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Old 05-02-2002, 11:36 AM   #41
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Originally posted by Achtung Zooropa:
AS far as every saying they are Beatles sound-alikes. You are wrong. Although they have sampled Imagine for the intro to Don't Look Back in Anger and they make Beatles references in the lyrics, their songs don't sound like any Beatles songs. I'm sorry, but that whole Beatles thing was just some comment that caught on. Just like when critics said POP was a shitty album and the POPmart tour was a flop. Obviously whoever said that doesn't know what they are talking about, but since people don't want to think for themselves they just copy whatever they've heard. I own every Beatles album and every Oasis and there are no songs on them that sounds like exact replicas of Beatles songs. Sure, the Beatles did almost everything in Rock'n'Roll first, so it's hard to come up with something completely new. But just because Oasis says "fool on the hill" or "yellow submarine" in their songs doesn't mean thay are coping a Beatles songs. They may take the piss a lot, but they do respect the Beatles, it's obvious.

And as far as only being 2 hit wonders, that is an ignorant comment coming from an American. Oasis has many many better songs than Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. Just because the radio over-played them back in 1995 doesn't mean those are the only two songs they ever wrote. Try listening to Definately Maybe and Be Here Now and even the rest of Morning Glory. There are some incredible songs on those albums. Hell, I've had people walk up to me when I was wearing a U2 shirt and say, "oh U2, they only play those 2 songs Beautiful Day and Stuck In a Moment on the radio, and way too much. I hate them."

Now I know Liam spouts off a lot, and that's his thing. I just can't stand when people make uneducated comments about bands. At least listen to them before you say whatever you read in a magazine.

Although you make some good points about people being ignorant and not listening to certain music and just spouting off with no real evidence, you must admit the similarities between Oasis and the Beatles. In fact, I think a big reason why Oasis are so big in England is b/c they remind people of the Beatles so much.

Their style, their hair, some of their music, certain lyrics....sure, not everything or even a lot of Oasis sounds like the Beatles. However, there are many conctrete and significant similarities.

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Old 05-02-2002, 11:52 AM   #42
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Originally posted by Achtung Zooropa:
I am in no way saying that Liam is a god, in any form or fashion. I don't particularly agree with many things he says because, frankly, he talks a lot of shit. Obviously Noel is the brains behind the band, although Liam has picked up in the song writing area.

My initial point (probably in another thread, i have begun to mix these Liam thread up) had to do with Liam saying that U2 was in it for the money. His point was that U2 decided to stay and play shows even though Bono's dad was dying. His take on it is that since they stuck around and played their shows, U2 must be in it for the money because in his opinion the correct decision would have been to be at his father's side the whole time and forget about the shows. I think I wrote about all this in another post about Liam's bad mouth already. I am sure Liam still has respect for Bono and U2 and loves their music and live show, but just doesn't agree with their personal politics.

And I still don't think Oasis sounds like The Beatles, although they take heavily from them lyrically and idea wise. Their sound is totally different. Also, I am sorry if I offend a few of with my first post. I probably came off as an asshole, I am sorry. Please excuse my poor word choice.
Didn't Liam compliment Bono on how thoughtful he was after one of the Slane shows(or some Elevation SHow) and explain how Bono explained religion to him and then sent him a book on religion and Liam also said, "what a guy," about Bono b/c he took his time to do this so soon after his father's death.

The recent quotes are probably just for attention(and they actually do have some merit to them). However, these comments certainly contradict Liam's/Oasis' recent actions toward U2(a few weeks ago one of the Oasis boys was shouting out how they were more important then U2 and REM; hmmmm, sounds like jealousy to me for sure.)

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Originally posted by MBH:
Didn't Liam compliment Bono on how thoughtful he was after one of the Slane shows(or some Elevation SHow)
I think it was Noel who complemented U2 by saying how great they were.

I don't see how Liam would ever say that. I mean, who can find the time when you're in Front of mirror 24 hours a day telling yourself how great you are and how much everyone else sucks. I said it before and I'll say it again, this guy is a talentless SOB. If it wasn't for Noel, this guy would be nothing more than a bum on the street. But I'm sure in his eyes, he'd be the most talented bum on the street.
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Old 05-02-2002, 04:58 PM   #44
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Originally posted by Seconds:
But I'm sure in his eyes, he'd be the most talented bum on the street.
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I'd like to know if those Gallagher brothers are able to string together more than two sentences without using F**k? I've never seen it. I don't care if people swear, but they don't seem able to talk for more than a few words without it.

