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Great Peter Buck column about Bono's Valentine party


Do you all remember that Bono Tribute Event on February 14? Unfortunately, I haven't heard that much about it (as in: no audio of that eventing has surfaced), but it's nice to hear some of those anecdotes coming through. Here's another one. Peter Buck (yep, the 'air madman' and I believe also some guitarist for some group ) has a montly column in music magazine Q. This month he writes about Bono (and Cher). It's a great read (IMHO that is).


Peter Buck's Letter From @merica

In troubled times, it's nice to know there's one thing that will remain the same - Cher! The R.E.M. guitarist reveals all...

So let me get this straight; America has a shadow government that somehow lives underground, a HOMELAND SECURITY outfit which is busily taking away our personal freedoms, and an unnamed organisation which is dedicated to disseminating false information to the media. Also, Cher has a hit single. JESUS CHRIST! I have to live 1972 all over again. In calamitous times like this, there is only one thing to be said: at least Cher is cool.

Cher? Cool? If you live in the UK this might seem an overstatement. In America, Cher is an icon. I grew up seeing Sonny and Cher on TV. Her cello-like voice and the Spector-ish arrangements of their songs were mesmerising. Later, when their TV show was a hit it was essential teenage pot smoking kitsch viewing. Through all those years the sixties, seventies and early eighties I was always a closet Cher fan. So why do I mention this now?

Recently, we were offered the opportunity to headline a tribute to Bono. It was a charity, of course, and being friends and, more importantly, people who respected his political work, we were the easy choice to be the closing act. There was only one problem; as much as we respect Bono and U2, these charity things are always so fucking sanctimonious.

Generally, charity events are filled with people who have never met the honouree, but are willing to speak at length about whatever interests them at the moment. Itís not unusual to have a homeless benefit and hear about the plight of the spotted owl, the necessity of stopping the manufacture of scented toilet paper, or the importance of re-opening the Warren Commission hearings.

As friends of Bono we felt that we would honour him the only way we could; by making fun of him. And how? By making our set a tribute to Sonny Bono (spelled the same, but a world of difference). Having played Iíve Got You Babe in our early career, it was easy to work up. A speech that was vague enough to encompass the lives of both Sonny and Bono was easy also. While putting the finishing touches to our version of I Got You, we were informed that Cher herself would be attending the show. Oh shit.

We wanted to make sure that Cher realised we werenít making fun of Sonny, we were making fun of the whole charity thing. Michael called Cher (he had Cherís phone number?) and explained what we were doing. To his surprise she offered to sing with us. Cher! With us! Wow!

And she did. The rehearsal was one of the coolest things that Iíve ever been involved in. Sitting in a small room with Michael, Mike, myself and Cher, and performing I Got You, wow.

The show was even better. Michael made his speech, we started "I Got You Babe" and the audience looked askance. Bono was the only one laughing in the whole joint. Halfway through the song Cher strolled on, in her inimitable way, and sang. She sang like Cher! The audience went crazy. I felt as high as Iíve ever felt, and then it was done.

There is no way to put something like this in perspective, except to say:

Iíll see you in jail next monthÖ


Peter Buck
Hmmm, this morning I also saw I Got You Babe by Cher and Beavis & Butthead. Is this a sign?

C ya!


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That was so cool and hilarious! I had no idea he had that kind of humor in him. Thanks for posting that. ROTF!

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what can I say

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Hee hee hee.

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I wish you were here.

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Too cool! Thanks!
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oh my. that is quite quite funny. waay cool. thanks for posting
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HAAA! That's great! Thanks for posting it. Dude, I need a subscription to Q. Too bad I'd have to, like, sell my firstborn child to raise the money.

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That was great; thanks!


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Hello marty.
No I don't remember the Bono Tribute Event on February 14.( hub's band had their first gig on February 15, so I suppose I was so focused on that and missed this gem) REM and Cher?Wow!! Who else performed?
Anyone have a link to some info?Maybe if I visited occassionally.....

Thanks for the lead marty
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Been there, done I know.
LMAO @ "the thinking man's Perry Como.." I was about to get shirty, WHO said that about Bono??!! he said it himself!!rotfl.
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LOL! That's great! I'm glad Cher wasn't offended and decided to sing with REM!

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