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Funny Interview with all 4 Members of U2!

BP Fallon conducted this interview with all 4 members of U2, and it appeared in the Zoo TV tour programme. it's pretty funny... and very revealing!

Zoo TV Tour Programme 1992
Written and edited by BP Fallon.
BP takes Bono and Edge and Adam and Larry aside one by one
(but not the same) and asks them the same questions without
them knowing how the others have answered.

BP: What's in your pockets?

LARRY: Buttons for opening my gate (empties pockets), Lipsil, wallet, packet of Silk Cut cigarettes - nurses cigarettes! - homeopathic gear for sore throats, lighter, penknife.
BONO: I have no pockets.
ADAM: A load of phone numbers. Whose? Nah, I'm not telling.
EDGE: I don't have any in my trousers. In my coat (pulls everything out) there's my Gitanes, my Zippo, my keys and an awful lot of guitar picks. I pick them up everytime I leave rehearsal. I never put them back so on a given day it could be anything from ten to about fifty 'cos they just build up.
I sometimes think they breed in there.

BP: What turned you on to rock'n'roll?

LARRY: T Rex and Slade and when I saw those guys playing and saw drummers I said I wanna be able to do that.
ADAM: Yeah, it was seeing Stiff Little Fingers in The Laurence Hotel in about '78 when I was about 18. I loved the energy, the excitement and the noise.
EDGE: My first guitar, my first records from David Bowie records to Taste records. The Beatles obviously were huge.
BONO: There was a few incidents - seeing Elvis, seeing Tom Jones - yeah! - and realising I fancied Marc Bolan and he wasn't a girl and I thought this rock'n'roll was quite a potion if it can do that to me 'cos I'm very heterosexual.

BP: What was the first record you actually bought?

LARRY: The re-released version of 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie.
BONO: John Lennon's 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)'.
ADAM: I was given a lot of Beatles records and then probably the first record that I could afford to buy, which is when I was about twelve, was 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
EDGE: 'Mama We're All Crazee Now' by Slade.

BP: What was the first concert you were ever at?

BONO: There was a cabaret band that played our primary school, the Ink Bottle in Glasnevin. I was 8, and I never quite got over the sound of the drums. When we made our first album I would have dreams about the bass drum. Drums got me into rock'n'roll. I mean, it was Larry who put together U2, he was the only one who could play and it was enough just to listen to his drums.
ADAM: Rory Gallagher in The Carlton. I was into the 'Tattoo' album, I liked that and 'Irish Tour 1974'. I went to a gig in 1974, I was fourteen.
LARRY: A blues concert in Trinity College.
EDGE: Horslips in Skerries in '75 or '76. Then I saw Thin Lizzy in Dalymount Park, The Jam and The Clash in theatres around town, it was a great time for concerts really. Stiff Little Fingers, just great artists, Elvis Costello, The Ramones...

BP: Who's the first person you'll meet in rock'n'roll heaven?

EDGE: I hope Jimi Hendrix. I don't play anything like Jimi Hendrix but to be able to express something emotionally through your instrument, he really did it, more than any other guitar player he had the ability.
LARRY: I'd have to say John Bonham followed closely by Jimi Hendrix moving swiftly onto Brian Jones. I'd be happy enough being John Bonham's roadie. Basically he was the force behind Led Zeppelin. And Jimi Hendrix - I'd be happy doing a session with Jimi. Brian Jones - I never felt that he was given the credit that he deserved, I just always thought he was the underdog and a real rock 'n' roll casualty. How can rock 'n' roll do that to people?
ADAM: I'd like to meet Jimi Hendrix 'cos I wouldn't say he's boring.
BONO: Predictable... but it would have to be Elvis. Y'see what most excites me about America is this collision of two cultures, African and European, and that's what gives the heat to America, its sex appeal. You get these two cultures jammed together - sometimes very painfully jammed together. But those two cultures melt together in this one man's almost-spastic dance... Elvis Presley as a dancer means as much to me as he did as a singer.

BP: What is your most treasured posession?

