he kissed the girl. But I could be wrong.

The encores of course were the usual emotion packed encores that we've come to appreciate this leg. With Bono posing as the statues of liberty to be enhanced on the screen during NY and then leaving his jacket inside out on the mic as they went out before returning to do One. In which the jacket would be moved and hanged in front on Larry's drum set (I have no idea what it's called but I'm talking about the one you bang with the foot petal, yeah I'm completely illiterate when it comes to musical instruments). The names scrolling through the screens was exceptionally touching and really hit home when it took them forever to scroll through every name. The first night we went straight into walk on whereas the second night he opened with peace on Earth both nights closing with the chants of Hallelujah.

I think that about covers it all. After the concert the first night I thought they had done a runner cause I saw all these tinted cars driving off as I walked to the car. I found out the day after that they hadn't and that Bono came out and spoke to everyone. He held some of the girls hands to heat them up cause it was frieking cold an we had gotten poured on as it started to rain only 30 mins before the doors opened when everyone had put away their umbrellas, etc. Talk about bad luck. In any case anyone that a sweater it was of no use as it was most likely drenched. He gave Courtney a huge a hug and told her that he knows who to call if Edge ever gets sick, then he asked to see her sign once more and he signed it. Edge later came out and did the same.

So the second night I stayed smart and waited. I however had to go get my stuff outta of my friend's car since I had to move them to my real ride. So I left and pen and ticket to the person standing next to me and asked for the favor in case I missed them. And sure enough I missed Adam but he did sign the ticket, which I'm very grateful for since it's for my little 13 year old brother whom I converted into a fan and won't make it to any of the concerts, unless a miracle happens and I get a ticket to Miami, because he is in Brazil right now. So anyways Bono comes out afterward and shakes everyone's hand and says hello. But he was a bit rushed and there was a lot of people in line I got stuck b/t 2 talkative people. I was still holding the pen and photo I wanted to get signed, John said he wasn't gonna sign anything, and didn't in the begining. So as I struggled to put things away and free my hand I missed my chance. The fact that I had completely lost my voice didn't help but he did say hello as he moved away but at that point he had to go and I understood perfectly and was not disappointed.

So anyways he moves on to the crowd that was in front of the exit not fenced in got a bit rowdy and so John cut the fun and they start to head back towards the car.

Then these two girls, one I know is the sister of the girl standing
next to me whom I have class with and had gotten me the autograph, somehow managed to get loose and stop Bono right before he enters the car. While he signs the autograph for one the other asks him what brand are his shoes cause she really likes them. He looks at her with a face of disbelief and at the same time curiosity cause he also doesn't know. So he says "I
have no idea, do you wanna look?" or something to that extent
with complete sincerity he raises his foot and grabs on to John
support. The girl bends down to look and she doesn't see
anything. At this point Bono's curiosity is at a max. He puts his
foot down lifts the other takes off his shoe and looks under it.
Only to find out that there is no brand or something to that extent,
I don't know exactly what happened I just know that it never got resolved and they were both laughing at it and I still couldn't believe what I had
witnessed. Hopefully the pics will come out cause it was truly
one of those moments.

Anyways that was basically my experience at those two concerts. I would like to thank Staples security as they were very organized except at the last minute the first night when it poured and left us outside. Having 2 openings to the heart which at first they said one was closed then opened it letting a bunch of people that were way behind in line in first also making a huge blunder and handing out heart wristbands inside instead of before we entered. They sorted things out the second night and everything went smoothly. They were really nice and had a bathroom opened for us and security outside monitoring the lines. Overall I had a great experience both shows. I can't wait to Vegas and LA3.

Tha Prickly Comedian

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Thanks for this WONDERFUL review. Sounds like you had a great time, and I just love reading all these details! Post more if you happen to remember anything else!

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Marina, frankly, WHAT A GREAT REVIEW! I loved it, especially the Wild Honey part, really cool, you described the whole thing so well! Thank you so much. And I hope you get tickets for your little brother to see the boys in Miami, that would be wonderful for you both, for sure.

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Reading this has made my day! Thank you for posting it.
Sounds like it was an amazing couple of days.
The shoe part is just too funny!
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Great stories, especially the shoe one!

All those details definately brightened my day.
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Thanks for your review, it was really special!!! I'm getting v. v. excited now for Vegas! Post those pics if you get them!! That'd be awesome to see- what wonderful memories you have! thanks!!

And everyone needs the music 'cause everyone needs relief.

* U2 Take Me Higher *
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Excellent..thanks for posting..


"...The big guy is made of STEEL." - Bono as we stood together on stage at Boston #4, June 9th, 2001.

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Thank you for your awsome reviews. They really made my day!!
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That's totally hilarious about Wild Honey!!

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Sounds like you had the time of your life...thanks for the details!

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Hey guys, I'm glad you all liked it. I wasn't sure anyone was gonna read it cause of its length so it's really nice to see you all did and found the same things funny.
Yes I did have the time of my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Let me tell you Bono's eye are amazing, I got to stare in them for a couple of minutes I almost forgot to take pics. Mine should be developed by Friday, or so they say, so everyone cross your fingers.

Oh in the meantime I did run accross some pics on the net of my little encounter, though you can't see me, let me see if they will post.


Tha Prickly Comedian
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Woo hoo it works. Alright let's see, oh of course that was Adam, I wasn't there so there's not much I can say about it but it's him.

Ok now here's Bono. On the first 3 pics he's standing right across from me. On the last one he has moved towards the end.

About two people down from me

I think this is when he's talking to my friend (the one that stood next to me and got the autograph) about Kite.

This one I'm pretty sure is he is shaking the German guy's (stood on my other side) hands. The guy basically said something in German that Bono understood and responded in English then asked him if he had seem them in Germany. The guy said yes and that he was also going to Vegas. Bono's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and had this huge smile across his face, Bono said thank you and that he was really looking forward to that show then moved on to the next person.

And last but not least this one is when he had moved towards the back of the line. He spoke to someone for a long time there, I never found out about what. But the dark skinned girl directly in front to the left of the girl in white is my friend. She has a twin sister and it's hilarious I can never tell them apart. She's also friends with the Exit and stood behind me when Courtney got up she was jumping right along with me.

Well that's it when I get my pics I'll find a scanner on campus to post them for you.

Oh and if for some odd reason the pics worked for me and not for you got to http://goddess_melissa.tripod.com/adam3.html and just click on the link underneath the pics to move on to the next. They won't be in the same order but at least see them. Alrighty I'm off to class.

Tha Prickly Comedian

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Thanks for the great review MArina!
It brought back wonderful memories from Tuesday.
Bono kissed the girl on the lips during "Until the end of world", lucky girl!
"All I want is you" was perfect, I loved the crowd singing the chorus at the end.
The pics are great, I wished I had stay to see them leave. There's always Monday.

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