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Old 07-04-2002, 04:19 PM   #41
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Before this gets out of hand any further... I've already had someone write a hostile PM to me and if I get any more, I will ask Joel to ban the accounts (you know who you are...).

I offer my apologies to Follower. I too think she is very sweet. In fact so sweet, that I found her thread out of character.

My point is, I also felt that she was being unrealistic. If Follower had said she sent a note congratulating Bono for his work in Africa, I'd be there applauding. I'd hope and pray that Bono would see her note so that he knows that there are people like Follower out there - fans of both him and his work outside of U2 - who took the time to write to compliment him.

But she said she sent a simple note stating that Brazil won the World Cup. As important as this is for Brazil and for soccer fans around the world, let's be candid - Bono knows. The chances of anyone relaying that particular bit of information to him are slim - not because she is "just" a U2 fan, but because Bono already knows.

It's because Follower's actions seemed odd to me that I wrote what I did. She is such an energetic person with so many brilliant ideas. She deserves praise. But I feel we also have to be realistic. As such, I tried to give her a little light-hearted teasing.

The irony is that some of you are attacking me for my comments on Follower's views. If Follower has a right to be a bit frivolous, don't I? If she can express herself, can't I? Did any of my comments really offend her that much? She herself admitted to being a dreamer.

I do not want to be on a board where if one person disagrees with another, they are flamed with nasty PM's sent to them. And this is why I dislike U2 fans. Many are hypocritical, unable to see that they are guilty of the same sins that they are attacking. I've also noticed U2 fans take sides as if there is a "good" and a "bad." I say one person is "silly" - so I must be evil for doing so. Please! If you've nodded your head at 99.999% of the things I wrote, but disagreed with one, does that suddenly make me this "evil" person? Why think any less of me over one item? I certainly think no less of Follower!

Nevertheless, to reiterate, what I thought was a little light-hearted teasing at Follower has turned nasty. People think they have the right to attack me when they are guilty of the same of the same behavior - in fact, they are far worse.

Therefore, Follower, I wish you the best. I hope Bono responds personally and that you have a treasured item for the rest of your life. You are a fun person and I wish you the best. Congratulations to you and your country on your success in the World Cup.

To the rest of you - bugger off!

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Old 07-04-2002, 05:12 PM   #42
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Oh man...this stuff got really ulgy, especially this afternoon (in my case) while I was at work. Thatīs the reason why I couldnīt say what I wanna say now...not enough free time.

This thread was supposed to be part of my celebration on this World Cup stuff, something we here hold on so dearly...but I chose the wrong place, I think. Itīs a matter of perspective and references, maybe some different values, I donīt know...and yours are not exactly like mine, and I must respect that.

Doctor and others, please...Iīm not offended, okay? Nobody hurt me. No need to apologize. Iīm not better than anyone here and everyone here is entitled to his/her opinion. This is not my backyard, so maybe I should not have posted my original silly message here, in fact I regret having done that. I donīt wanna sound ungrateful to those who felt like defending me, but I do want things clear...Iīm not offended...Doctor asked me if I could imagine my message being forwarded to Bono...I honestly answered yes, I can...I can imagine, thatīs all, regardless of what anyone might think. Weīll probably never know if he got it anyways...

I didnīt mean to cause any problem to anybody. What I did I only did for the local fans who asked me...people who love U2 as much as I do but cannot communicate in English...not even this poor one of mine.

Please, lets stay in peace. Nothing better than that. Right?

Mods, please, would you close this one? Thanks.

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Old 07-04-2002, 05:19 PM   #43
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well before they do.............

I too wish i Ihad not participated. It seems to always come out not like I intended. But if it makes anyone feel better I once wrote Bono an extremely personal letter, asking him to care abou the mess I was in...but just something made me feel he may have read it...who knows.

trying to get the signature right......
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Old 07-04-2002, 06:28 PM   #44
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Doctor, though I understand what you are saying, what you must realize that what you critiqued was the idea of sending Bono a note telling him Brasil won. When that was not the intention of the note at all, but rather to finish a joke that Bono started in the Popmart concert. Silly? Yes, but it's a joke, and follower was just happy that maybe he would see it and that it would least put a smile to his face. So yes right to express one's opinions, but if you're gonna do it at least make sure you understand the intentions, perspective, etc.

I also think you said some things in this thread that makes you no better than us "annoying" U2 fans. I mean really who is anyone to judge what is worthy of being passed on to Bono? why does it matter if it's a silly joke of a note, or a congratulations/thank you letter? This is not meant to be offensive or offer any excuse to those that were stupid and coward enough to send you nasty PM's, but I'm just trying to point out to you why people may have had a problem with your point of view, especially considering you seemed to have missed the whole point of the letter as I explained earlier.

U2 fans are annoying, I wholeheartidily agree with you. WE are the first to complain when the band do something against what they preach, but very few of US actually stick it out. In the end perfection is inhuman, and I offer you a mirror in hope you realize you're human as any of us.
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Old 07-05-2002, 01:46 AM   #45
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dear follower,

cool idea. I'm glad you did it and got yuor reply! So happy for ya!

Also happy for we won the world cup, and not trying to brag about it - it's a really nice feeling indeed.

In my absolutely honest opinion, I don't really care if Bono remembers or not, and surely I know he did the whole sport thing in other places. So why worry? He's our good auld Bono and let him be! If one wants to tell him something he might know by now, let them do it! I've met people who did a lot of bizarre things for U2, what Maria did was only sweet and that was it.

Now *ahem* excuse me everyone but I watched that gig in Sao Paulo loads of times and that bit of Bono asking us to win the world cup and all - in bad Portuguese! - was hilarious. Go get a bootleg and you'll know what I'm talking about. Or go watch the Walk On video.

So once you see that and feel like sharing with your favorite band - oh well why not? for feck's sake there's a lot of other things in this world to be concerned about, leave a fan alone.

I'm pretty sure Maria did that for other brazilian fans as well and me still thinks that was pretty nice.

As that football chant says "I'm brazilian and I love it and I'm proud." Simple as that. But try winning the World Cup and you'll know how it feels.
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Old 07-05-2002, 02:35 AM   #46
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Originally posted by doctorwho
Before this gets out of hand any further... I've already had someone write a hostile PM to me and if I get any more, I will ask Joel to ban the accounts (you know who you are...).
Excuse me but I have read this thread and you have no right whatsoever to ask either Joel or myself to have anyone banned.

And what goes on in PM is private and is no grounds for banning unless you are being harrassed.

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