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Old 05-11-2002, 07:31 AM   #21
The Fly
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Originally posted by lazyboy:
Boston DVD leaves me a bit underwhelmed sometimes. As great as it is, it just seems a bit.....I dunno....lacking in raw energy or something. That's strange for a U2 show.

I agree here--couldn't get into the show, and therefore still have not watched the whole thing (bought it the day it came out!)

I was underwhelmed opening night....was my first U2 show, and the seat I had paid $135 for was on the side of the stage (almost directly across from the main stage) and I came out of the show with the main feeling being "I paid $140 for THAT?". My disappointment was with the whole seating deal, not the show itself (although I think that was the least of the 5 that I saw).

We had GC for closing night in Miami, and they were fabulous seats...end of the arena, but oh so closer than you would think!

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I thought the third Arnhem concert was a bit of a letdown. I was expecting/hoping for a radical show like fourth night Chicago or Boston, but instead it was a regular setlist(although they did play Pride instead of New Year's Day). Nevertheless, I still enjoyed myself (although I also was annoyed by some persons in the heart who were very irritating (maybe too much drinks)).

I can also remember that I though my second Popmart concert (2nd night in Rotterdam) was not as good as the first night in Rotterdam, but I still thought it was a great spectacle.

C ya!


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"I was underwhelmed if that's a word... I know it's not cause I looked it up... it's one of the skills that I learned in my school"....

Sorry... only Canadians, or Sloan fans would know WTF I am talking about...

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Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel:
Out of the 5 times I've seen them in my life, never.

*EXACTLY* what she said. Same amount of shows, same overwhelming experience.

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I must say that I have been let down by a U2 show. My first U2 show was PopMart in Toronto on October 26, 97. It was a great show, but it just never seemed to take off. I can't put my finger on it. i had a balst, but it didn't blow me away like I had expected.

However, I was there for night 2 in toronto on the 27th and it was surreal! It absolutely blew my mind! Since then, I have never ben let down by a U2 show. Not even close to being let down. And I have seen 9 shows in total. I am now on an 8 for 8 streak. I hope I didn't just jinx it Anyway, that's my story.


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Old 05-13-2002, 11:20 PM   #26
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only seen them twice,
more than happy both times.

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Originally posted by Judah
I'm not sure about "underwhelmed," but I didn't feel as connected to the band at its PopMart show in Vancouver (1997). I loved the stage and the presentation (and the album), and i was blown away by the spectacle of it all, but i felt emotionally distant from the band, unlike all the other concerts (i.e. JT, ZooTv, Elevation). Maybe it was the bald-Bono effect...
Judah, I was at the same show and I felt the exact same way. In fact, that was my first ever U2 show (as I became a big fan a few months AFTER they played their last Vancouver Zoo TV show).... yet, while I wasn't let down, I didn't feel a connection. My seats were 47th row on the floor. I was standing on my chair all night trying to see ahead, but usually to no avail. The sound was alright... the songs were great, but I felt I was missing out.

I did catch them again in Vancouver for the Elevation tour... and that show left me speechless with tears in my eyes... it was all I hoped it would be. But the PopMart show? I too felt emotionally distant... like an outsider looking in.
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Originally posted by Jayhawk
Denver on the 3rd leg of the Elevation Tour left me feeling underwhelmed but part of it had to do with the venue staff. They were just complete jerks to everyone and roughed up some of the crowd on the floor. U2 seemed to be on auto-pilot that night as well. I was fortunate to see them play KC a few weeks later and they were just on fire. Great great night.

Someone who was there and UNDERSTANDS how horrible the staff acted!

Ugh. In case people who reading this didn't know, they put us in a corral (yes, a corral, as I fondly refer to it) in the rain/snow. Then they kept saying every 15 minutes that they would let us in.. 6:20.. 6:45.. my legs are dying.. my limbs are way past going numb.. and the entire time, the staff INSIDE the arena is sitting there. Doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just standing there waiting to take our tickets. But noooo.. there is several sets of doors in front of that. At about 7 they finally let us in (not apologizing) -- it made me so mad. :P

Out of all 8 times I've seen U2, that was the only time I was very upset. It wasn't their fault at all, however. It was a fantastic concert Just.. a stupid staff. *sigh*

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