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Old 02-14-2007, 07:23 AM   #21
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Best song/Personal favorite song: I Will Follow
Worst song: Shadows and Tall Trees
Most overrated song: Stories for Boys
Most underrated song: The Ocean

Best song/Personal favorite song: Gloria
Worst song: With A Shout (Jerusalem)
Most overrated song: I Threw A Brick Through The Window
Most underrated song: October

Best song/Personal favorite song: New Year's Day
Worst song: ----
Most overrated song: "40"
Most underrated song: Drowning Man

Best song/Personal favorite song: Pride
Worst song: 4th of July
Most overrated song: A Sort Of Homecoming
Most underrated song: Indian Summer Sky

Best song/Personal favorite song: One Tree Hill
Worst song: Trip Through Your Wires
Most overrated song: With Or Without You
Most underrated song: Red Hill Mining Town

Best song/Personal favorite song: GOD Part 2
Worst song: Heartland
Most overrated song: ------
Most underrated song: Silver And Gold

Best song/Personal favorite song: : Acrobat
Worst song: -----
Most overrated song: One
Most underrated song: So Cruel

Best song/Personal favorite song: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Worst song: ------
Most overrated song: Zooropa
Most underrated song: Babyface

Best song/Personal favorite song: Your Blue Room
Worst song: Plot 180
Most overrated song: Miss Sarajevo
Most underrated song: Ito Okashi

Best song/Personal favorite song: MOFO
Worst song: Discotheque
Most overrated song: Last Night On Earth
Most underrated song: Miami

Best song/Personal favorite song: In A Little While
Worst song: Wild Honey
Most overrated song: Walk On
Most underrated song: Grace

Best song/Personal favorite song: One Step Closer
Worst song: A Man And a Woman
Most overrated song: SYCMIOYO
Most underrated song: All Because Of You

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Old 02-14-2007, 10:10 AM   #22
New Yorker
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Best : Electric Co
Worst : Shadows
Overrated : Stories for Boys
Underrated : Into the Heart
Favorite : Electric Co

Best : Gloria
Worst : Edge Already said it
Overrated : Celebration
Underrated : October
Favorite : October

Best : Sunday
Worst : Red Light
Overrated : Don't know
Underrated : Seconds
Favorite : Seconds

Best : UF
Worst : Elvis
Overrated : Bad
Underrated : A Sort of Homecoming
Favorite : Wire

Best : Wowy/Streets
Worst : Can't say any
Overrated : Running
Underrated : Exit
Favorite : One Tree Hill

Best : AIWIY
Worst : Can't say either
Overrated : Is there any ?
Underrated Love Town
Favorite : AIWIY

Best : One
Worst : Can't say
Overrated : Neither
Underrated : Ultraviolet
Favorite : Fly

Best : Zooropa
Worst : Daddy's gonna pay
Overrated : Stay
Underrated : Babyface and First Time
Favorite : 1st time

Best : Please
Worst : Can't say
Overrated : Gone maybe a bit ?
Underrated : LNOE
Favorite : DYFL

Best : Beautiful Day/Walk On
Worst : Grace
Overrated : None
Underrated : WILATW
Favorite : New York

Worst : Man and a Woman
Overrated : None
Underrated : Miracle Drug
Favorite : Love and Peace

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Old 02-14-2007, 01:09 PM   #23
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Best : I Will Follow
Worst : Shadows and Tall Trees
Overrated : I Will Follow
Underrated : Into the Heart
Favorite : I Will Follow

Best : Gloria
Worst : Stranger In A Strange Land
Overrated : N/A
Underrated : The Entire Album
Favorite : Gloria

Best : Sunday Bloody Sunday
Worst : Red Light
Overrated : New Year's Day
Underrated : Seconds
Favorite : Sunday Bloody Sunday

The Unforgettable Fire
Best : Bad
Worst : 4th of July
Overrated : Pride
Underrated : A Sort of Homecoming
Favorite : Bad

Joshua Tree
Best : With or Without You
Worst : N/A
Overrated : Bullet the Blue Sky
Underrated : Mother's of the Disappeared
Favorite : With or Without You

Rattle and Hum
Best : All I Want Is You
Worst : When Love Comes To Town
Overrated : Desire
Underrated : Love Rescue Me
Favorite : Angel of Harlem

Achtung Baby
Best : One
Worst : N/A
Overrated : N/A
Underrated : Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around the World
Favorite : One

Best : The First Time / The Wanderer
Worst : Babyface
Overrated : N/A
Underrated : Numb
Favorite : The First Time

Best : Staring At The Sun
Worst : Miami
Overrated : Please
Underrated : If God Will Send His Angels
Favorite : Wake Up Dead Man

Best : Kite / Beautiful Day
Worst : Grace
Overrated : Elevation
Underrated : In A Little While / Stuck In A Moment
Favorite : Kite

Best : Original of the Species
Worst : A Man And A Woman
Overrated : Vertigo
Underrated : Yahweh / Miracle Drug
Favorite : City of Blinding Lights
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Old 02-14-2007, 05:06 PM   #24
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Best song: Out of Control
Worst Song: The Ocean
Most underrated: Shadows...Twilight...A Day without me, this album is just
Most overrated: No such thing

Best Song: Gloria
Worst Song: Is that all
Most underrated song: Rejoice
Most overrated: None
Personal Favourite: Rejoice

Best Song: New Year's Day
Worst Song : "40"
Most underrated: Like A Song...
Most overrated: "40"
Personal Favourite: Like a Song

The Unforgettable Fire:
Best Song: The Unforgettable Fire
Worst Song: 4th of July
Most underrated: Indian Summer Sky
Most overrated: Bad

The Joshua Tree:
Best Song: Red Hill Mining Town
Worst Song: Mothers of the disappeared/Trip through your wires
Most underrated: Red Hill Mining Town
Most overrated: Streets...