ADAM: My willie!
BP: Is it your body on the album cover?
ADAM: It is, yeah. It's something that we'd always sort of talked about doing -- some sort of nude shoot with Anton, just over the years, and either one or other of us always kind of went off the idea. But this time round because we had no clear direction for an album cover we said "Well, let's take the photograph anyway and see what happens...".

BONO: My family and my friends.

LARRY: An engagement ring from my mother to my father.

EDGE: I am starting to get attached to guitars, which I'm very worried about because I went through ten or twelve years of really seeing my guitar as the enemy, a thing I had to somehow fight against to find something new in there, so I never really got attached to my guitars but I'm starting to develop real attachment to my Gibson Explorer in particular. Yeah, my guitars. I like some of my cars as well. I got two great Mercedes, one's a 280SE3.5 which is 1967 or '68, it's a real beaut. I've got a convertible version of that which is '65 which is really great as well. I've got these great stereos in there, it's like a mobile disco, like being at a rave you know, it's cool. Yeah, that's really my most treasured things.
BP: And why do you say it worries you that you're getting attached to your guitars, what's fearful about that?
EDGE: It's a new zone mentally, you know. I much prefer the kind of mentality where you just turn up with whatever guitar you find to hand, pick it up and get something out of it. It must mean I'm getting professional or something, which scares me.

BP: Have you ever slept in the open?

ADAM: Yeah, quite often actually. Well, I once slept on a roundabout in London in Camden, no sorry not as glamorous as Camden, it was Catford. I'd been to see Thin Lizzy play the Wembley Arena in their 'Live and Dangerous tour' so it would have been about '76. This time I'd been in the West End in a few clubs and didn't have any money to get home so I started walking. And I just walked as far as I could go before I fell asleep and I chose a roundabout and woke up at rush hour. It was a bit disorienting because I couldn't find my glasses so all I knew was I was on this patch of green and there were cars driving round me, so it was a bit of a strange way to wake up.

EDGE: When I was a kid camping I'd occasionally sleep outside the tent but not since I was about fifteen or sixteen.

LARRY: A couple of times I went to some bike weekends and pitched an old tent and when I was younger I used to go camping with my girlfriend. I was at a bike weekend last summer in Waterford, the Freewheelers Festival. A weekend of debauchery basically. Anyone can go down, you don't have to have a bike and it's just looking at bikes and hanging out and just basically having a blast for a weekend.
BP: And is bikes your main vibe apart from music?
LARRY: Well bikes in a real cliche, every pop star every movie star has a motorcycle, it's basically like an accessory to fame and fortune. Having said that, it's something I can see myself doing for a long time. I hate the fact that people think if you're a pop star and ride a bike that it's some sort of macho accessory. I don't consider myself macho, motorcycles is about freedom.

BONO: Yes. More than a few times. When I was sixteen, myself and the Village which was Gavin, Guggi, all those, it was like a street gang, I talked them all into going over to this old seaside town in Wales to try and meet my summer love from the year before whose name was Mandy. The only problem was it was November so when we got over to this place Criccieth in North Wales, absolutely beautiful seaside town, great place to fall in love, we pitched the tent on the seaside on the strand. They had record gale force winds that year and the tent was taken away in a tornado and thrown about a mile down the beach and I remember curling up in a puddle and trying to get the puddle warm! It was then I discovered the great invention that a women's toilet is when they have those air heaters, to dry your hands vibe. We slept in a lady's toilet, taking turns keeping on the dryer to keep warm.

BP: Who's your hero?

EDGE: God.
BONO: Very ordinary people are heros to me, people who face up to the facts and get on with it.
LARRY: Jesus was a cool guy.
ADAM: Robert Mapplethorpe. He did some great photographs of male nudes that really make men proud of their bodies. At the same time I don't like the Bruce Weber boys. I just think the male body is something that shouldn't be covered up.

BP: And who's your heroine?

EDGE: Well I really should say God again, because I don't think She's/He's man or woman. Who's my heroine? Pattie Smith.
BONO: Ali. She's so sane although she chooses to live with me.
LARRY: None.
ADAM: Angelica Houston. She's a very good natural woman and she's a great actress and she's a great person.

BP: What's your most treasured autograph?

