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Old 11-26-2002, 07:49 AM   #1
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Heres what the Chili Pepper fans think of U2...

I stumlbled across this:

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So what about it?

There are those who like U2.
There are those who do not like U2.
Nothing special, it's everywhere like this. It's the same here on the forum. Some like a particular artist, some don't. Some like the Peppers, some don't. Fair deal, you can't please everyone.

C ya!


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Originally posted by JimmyChicken
Heres what the Chili Pepper fans think of U2
I don't think a lot of "thinking" was involved in that thread

at least it didn't make much sense to me
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NYRexall had the most intelligent responses. But anyway, big deal? I've seen a lot of threads like this one, direct links to other band ubbs with threads filled with people not liking U2.
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I don't see what the big deal is. Basically you have some people saying they kind of like U2, although not nearly as much as us fanatics do, and maybe one person who thinks Bono is a OK, that person is obviously a himself/herself, but the rest of the folks seem to have about the same opinion of U2 that I have of RHCP - I think they are pretty good but I don't live and die by them. And that's only natural since this is a U2 board and that was a RHCP board.
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what would they know? it is possible to like both and Mozart and Miles Davis or noOne

Any Aussie's going to the RHCP this week? G'friend rang with relayed news from the Brisbane show last night.
I thought it was odd that particular woman went along, I didn't think she'd be into it. (she mainly went cause it was her birthday and she took her daughters who are at Uni in Brisvegas) She said PapaRoach almost made her ears bleed, she can't even recall the name of the Aussie support band but thought they were worse.
Thank heavens she liked RHCP...she said they reminded her of Led Zeppelin.

btw..i didn't follow the link, but I can guess it's content.
the spice of get that.
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Old 11-28-2002, 03:47 AM   #7
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Yep, I'm gonna see them on Sunday in Melbourne!
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Old 11-28-2002, 04:40 AM   #8
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have fun prepared to line up at the gate

everyone gets frisked now. it took them ages to get in. My friends headed of to sydney yesterday for th eFriday concert. Much excitement!! I heard they sold 38000 tickets for that one.
Hub has come home with the summer brisbane gig guide. I could weep, there are so many good bands touring. I told g'friends..I have to wait for U2, can't be tempted. I really really wish I was going to the Blues festival. I just found out Jimmy Vaughn will be there (SRV's bro) and Tuck and Patti Andress......I LOVE them. Hells bells that's my birthday weekend...I feel a rebellion coming on!!!
Saracene...I can only play one of theirs..Under the Bridge...cass shuddup!!
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a lot of love in the house

I just heard on triple JJJ @ the sydney concert..they felt "so much love in the house" they played "Under The Bridge" and the crowd went wild.
My girlfriend will have some RHCP concert tales when she gets home.
wild electrical storm night ja vu.
One of hub's students was in front of flea at the Brisbane concert. He said ..WOW!!!! masterful energy and anthony did not hold back one little bit.
Santana and Bruce springsteen are on in Brisbane on the same night. Summer Rhumba sounds like good value too..and jackson Browne..i can't go n/m lots of good local bands too

"you rock"
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(If I can see this thread does that mean my payment went thru??)

I just joined that RHCP forum...

I saw the Chili Peppers in Sydney on Friday! It went off... the crowd nearly drowned the band out on Under the Bridge...

Papa Roach was extremely aggravating... didn't notice an Aussie support band tho...? We only got there at 7:30/8pm tho.

I didn't get a T-shirt!! I tried to get one after the show but there was only X-large left of the one I wanted... and the other t-shirt buying room thing was absolutely JAMMED... people pate in there!

I wonder if anyone going to the Melbourne show could maybe pick one up for me maybe perhaps! I'll pay I promise!
'Course you got no reason to trust me... haven't posted in donkey's years... anyone? Please?

Or any other show's they're doing here....
email me...

probably too late now actually

there's not much available online for them...

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