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The Fly
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How ATYCLB means more to me than ever, and also a little question/favour...

JAYSUS, i've been away ages but i don't think anyone noticed (sarcastic 'phew')

How is everybody here? I hope EVERYONE is fine.

Anyway, very recently, a friend and work colleague of mine was killed tragically in a car crash. He was 18, and a very likeable young guy. In some form or another, it affected nearly the entire town in which he lived. Though i didn't know him as well as others did, it has affected me too. This is a new experience to me, and also, no doubt, to many others who knew him. Afterwards you see things differently, hear things differently, and express feelings slightly differently.

Suddenly, All That You Can't Leave Behind's lyrics and music have lurched into focus, and have taken on new dimensions in the way i think about them. Far more so than probably any other album i own. I'm not trying to sound morose here or advertise this album. But i have seen lots of people say this album has many references to death and how to be strong in its wake. I did see these references, but they were not entirely relevent to me before now.

Stuck In A Moment, Walk On, Kite, In A Little While, and When I Look At The World have all become important comfort songs. Before, they were great songs, but now they are LIFE songs.

I hope my feelings have come across in the right way in this post. I am not looking for sympathy, rather the thoughts of anyone who has had a similar experience.

On a different note, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the SET LIST was for U2's gig at Earls Court, LONDON on the night of 19 August 2001, or where i might be able to find out. I would be massively grateful for any help.

Thanks for reading too if u got this far.

Peace out. mysprit.


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The Fly
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I liked the album from day one because of the songs, the lyrics, the messages...all of it. It just seems very strange the way that U2's releases have coincided with certain phases of my life. Regardless of the long story, ATYCLB spoke to me directly with songs about loss, hope, perserverance, grace, doubt, and faith. I think that any personal situation you may be going through could easily have you finding a sort of hope and courage in ATYCLB.

With what happened on September 11, I think DJ's and VJ's and generally most music loving people have also found a new level of appreciation for ATYCLB. It has been played on the radio more and more, and their videos are being played in spite of themselves. It's nice to know that music can still touch the heart and soul of listeners. I don't really need to see Britney sell her body, or N'Sync rip off POP, or any of that manufactured crap right now.

I am just grateful that U2 made this record. The concerts elevated me, the numerous boots that I have come across (thanks U2LA!), even the has all been great, and my latest favorite, the acoustic version of Stuck, sums it up just about perfectly. I have made my own U2 record recently to reflect the mood I want to be in these days. I don't have your tracklisting, but here is mine:

Peace/Walk On...from tribute show
Acoustic Stuck...version released for US play
Falling at your feet...from MDH soundtrack
Please...Popheart EP from Rotterdam
Streets...'' '' '' ''
Sattelite of love reprise...MDH soundtrack version

Send me a message at if you would like this CD for free - anyone.


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I must admit, I had the same sort of revelation about ATYCLB. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tape of the entire album about a month before it came out. I thought the songs were amongst the bands best. A couple of weeks after receiving the tape, my father was killed crossing the road. Suddenly the songs became my life. That sounds corny, but, suddenly everything Bono was singing was exactly the way I felt. It was a surreal moment. I have always been able to closely relate to U2's music, but this was a complete merging of thought. It was very comforting to hear Kite, Walk On, Stuck in a Moment, coming from my headphones. They captured exactly how I was feeling. Peace on Earth also had a very comforting feeling. From that day I have come to the conclusion that ATYCLB is U2's finest achievement. It captures the essence of life. I realized that through tragic circumstances, but it doesn't take tragedy to understand that. This was some babbling, and I am sorry if I have gone on. ATYCLB is great and I understand it so well.

Peace on Earth.
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Originally posted by mysteriousspirit:
On a different note, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the SET LIST was for U2's gig at Earls Court, LONDON on the night of 19 August 2001, or where i might be able to find out.
From the site u2 tours:
LONDON August 19th 2001
Venue: Earl's Court
Opening Act(s): PJ Harvey

Main Set: Elevation, Beautiful Day, Until the End of the World, Discotheque / Staring at the Sun, Kite, New York, Out of Control, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Wake Up Dead Man, Stuck in a Moment, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, All I Want is You, Where the Streets Have No Name, Mysterious Ways, Pride

Encore(s): Bullet the Blue Sky, With or Without You, Angel of Harlem, One, Walk On

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The Fly
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Thanks for replying guys. All were much appreciated.

U24me: I liked a lot of the points you made. I too am VERY, VERY glad that U2 made this record. Like i said, it has come to mean a lot to me in terms of the sincerity of Bono's lyrics. The show i went to see was staggering and yes, incredibly uplifting (cliched, i know). It also sadly turned out to be the last show they would perform before Bob Hewson passed away. The strength that Bono and the band had that night felt as though it was enough to move mountains. Your CD sounds pretty cool BTW. A nice merger of U2's glorious introspective songs and ATYCLB's soul-searching brilliance.
I appreciate your CD offer! I might get back to you on that...

pop_mofo: I was sorry to read about your loss. Your post was really nicely put. Babbling?? No, i couldn't see any anywhere i'm afraid. Thanks for your reply again.

follower: I'm really grateful for that!! Man, you are a star! I can remember every minute of it now... the right order that is...
Many thanks!!!

Peace. mysprit.
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