LARRY: A signed picture of the Irish Football Team taken in Italy which there are only two of, and I got one of them and that's a real treasured possession.
BONO: The first autograph I ever got was Eugene Lambert (BP Fallon's cousin) who had this children's puppet theatre.
EDGE: I never really got into autographs. I have one from BB King and that's a real treasure.
ADAM: Mohammad Ali. My grandfather was building Dublin Airport, and Ali was coming through, and my grandfather thought "Oh I'll get that for Adam", and I was about like seven at the time and it didn't really mean very much to me but now just the fact that he did it means a lot to me 'cos I know how hard it is to ask someone for an autograph. He was a great figure for black American imagination, people really identified with him. I got Johnny Cash's, he gave me a book 'The Man in Black' and autographed it.

BP: DO you have a favourite photo with....?

LARRY: Larry Mullen Jr. and David Bowie.
ADAM: Yeah, I've got a picture of me and Pete Townsend, of him kissing me. Were were inducting The Who into the Hall of Fame in New York a couple of years ago and gave him an award. I've known him on and off over the years and he's been a good friend.
EDGE: I've got one with me and Bono and Keith (Richards) which is really like, it's kind of right there next to my desk.
BONO: There's a shot that Anton took of myself and my father, my father I think has a cowboy hat on and a plaid shirt and he's sitting in a caravan, backstage at one of our gigs. He looks more like a rock 'n' roll star than I do and he's holding a guitar, he looks like some kind of country 'n' western singer. That's my favourite shot. I also have a shot of myself and Bob Dylan which stopped me from being busted once. I was pulled over in LA and had no identification, I was running through my bag and the cop asked me "What was that?" and I said "I don't have any identification, I just have a photograph of me with Bob Dylan" and he said that would do.

BP: What is the worst thing about touring?

BONO: With U2, you can't give second best or the whole thing falls apart.
ADAM: Meeting all these people whose names you've forgotten. It's meeting people who you recognise and you know you should remember their names but for the life of you you can't.
LARRY: When the gigs go wrong, that is the ultimate sort of depression.
EDGE: Apart from having to leave behind all the people you love the worst thing about touring is coming home and spending two months of cold turkey trying to pick up the threads of your life that you had before you left, that's hard 'cos you spend a long time finding normal life very weird and the first few mornings you wake up and reach for the telephone to order room service breakfast and you realise you are in your house and you wonder why there is no CNN on the television and shit like that and people ask you weird questions like pass the salt and round 7.00 o clock you start getting very fidgety, you realise there is no show. Strange things happen like certain pieces of music you've used as intro tapes... you're at home and somebody puts that on the record player and you suddenly start crawling up the walls, the adrenalin starts going, it's like this Pavlov's Dog reaction. There's a song called '4th of July' that we used to use all the time and I still can't hear it without thinking we're about to do a show.

BP: Do you ever wish you were somebody else?

EDGE: All the time. At times, anyone else. I just thought that life would be a lot better if I was somebody else. Well, things have been looking up within the last few years but no honestly for a while I suppose I hadn't learned to like myself so I felt like I didn't really enjoy being me, that was the real why, but I think I have learned to enjoy being me over the last few years and that's good. I'm actually more fun to be around and a better person and probably a better song writer and musician than before. It's a real drag if you don't like yourself 'cos you do spend a lot of time with yourself.
LARRY: Only when I get into a very embarrassing situation. Then I wish that they could 'beam me up Scottie'.
BONO: Yes. But the person I want to be most is myself, whoever that is. I mean, I wake up as a different person every day. I think it was Edge who once described me as "A nice bunch of guys".

BP: What's the worst thing about being in U2?

EDGE: There's very few bad things about being in U2. The pressure to continue, not to let it just fizzle out. I think sometimes actually, straight up I think we're very lazy.
BP o you?
EDGE: Yeah, because we have too much fun, we don't actually really get the thing by the scruff of the neck and go for it. We wait until the last minute. It's true on this record. We left for ten days with 5 weeks to go for the deadline. We came back with 3 weeks left and we did most of the vocals, a lot of overdubs and did the mixing in 3 weeks. As procrastinators we're very talented.

ADAM: We're very bad at making decisions. Not that we make bad decisions, it just takes us a long time.

