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Old 11-29-2001, 09:28 AM   #1
New Yorker
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How was St. Louis??

So did anyone here go to St. Louis? I just read the setlist on; that site claims that a *nearly* full version of Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses was played, and that a FULL version of Peace on Earth was also played! is this true?? also, were they full band??

please post your reviews!

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The show was incredible. Not that my opinion counts, since this was my first elevation show, but I did talk with people who had been to many shows, particularly chicago, who confirmed my opinion. Anyway, they only played the first verse and chorus of wild horses, and they played most of peace on earth, just edge and bono. The band was clearly enjoying themselves, Bono's voice was very strong, and the crowd was good, at least in the heart. About 60 or 70 of us GA's camped out on a rainy/sleety night, and it was worth every shot of robitussin. Very few surprises in a greatest-hits-type setlist, but still an amazing show.

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ultraviolet_j is unable to post at the moment, but I will be posting his review when he sends it to me. stay tuned...

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The Fly
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I can answer Ally's questions:

1. Wild Horses: first verse and chorus were played at the end of Bad.

2. Peace On Earth: the song was about 75% complete. The first and third verses and choruses were played. The second verse (where I grew up . . . ) was omitted. It was fantastic. The review I posted in "Now Departing from Gate U2" is below.
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New Yorker
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thanks for all your replies, St. Louis peeps! sounds like it was a great show.
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The Fly
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Well, the setlist hasn't yet appeared on, so I will discharge my responsibility as a loyal Interferencer from St. Louis:

Beautiful Day
Until the End . . .
New Years Day
I Will Follow
Stuck in a Moment
Angel of Harlem
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Where the Streets . . .
I Still Haven't Found . . .

What's Going On
New York

Peace On Earth
Walk On

A few notes:

1. Knocking was accompanied by an audience guitarist and an audience piano player. The audience ate it up, as usual. For all the aspiring U2 members here, both guys were picked out from the 4th or 5th row near the tip, as far as I could tell.

2. Wild Horses was one verse and chorus at the end of Bad.

3. Peace On Earth was nearly a complete version (call it 75%), only missing the second verse "where I grew up . . .".

My Impressions: It was a very good show with a more "intimate" feel rather than the "party" feel. The slow songs, especially Please, Wild Horses, and Peace On Earth, were truly incredible - Bono's voice for these songs was magnificent (although it is showing strain during the more fast-paced and vocally challenging songs) - I still can't believe (after seeing more than 30 U2 shows over the years) how beautiful that voice was during Please. Bono was not at his topnotch energy level (my perception) but was still excellent of course. The audience was at the mid-to-lower part of my U2 concert scale as far as I could tell in terms of apparent familiarity with some of the music (for instance, I think many didn't know I Will Follow and even Sunday), but really picked up towards the middle of the show.

Bono spent more time at the tip (very gratifying to me after waiting outside in the freezing rain!) than in most other shows I've seen. I was yelling for In God's Country and When I Look At the World, but unfortunately I was outvoted! Maybe in Tampa or Miami . . . It is funny (and a sign of U2's excellence) how different people are in terms of what U2 music moves them the most - one friend I was with was yelling for Lemon (of course I was laughing - an appalled laugh - at the very idea). I was pleased to see one fan at the tip with a Running to Stand Still sign - that one is realistic and would be a treat - but it was not in the cards for St. Louis.

At any rate, my friends now think I'm slightly less insane than they did a day ago for a couple reasons: 1) they now appreciate just how different a U2 concert experience is compared with concerts in general (in fact a couple have told me they will travel with me for future U2 shows if the opportunity arises - I would say that's vindication for me); 2) they had a chance to meet other U2 maniacs and now I'm judged to be a "moderate" lunatic. (Kind of like the Northern Alliance, I guess - it's all relative and it depends if you can get something you want from them)

OK, see you all (or at least many of you) in Tampa/Miami.
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Looks like it was a great show!!

I'm still waiting for Lady Lemon to get herself online and fill me in!!!
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So freaking awesome. Not too many surprises, but the show still had good energy, and it *was* quite cool to see Please and Wild Horses live. Bono was in excellent voice and Adam was feeling rather smirky, which was fine for me since I planted my Sparky-obessessed ass right in front of him as usual. And, oh yeah, I got Larry's drumstick too. That was kinda neat

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St Louis was awesome!!! There was soooo much energy in the heart--just really cool. I was amazed that so many people had camped out--i got there at 5:30 and it was sleeting.
Froze my ass off all day--just cold and rainy. I was in the 5th row (first time not being in second row!). Knockin on Heaven's Door was good--and who's gonna ride and peace on earth of course. But anyway, I'm still really tired and not making much sense.
Kathleen--I'll email you soon!

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A really great show, even from the nosebleeds! It was amazing to me how intimate the place felt.

"Please" was magical, and "Peace on Earth" just so moving. The last encore, actually, was really beautiful. All the boys were in fine form, and seemed to enjoy themselves a lot.

Lotsa energy up in the mezzanine, as well. My ears were ringing!
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I thought the show was fantasitc. I ended up infront of the stage in the heart only 2 people away from the rail. So very worth freezing in the rain all day. I thought the croud was great, then again, I was in the heart so I can't really speak for all the other sections. Although, I was one of the first asses to cheer when Bono started Wild Horses. Some people looked really confused. I thought the band knew that they played a great show. Please was stunning.
Walk On seemed better than usual. Definatly worth the wait.


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Sounds like a great show, as usual.

I'm jealous!!

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