Rattle and Hum:
Best Song: Angel of Harlem
Worst Song: Hawkmoon...
Most underrated: Angel of Harlem
Most overrated: All I Want Is You

Achtung Baby:
Best song: One
Worst song: Trying to throw...
Most underrated: Acrobat
Most overrated: Zoo Station
Personal Favourite: Acrobat

Best Song: Stay
Worst Song: Daddy's gonna pay
Most underrated: The Wanderer
Most overrated: Zooropa

Best Song: Your Blue Room
Worst Song: Theme From the Swan
Most underrated: Your Blue Room
Most overrated: Miss Sarajevo

Best Song: Mofo/Please/If God Will, tough choice
Worst Song: Maimi
Most underrated: If God Will...
Most overrated: Discotheque
Personal Favourite: Please

Best Song: Stuck...
Worst Song: None
Most underrated: Grace, Stuck
Most overrated: None

Best song: Original Of The Species
Worst Song: Vertigo
Most underrated: A Man and A Woman, One Step Closer
Most overrated: Sometimes...
Personal Favourite: Original of the Species
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Old 02-16-2007, 02:46 AM   #25
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Best: I Will Follow
Worst: Shadows and Tall Trees
Over-rated: Out Of Control (but i likes it)
Under-rated: Another Time, Another Place
Personal Favourite: I Will Follow

Best: October (it would be a crime not to mention Tomorrow and Gloria)
Worst: Is That All?
Over-rated: I Threw A Brick
Under-rated: October
Personal favourite: October

Best: New Year's Day
Worst: Red Light
Over-rated: Red Light
Under-rated: Seconds
Personal Favourite: New Year's Day

Best: Pride
Worst: Elvis Presley et al
Over-rated: See above (on here + Wire)
Under-rated: Indian Summer Sky
Personal favourite: Pride/Bad/Indian Summer Sky

Best: One Tree Hill/Streets/WOWY
Worst: Red Hill Mining Town
Over-rated: I Still Haven't Found (overall) and Red Hill Mining Town (on here)
Under-rated: In God's Country
Personal Favourite

(Counting studio only)
Best: Hawkmoon 269
Worst: Love Rescue Me
Over-rated: Heartland (its still good)
Under-rated: When Love Comes To Town
Personal Favourite: Angel Of Harlem

Best: The Fly
Worst: So Cruel (but really, its the worst of a brilliant bunch)
Over-rated: Acrobat
Under-rated: Even Better Than The Real Thing
Personal Favourite: The Fly/MW/The whole farking thing

Best: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Worst: The Wanderer
Over-rated: Numb
Under-rated: Nil on here, all of it in the real world
Personal Favourite: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

Best: Gone
Worst: Playboy Mansion
Over-rated: Wake Up Dead Man
Under-rated: If God Will Send His Angels
Favourite: Gone/Last Night On Earth/Staring At The Sun/If God Will Send His Angels

Best: Beautiful Day
Worst: Grrrrrace
Over-rated: Elevation
Under-rated: New York/Stuck In A Moment
Favourite: Beautiful Day/Walk On/Kite/The Ground Beneath Her Feet/The whole bloody thing again

Best: City Of Blinding Lights
Worst: A Man And A Woman
Under-rated: All Because Of You
Favourite: City Of Blinding Lights
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Old 02-16-2007, 03:47 AM   #26
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I think my personal favourites are the ones that I consider the best, so here’s my list.


Best song The Electric Co.
Worst song Shadows And Tall Trees
Most overrated song Stories For Boys
Most underrated song An Cat Dubh


Best song October
Worst song Is That All? (one of many)
Most overrated song Fire
Most underrated song Scarlet


Best song New Years Day
Worst song Red Light
Most overrated song Sunday Bloody Sunday
Most underrated song Two Hearts Beat As One

The Unforgettable Fire

Best song Bad
Worst song 4th of July
Most overrated song Pride
Most underrated song Bad (i.e. the studio version – quite underrated and much better than the live version)

The Joshua Tree

Best song Where the Streets Have No Name
Worst song Trip Through Your Wires
Most overrated song I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Most underrated song In God’s Country

Rattle and Hum

Best song All I Want Is You
Worst song Love Rescue Me
Most overrated song When Love Comes To Town
Most underrated song Hawkmoon 269

Achtung Baby

Best song Until The End of the World
Worst song Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World
Most overrated song Acrobat (on these boards)
Most underrated song Love Is Blindness


Best song Lemon
Worst song Dirty Day
Most overrated song Dirty Day
Most underrated song Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car


Best song Miss Sarajevo
Worst song Corpse
Most overrated song None
Most underrated song One Minute Warning


Best song Please
Worst song Playboy Mansion
Most overrated song Gone (though I still like it)
Most underrated song Do You Feel Loved


Best song Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
Worst song Grace
Most overrated song Beautiful Day
Most underrated song Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of


Best song Vertigo
Worst song A Man And A Woman
Most overrated song City of Blinding Lights
Most underrated song Crumbs From Your Table
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Old 02-16-2007, 04:29 AM   #27
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Originally posted by PookaMacP

Best song Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
Most underrated song Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of


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