LARRY: The bond, because responsibilities run so deep and the commitment to the people is so deep that there's no escape. But in the end, it's what we need and what we want.

BONO: I remember saying to my brother or my father "You know, if people come around and ask you about us, like people from the press, do ask us before you talk or give an interview about the band." I think it was my brother who said "Well, ok, but will you ask us?".

BP: If you weren't in U2, which band would you be in?

EDGE: I'd like to be a lumberjack.
ADAM: I suppose Bob Marley and The Wailers. I think there's some great bass parts on those records, very classic melody bass parts and there's a great weight and heaviness to the sound. I love the sound and the actual parts. They'd be great things to play.
BONO: The only band that I never want to walk on after, past or present, was The Clash. And I'm not even a fan of all their music and some of it felt phony to me but, from terms of survival instinct, that's the only band I would'nt have wanted to go on after.
LARRY: I dont know if I would be in a band if it wasn't for U2

BP: Do you ever wish you were Edge / Larry / Adam / Bono?

LARRY: Sometimes I wish I was as gifted as Edge on his guitar or Bono on his lyrics or Adam is on other things.
BP: Does that suggest you think you are less gifted?
LARRY: No. I just wish I had part of that gift.

EDGE: Sometimes being Larry would be great, but I suppose if I was I'd probably have a bank of fucking echo machines, playing drums through them, so I don't think anything would be different.

ADAM: Sometimes I wish I was Larry, yeah. Why? I'd like his dog JJ, who's a labrador.

BONO: The bass is the hippest instrument in rock 'n' roll, the drums are the most exciting. I want to play the guitar very badly and I do play the guitar very badly.

BP: What does happiness mean to you?

EDGE: People, family and friends, because I think that being around them is what it's about really. I think loneliness is probably the most difficult thing to get over and it's too awfully common at the moment.
BONO: A word I've always liked more than happiness is joy. Happiness is a mood that comes and goes, whereas joy is just there.
ADAM: Travelling, just being in a different environment and having to surviving on your own. I went to New York a couple of years ago and took an apartment just for a month and it was the time when the band weren't doing anything and I just set up home there and there was nobody around to show me the ropes or anything. I got the hang of the subway and just generally kind of hung out. And I've always had a paranoia of New York. I hated it before but I really enjoyed it this time. I lived in the Village, West Village. Normally if we're travelling as a group we're always going through places but never getting to know them so I thought "Well I'll go to New York and I'll find out about it" because we were preparing for this record and I wanted to be somewhere that was stimulating culturally, musically, artistically, and I just wanted to feel sharp.
LARRY: Happiness is a warm gun.

BP: What's the best thing about you?

BONO: My nose.
ADAM: The way I might look at you.
LARRY: My dog.
EDGE: I don't snore.

BP: And what's the worst thing about you?

BONO: My nose.

LARRY: I'm black and white.

EDGE: I'm so single-minded on some things that I find it hard to keep other things together. When I'm really concentrating on an album or tour or something, a lot of other things in my life get shelved.

ADAM: I'm very bad in the mornings, grumpy. I don't say very much.
BP: And how long does it take you to come to?
ADAM: About a litre of coffee and two hours.

BP: If you were an animal, which animal would you be?

ADAM: A giraffe. Why? 'Cos then you'd meet other giraffes.
EDGE: One of the big cats, so I could just s-t-r-e-t-c-h out in the sun, a panther or a cheetah.
BONO: A wildebeest. You'd have to have a sense of humour with a name like that.
LARRY: Aaah! A fly. Because Bono wrote about a fly and what's good enough for Bono is good enough for me.

BP: What would you like to have that you don't?

ADAM: Naomi Campbell (they had not yet met. Quincy Jones showed this interview to Naomi).
EDGE: A clone. A clone with good timing so I could send him off to do the things I can't do.
LARRY: I would like to play guitar.
BONO: Feet. My legs just seem to end.

BP: Do you ever wish you were a woman?

