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"Kill Your Hero!" ..well Sorry Bono..gotta off you now.

Ok...probably a confusing subject title. So here's the deal.

For their Halloween Rock Event my local favorite bar (Roxie's in Starkville, MS) is having a "Kill Your Hero" art exhibit. They want everyone to pick their favorite hero then kill them off in a painting, drawing, time-based media...ANYTHING. And then maybe dress accordingly for your costume (although I've been the "Fly" for the past 2 years). It should be really cool and my roommate is heading it up so I've got a little pressure to participate.

So naturally he says "You gotta kill off Bono." So that's what I'm gonna do.

Here's my premise but FIRST a disclaimer:

I do not care that apple and U2 have come together. I think it's cool, it's where I first got to hear Vertigo, and if there is a U2 iPod coming out then consider it PRE-ORDERED! I have no probelm with corporate sponsorship (sometimes it can get out of hand but I trust U2 to handle themselves). This is not necessarily an attack on U2...it's just the damn assignment. So this is NOT a thread to debate whether U2 is selling out or not. I don't think they are and, really, I don't even give two sh*ts. So...here we go...

In light of the recent U2 iPod ads it seems U2 has moved away from trying to save the world and onto to trying to save the sales. They've teamed up with Apple and have a series of iPod ads out. I'd like to reverse this idealogy onto the events of U2's past. By taking historic photos of U2 with such iconic figures as the Pope and others and converting them into iPod style ads.

These will be 2D lightboxes (illuminated from the inside). Possibly set up in a grid formation or some such. Either all seperate or all part of one collage.

So I'm looking for famous photos of U2 (or Bono..doesn't matter) with iconic figures and in key moments (what's the photo of Bono holding the hands of the two Irish leaders in his moment of trying to bring the peace? Excuse my ignorance). Can anyone help me out in this?

Suggestions, links to photos, etc...would all be appreciated.

And one more time: THIS is NOT the way I feel...I'm just taking the devil's advocate side for this project. That is all.

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too bad the Original U2 site isnt up....

Anyway Try


And www.poplemon.com oh and dont forget.

www.u2takemehigher.com/ Bono/bono_pics_pop4.html
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