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Its My Bono-versary!!!!

Ok so i swear i thought there used to be a forum just for this sort of thing...but i guess i'll chance it in this forum...Mods-move it if you will i was clueless....

But yah everyone, it is Nov 19 the one year anniversary of my kick ass bono(and larry)-meeting. I never posted it cuz i was scared of mad people etc, but i think its high time and a good reason to do so. I wrote this story shortly after the event so it was pretty fresh in my head then, i hope you enjoy it, and if you cant stay awake for the entire story(it is a bit detailed , but i was ) then i hope you at least enjoy the pix. And i hope everyone doesnt get all mad and stuff like I've seen before, I just thought id share since i never did..... here goes!

Ok here's how it all happened....
Las Vegas,baby. Where the bright lights and the big city meet. We arrived on the evening 17 November 2001 to a twinkling city full of promises we didn't even know of. Daniel and I got off the plane and were choefuered to the Thomas and Mack center, site of the next days U2 show, planning to camp out overnight, we didn't even have a hotel room booked. Not to worry, we got kicked off the premises at 2;00 am after enjoying quite a spectacular meteor shower in the freezing cold desert (of course I came unprepared-who would have thought the desert could be so cold?)

Number 73 and 74 in line, we were to meet up at 7am to camp. Our only vehicle owning aquaintence was kind enough to drive us up and down the strip.I really wanted to see the Las Vegas Hilton because apparently that's where I was concieved. Yeah that's more than any of us wanted to know, believe me.Finally about 4 am we got to Ballys hotel where some other friends were staying and had a whole 2 hours of sleep on the floor. No complaints yet except for the delerious tiredness.

Up and at em, spent the whole day in line outside the stadium, met lots of cool people including Caileen(hope i spelled that right!) and our new Minnesota buddy Leslie who held our spot in line while we escaped to shower and eat in the afternoon (Bless your hearts you two!!!) An afternoon filled with the famed and ever so popular "Danno" who barelyhad time to breathe between photo shoots, band promotion and interviews right down to the Las Vegas channel 8 news!!! We tried to sneak a peek of the band as they drove into the venue, but were rudely kicked out and even threatened by police!!! A few more hours of line waiting, then we were finally offered our 2 wristbands and our much awaited entrance into the elevation 2001 heart!!

And what a show, from second row off the rail we were practically being showered with Bono and Adams sweat!!! Amazing is an understatement for the show. As if that wasn't good enough to top off the final evening in vegas, after the show we were being driven to Avis to pick up the car we had rented to drive thru the night to LA and see them again the next night. we missed the exit and had to drive all the way around the airport and what did we spot but Elevation Air with the engines running and the stair ramps down!!! We jumped out of the car to take pics and Carrie got this idea to go wait in the parking lot to see what happened. So we went .

After a couple of tired, cold and hungry hours, we (about 10 or so fans) were finally rewarded. Along came the first of many Lincoln towncars and out walks a tired looking Larry. I almost peed. I shook his hand, muttered the first thing that came to my lips "your a great drummer" like he hasn't heard that before!! Got him to sign my into the heart book, and Got a photo taken with him!!!believe me he's even cuter in person! After he was all done going thru the line, we all stood around in awe wondering what to do next, when all of a sudden out comes this big guy telling us BONO is coming out to sign autographs and for every one to stay calm or he'd leave. I let out a yelp. My inner monolouge wasn't working properly I guess. My mind racing , my heard beating, not knowing why there was something warm trickling down my leg, my time had come. This was it. Bono stepped in front of me looking down at the ground. When he looked up at me , it felt like everyone and everything in the world just disappeared and just by looking into my eyes it was like he could read my whole life story -what an amazing presence. Would you expect any less? I shook his hand and said to him ever so humbly-"You make beautiful music...Thank you." he replied with a Thank you and God bless you. Believe me Bono, he just did......inner monolouge again working properly.....I also managed to squeak out, "Can I get a photo with you?" He didn't need to reply, he said yes with his aura. I threw my camera at Daniel and got ready while Bono actually put his arm around MY shoulders. The next thing I knew, MY RiGHT CHEEk was being molested by Bono's lips, nose and stubble. I could only stand there and smile while I smelled his leather jacket and the cologne he was wearing(reportedly he wears Dune) After what seemed like the best eternity of my life, he pulled away as cameras flashed and that heavenly music coming from i don't know where finally stopped. I was in such shock I forgot to ask him to sign my book!! He went through the line and I took more photos of him with others. After he was done, he was walking my direction to leave and i held out my book. His body guard said" why don't you sign this pretty young lady's book and then we'll go."Bono's body guard called ME pretty! What a compliment! Maybe there's a chance...Bono my number is 763-555-1234*edited for posting*...ha ha. He signed my book, looked up at me and smiled, Handed me the sharpie that he had signed everyones stuff with, and just like that, he was gone. I stood there baffled for about ten minutes. Some lady came up to me and said "He sure liked YOU!" I could still feel the stubble on my cheek....

All of a sudden we were in the car and all I could do was sit there with the sharpie in one hand and my book in the other saying over and over with eyes glazed over "Bono kissed me. Bono kissed me...." A few hours later it finaly wore off a little. I still wish we would have asked them if we could hitch a flilght with them to LA in stead of driving through the night, cuz thats'where we were going to see them tomorrow!! I would have ridden in the cargo space-I wonder if they would have let us come.....

Needless to say I haven't washed my face to this day. I am a very lucky and extremely blessed girl. Not too many people can say "Bono kissed me." And the ones who can probably don't have a photo like this one!! I will never know how I got to be one of the lucky people, but I will be forever grateful and I will never forget that fateful Monday morning In Las Vegas. Thank you Lord for letting me meet him, Thank you Danno, Melissa and Carrie for putting up with my tired, crabby disbelieving self and making me stay, Thank you MR security for LETTING us stay, and thank you Larry and Bono for taking the time to make our trip unforgettable. In the name of love, Tiffany AKA "Ali Rose"


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Wow! Congrats you lucky dog! Great story, wish my profile pic was real!!


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O. M. G. !!

What an awesome story, I would not have been able to hold it in for a whole year

Those are I think *the* 2 best fan pics I have ever seen - Bono and Larry are my fave, I could have died and gone to heaven after having an experience like that. Gah, and with a Bono smooch no less!! You are a blessed and beautiful girl, hopefully I'll be as lucky as you someday
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I remember hearing your story from Danno the next day at LA3
I think Bono kinda likes you

Tiff, remember the sign I made for Danno?


Great memories kiddo..

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Larry is more important

Thats great though aaaaaaw- nice pics

I love Larry Show off
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Was just wondering if this pic was on the same day. looks like he's wearing the same shirt, very

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