ADAM: Yeah, I think I'd be a much better woman than I am a man. I think my talents are more in that direction. I don't mind dressing up, I don't think it makes much difference, not really. I'd love to wear women's underwear if the sizes were right but they don't really support you, you just tend to flop one way or the other.
LARRY: I never even thought about it to be honest with you.
EDGE: I wondered what it would be like, more than wished I was. I'm still fascinated by what it would be like, yeah, and just their minds, the way they think, ooh. There's a few people I'd love to get inside their heads you know, Pontious Pilot, Judas Iscariot, Charles Manson, you know just people that you cannot fathom. And all women.
BONO: When we did the drag shoot, Edge looked like Winnie The Witch, Adam looked like the Duchess Of York, Larry looked like an extra from some skin flick and I looked like...Barbara Bush.

BP: Have you ever told a lie?

BONO: Everything I say is a lie.
LARRY: Yeah. Somebody rang on the phone yesterday and I asked a friend to say I wasn't there. I fib, but I don't lie.
ADAM: Yeah, all the time.
EDGE: Oh yes. The biggest one is "Yes I can play" when I got my first playing gig, playing with The Drifting Cowboys. They were a country band who played in the heartland of Ireland, doing songs by people I hated at the time, people like George Jones and Hank Williams who since I've grown to love. Larry and myself played a few gigs with them, and my brother Dik too. Larry fell asleep one New Year's Eve at 3 a.m. playing the drums and nobody noticed.

BP: Do you have any secrets?

EDGE: Oh yeah, lots of secrets, you know a secret is something you only tell one other person. Wow, I have to tell you one? I used to have a Led Zeppelin album. Actually it was my brother's but I did listen to it a few times. Led Zeppelin IV. That's the one isn't it really? In the latter years I got into the early albums just to catch the vibe. Other secrets? No I can't ...

ADAM: Yeah, lots of them.
BP: What?
ADAM: I can't remember.

LARRY: Yes, lots.
BP: Will you tell me one?

BONO: Yes. A secret is something you tell one other person and I'm not telling you, child (laughing).

BP: When did you last cry and why?

ADAM: Probably during the album because it was a very confusing time but emotionally I always get very fucked up after a tour. When you come back you have to settle in to normal life again, it's just very very frustrating to have had something taken away from you which is your whole reason for existence, you know you get up every day knowing you're going to do a show each night and then when it's all over you have to come back and like pay the electricity bill and open the door to the postman or whatever it is, there is a frustration there and an emotional confusion about who and where you are and what you're doing. I find I tend to cry a lot then.
BP: And is there a lonliness involved with that?
ADAM: I think life is lonely. No matter what you do at the end of the day it's down to your decision, your choices, nobody can make those for you and I think that's lonely.

LARRY: (Long, long pause) I'm not going to answer that.
BONO: I suppose I do everything in extremes - laugh a lot, cry a lot, fight a lot, make love a lot, eat too much, drink too much, try too much, cry too much. Pass the onion...
EDGE: When I saw 'Spinal Tap' 'cos it's all true.

BP: Do you believe in miracles?

EDGE: Yes! That U2 have got this far! I believe in miracles and prayer and faith.

LARRY: I always believe there's a chance through hope, faith or downright miracles.

BONO: Yes. Most people who make music see the spirit move in some way.

ADAM: Yeah. We made 'Achtung Baby'. I think it's a miracle that U2 are still together and alive and making records, considering the odds against us. Bit of a miracle, that. I'm not saying it in a profound sense but certainly knowing that we got this far convinces me that there must be things at work.
BP: Are you amazed at it?
ADAM: By the success of the band? Yeah, I am. I'm generally in awe of it that four people who really didn't know their arse from their elbows and were wet behind their ears can actually travel the world and meet people.


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and here's a second version, which appeared in the Zooropa tour program.

Zooropa Tour Programme 1993
Written and edited by BP Fallon.
BP takes Bono and Edge and Adam and Larry aside seperately
and asks them all the same questions.

BP: Who is the most inspiring person you've met on the tour so far?

EDGE: Salman Rushdie
BONO: Salman Rushdie, well I think it was Salman Rushdie...
ADAM: The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 'cos they used to take us out and show us a good time! Seriously, their vibe is that they can take in everything, they're open to everything...
LARRY: My alter ego!

BP: Are you happier than a year ago?