Good communication skills, boys! I bet it's real pleasant around your house.
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Old 05-02-2002, 11:46 PM   #46
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First off, I like a lot of Oasis songs and think they're a very good band...maybe not great but solid. Obviously they spew their mouths about to make a big fuss and get everyone talking...seems as if mission accomplished for this board, anyways!!

Can someone tell me, is that really "Noel Gallagher" from "Manchester, UK" posting??? This guy always writes exactly like the brothers Gallagher talk, and if he isn't the genuine article then I'm impressed with the consistency and the hoax.

Also, although I think generally Noel is the bigger fan, the lavish praise after Earl's Court did come from Liam.

And yes, I think it was Blue Room who said, Simple Minds haven't hit the states since 1995, and haven't done any kind of extensive and/or large venue US tour since 1986!!!!!! Hence, I don't think they'd meet any kind of criterion for lusting after the US $$$. I'll finally get to see them this summer, can't wait.
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As I read through this thread, two (not one, but two! ) thoughts popped into my head. Allow me, if you will, to present these thoughts.

Many of you have stated that Liam is rambling on like this for publicity. Publicity? Publicity for what? Why, Oasis has a new album out. Golly gee, look at that! Could Liam possibly be insulting everyone and everything only to generate attention, thus assuring that Oasis makes headlines, whihch in turn could drum up extra business for the album? Hmmmm... As we've seen with this past year, even a little publicity can create a boost in album sales. Is this Liam's way of "marketing?"

If so, then it screams of hypocrisy. Here's Liam accusing everyone of playing only for the $$, yet his accusations are only being done so that he, himself, can get more $$.

In other words, either Liam is a hypocritical bastard or he's a lying bastard (saying how much he loved U2 before, only to slam them now) or, most likely, he's just a bastard.

Along those lines, it almost sounds like Liam's rants are coming from a rejected lover. I mean, we all saw that (in)famous picture of Liam and Bono tonguing each other and then we all read how Liam said he couldn't take his eyes off of Bono in concert. It sounds, to me, that Liam had a little crush on Bono.

So, eventually Liam summons up his courage and asks Bono for a shag. Bono, while complimented, replies:[list=a][*] Liam, have you seen my incrediby hot, sexy wife? No thanks.[*]Liam, if I was interested in snogging a guy, have you seen our incredibly hot, sexy drummer? No thanks.[/list=a]

Liam, not used to rejection (due to all the groupies he's banged), lashes out at U2/Bono in the press.

Now it all makes sense. Liam, the scorned lover.


*edited typo

[This message has been edited by doctorwho (edited 05-03-2002).]
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Liam Gallagher - Never liked him, never will.
He's not fit to shine Bono's shoes.
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Old 05-04-2002, 10:29 AM   #49
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LOL at this thread and LIam.

He is a strange bird, I wouldn't take him very seriously because he has become a master of a shit(e) stirrer if nothing else. I mean damn, he can't even get along with his own brother/bandmates. It's just funny to me. ANd the guy is usually so bombed out of his mind that he can't make a complete sentence without muttering some sort of guttral sound barely recognizeable to the human ear.

Phew, "cuntfuck" has a classic genius to it, I credit him that. I do sense some resentment to their popularity decline in the USA and our fickle loyalty. Yet the quality of their music dropped on 'Be Here Now', and I haven't purchased anything since.

Anyways, this is too funny and I wouldn't get too worked up by this clown
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Old 05-04-2002, 12:12 PM   #50
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That boy's got something wrong with him, that's for damn sure. Like he's got a fookin spoon shoved up his ear, innit? I let him think he's got some talent, but ya know there ain't none. Try to get him to shut his cakehole, I get even more shit than usual. Guess that's the way it is with him, and it's my job to keep him in line. What the fook did I ever do to deserve that?

Reporter: Can you sum up Oasis in one word?
Me: ME!
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Will any of us really be affected by this in the long (or short) run? Who cares wtf Liam said? Big fookin' deal. I like Oasis, I love U2. Tell Liam to stick that in his tambourine and shake it.

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