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Old 02-15-2002, 07:24 AM   #41
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Hmmm, I have

-All the albums including MDH, Melon and Hasta la vista...

-around 30 singles (mostly 90s)

-only 8 bootlegs

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Originally posted by Blue Room:
The topic speaks for itself. I'am trying to gauge where I stand as far as collecting non mp3 sourced CDR's. SHN converted CDR's DO count also as there is no loss of info or quality.
question: how can you tell whether a cdr is of mp3 source or not, when it has been burned as an audio-cd of course?
question2: where do you get all these non-mp3 sourced concerts? trading over trhe internet?
question3: what is the difference between a silver disc and a cdr; and, if there is any, how can you distinct one from the other (apart from the letter cdr on the disc itself of course)?

btw, i have all official cds and 53 cd singles and silver disk cocnert cds of all tours from uf. + official melon and 3 fruitlegs (silver disks).
and also a couple of cdrs. but i burned them myself from mp3 and that doesnt count i believe (however, i doubt even blue room has any silver disk recording of any 80s tour that has the same sound quality as my mp3-sourced beautiful night in cleveland discs)


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Silver discs are pressed at a factory directly from the master recording just like the commercial release of ATCYLB would be. You can tell as they will most likely have the label pressed right onto the CD. The entire CD is silver in color. CDR's are typically have some type of hue to them on the burn side and generally have a brand name (Memorex, TDK, etc) on them someplace. The only major difference is that silver CD's tend not to scatch as easily as CDR's do. Because they were and are more expensive to create and you can get the same quality by burning on a CDR the era of silver CD's is pretty much gone for bootlegs. They were always way overpriced anyway. But before the internet and home CD burning there was no place else to get them.

It is fairly easy to tell if something is mp3 sourced. We had this debate before on Interference and it was a fairly heated one. I can typically here the loss in quality on an mp3, there typically is not as much high end clarity on the recording. Some people say they cant tell a difference. Personally I can on most recordings. Also an mp3 sourced show will have clicks or gaps between the tracks.

As far as getting non mp3 sourced material it is fairly easy. You can go to webrings like the U2 CDR bootleg webring and generate trades there. We have had several threads here also that have served to drum up non mp3 trades. Alot of people will do blanks and postage to get newbies started if you dont have anything. I have helped out several people here on Interference get started.

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Old 02-16-2002, 06:17 AM   #44
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this big
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Old 02-16-2002, 07:59 AM   #45
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not all that big actually

just all the LPs

3 full length burned CDs worth of B-sides

and singles of

wild horses
sweetest thing
beautiful day *2
elevation *2
walk on *3
stuck in a moment *2

thats it
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Old 02-17-2002, 06:36 AM   #46
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thanks blue room

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Old 02-17-2002, 07:50 PM   #47
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553 Shows on CDR (including the full Elevation, Popmart, ZooTV and Joshua Tree tours)

All commercial releases and all 90s singles and videos.

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