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Just another day - with the world's biggest rock star

Found this very cool and funny article that was posted thought you all would get a kick out of it!

Here it is:

USA Today
16th September 2003

Just another day - with the world's biggest rock star

by Whitney Matheson

Two days ago I met Bono.

Yeah, it was no big deal. I was totally cool about it. We spent an
hour in the same room, just three seats down from each other,
chatting and laughing and catching up on old times. Nothing to
write home about.

In the days before the rock star arrived at the USA TODAY building
- he's in town this week discussing the AIDS fight in Africa - I
barely thought about him. I mean, he's just a regular guy, you

Unlike some people, I didn't rehearse what I was going to say. I'm
the kind of woman who figures the right words will come to me in
the moment - none of that girly, neurotic nonsense ever does any
good. Besides, I had better things to do with my time than dwell on
some guy in a band.

And I barely put any thought into my outfit, which may have included a new, ruffled button-down black shirt, a pair of well-worn jeans and some black Chuck Taylors. I'd had a pretty big time at IKEA and Whole Foods the ni
ght before, so when the next morning rolled around, I just got out of bed and threw something on.

If this were 1988, back when I was a completely psychotic U2 fan, I might have spent some time daydreaming about this whole experience before it happened. For instance, I'd probably imagine Bono looking me in the eye, los
ing all ability to speak and, through a series of rapid hand movements, declaring I was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen in the known world.

But not in this millennium. I hate to sound so square, but as a mature and cool adult, I seem to have lost all ability to fantasize about rich, attractive and exotic celebrities. I guess fame just doesn't impress me anymo

Bono and his posse were scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m. Since I had quite a bit of work to catch up on, I got to the office three hours early - with no time to spare for staking out Bono's limo or testing out his swivel ch
air, of course.

When the singer finally entered the room, I didn't think about how short he was in person or how he smelled like the Irish countryside. And when he gave the woman seated across from me a kiss on the cheek, I didn't even c
ome close to having a panic attack, despite what you may hear from the guy standing next to me.

In the end, I decided not to take up too much of Bono's time by offering my own cheek for a kiss. Instead I would offer a simple, sophisticated greeting. After all, the guy had a long day ahead of him - if he kissed every
woman in his path, it would put him hours behind schedule.

So I said, "Hi."

His reply: "Nice to meet you." And later, when I looked back on this conversation, I certainly didn't submerge my head in dishwater and call myself a loser.

In case you were wondering, I think Bono was wearing a green army-style cap, green sunglasses, a black V-neck T-shirt, a faded black jacket, black pants, a pair of tennis shoe/boot-type things and a USA TODAY name tag tha
t read, "Mr. Bono."

But don't quote me on that - at the time, it just didn't seem that important. I also barely noticed his stubbly chin, his small hands and the gold pinky ring on his left hand. (Hey, doesn't Bono usually wear a wedding rin
g? Could this mean I might have a chance at being Mrs. Bono? Would anyone notice if I followed him out of the building and back to his hotel?)

None of these questions ever crossed my mind; nor did I contemplate sneezing to see if Bono would bless me, or screaming, "Encore!" after his question-and-answer session was over.

However, I did cast an evil glance at the hordes of women who emerged after the meeting, CDs and notebooks in hand, prepared to do anything for an autograph. I mean, come on. How old are we here?

Instead of begging for Bono's attention, I stood at the back of the room, arms crossed, and started thinking about my schedule for the rest of the day. This meeting was cool and all, but it had taken up way too much valua
ble work time.

And speaking of valuable time, before I get back to work today, I just want you to know that I didn't curse the woman who pinned on Bono's name tag, nor did I run to the window to watch him leave the premises.

Most of all, I did not take Bono's drinking glass after everybody had left the room.

I, of course, am way too cool for that.

Copyright 2003 USA TODAY.

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I read that this morning and LOVED it!


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Email or PM me (kim@interference.com) if you're interested.
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I love it too! Thanks for posting it!
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thats great!!!
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ha, I just posted this article in PLEBA. Highly amusing.
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where does she work? is this from the AOL meeting? my friend DiGi was there for that meeting!
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nice one
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I don't know how she can't remember what he was wearing. I woulda been studyin him so hard that it would have been impossible for me to forget. I can't even believe that she put no thought into what she was going to wear or what she was going to say. If it were me that would have been the most important meeting of the week and I would not be looking forward to other work than talking to Bono. I mean, it's BONO we're talking about! Maybe just because I'm a college girl I think this way- but if growing up means THIS, I hope to never grow old.

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