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Re: yes, there's a lot going on

Originally posted by The Wanderer
well it may be humorous in a sense, but I think in more sardonic way than ridiculous or clownish, and you indicated it's a "throw-away" song, and I think that's selling it completely short

and yes, I'll bet Kirsten Dunst tastes of chlorine!
Yes, I did say it was a bit "throw-away," but I must disagree with you that it sells the song short. Some of the best, and even most meaningful art is throwaway by defintion. How you might ask? Society throws everything that's really important away. Just as Bono once said, if there's anything really important on TV, you can always change the channel. It's all disposable in the end. I think that's the point of 'Miami'. There's a lot going on, but the band is having fun with it, not taking a serious stance on a serious song. Didn't someone once say that life is too serious to take too seriously? Yes, there is some serious shit going on in 'Miami', but why get your nickers knotted up seems to be the sentiment. Just my opinion, mind you.

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fair enough, I just didn't know quite what your definition of "throw-away" was before, but I agree with you to a large extent

my perception of the term "throw-away" is that often people use it to indicate that a song is irrelevant or trivial, and you still may be arguing that in a sense, but not without acknowledging there is some depth and intrigue to it that are long-lasting... and I really feel that though the song itself doesn't offer any answers, it is quite provocative, which is indicative of U2 during that time

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Yeah, I guess I should have gone more in depth in the first place. I tend to spout off a bit on this board, without really explaining myself at times. I think 'Miami' is like a snapshot, a recording without the commentary. There's no real moral or definitive point of view, just a bit of reality. Like so much of Pop, it's up to us to come to our own conclusions. We can hit the skip button on the CD player, just as we can switch off the news. 'Miami' is interesting, for me, because there are some serious consequences to some serious decisions that are totally trivialized by the characters inside the song's scope (I'm especially thinking of the "Wanna have your baby" and "wouldn't be a problem, at least not in Miami," lines). It's like a microcosm of that faction of society, and how things get played out. The moment becomes a temporary coating for possible disaster, that only dissolves much later: "We only went there for a week..."

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