EDGE: About the same.
BP: Why?
EDGE: Because Ireland didn't win the European Cup.

BP: Why?
LARRY: Because Ireland didn't win the World Cup.

BONO: I don't know if my memory goes back that far.
BP: Why?
BONO: Why not.

ADAM: Yeah.
BP: Why?

BP: What was your biggest extravagance last year?

ADAM: Going to work on a plane.
EDGE: Having a rhythm section on the road.
BONO: BP Fallon.

BP: When did you last wash the dishes or hoover?

BONO: Just last night, I washed the dishes and the hoover...
EDGE: Last time we played house.
LARRY: I've just finished...
ADAM: I'd say in the mid seventies.

BP: If there was an extra six hours per day, what would you do with it?

LARRY: Sleep.
EDGE: Sleep.
BONO: Charge interest.
ADAM: I'd get everything done that I never get done normally, like checkin' in with people, gettin' my life together. I'd actually get my life together - I wouldn't need music!

BP: Do you believe in flying saucers?

BP: Have you ever seen one?
BP: If a Flying Saucer landed, would you climb into it?

EDGE: Like the best things, they exist in the imagination.
BP: Have you ever seen one?
EDGE: Every night.
BP: If a Flying Saucer landed, would you climp into it?
EDGE: No chance!

ADAM: No, I believe in people.

BONO: In my kitchen they're an everyday thing.
BP: Have you ever seen one?
BONO: She's a good shot.
BP: If a Flying Saucer landed, would you climb into it?
BONO: This is all getting a bit Alice in Wonderland, isn't it Beep?

BP: Did you ever think you were going to die?

LARRY: Yes, only on the back of Bono's motorbike!
EDGE: Only on the back of Bono's motorbike.
ADAM: Only in the back of Bono's car.
BONO: Die, no. Squashed, yes.

BP: What's your favourite method of transportation?

ADAM: Escalator.
EDGE: Train or fast car.
LARRY: Moto-Sickle.
BONO: An angel's back. No, make that blindfolded.

BP: Are you a star?

ADAM: Wishin'...
LARRY: I've been called worse.
EDGE: Only after dark.
BONO: No, a firework.....Well more of a banger, really.

BP: What is the most vulgar thing you own?

LARRY: Julian Cope's Peggy Suicide and Jehova Kill.
EDGE: A Mexican sequinned whiskey bottle.
BONO: A 1973 canary yellow Ford Cortina with fake leopardskin interior complete with nodding dog and furry dice and me driving it, having to explain to people that I won it in a poker game.
ADAM: A 1993 yellow suit.

BP: Who put the Ram in the Ramalama Ding Dong?

BONO: Paul McCartney.
LARRY: Ya What???
EDGE: I don't know but it wasn't me.
ADAM: Santa Claus.

BP: Who is the one person to whom you owe the most?

EDGE: My mum.
BONO: God knows the answer to that.
ADAM: The bank manager.

BP: What do you do if you have the blues?

LARRY: Sing.
BP: What gives you the blues?
LARRY: Singing.

ADAM: If I have the blues, I get out and walk.
BP: What gives you the blues?
ADAM: Lack of progress.

EDGE: Nothing much. I just get on with it...
BP: What gives you the blues?
EDGE: Reality and the music on video games.

BONO: Call the band, mike them up and make a bloody fortune out of it.
BP: What gives you the blues?
BONO: Recording.

BP: From Greek mythology - the Snake had been a woman and a man, and said women enjoyed sex more than men. Do you think that's true?

ADAM: Depends on the woman.
EDGE: I think it largely depends on your partner.
BONO: What would I know- in Irish Mythology, there is no sex.

BP: Who or what is your idea of cool?

ADAM: Miles Davis. He just is.
LARRY: Jesus.
EDGE: I don't know if cool is very cool. I think it's a bit silly.
BONO: To me, cool is about knowing who you are and liking who you are and walking without fear of who you are, with no baggage, no mask. And in that respect Quincy Jones is the coolest person I've ever met. Now where are my fly shades...?

BP: What's the most frightening thing that ever happened to you?

EDGE: Breaking up with my wife.
LARRY: Being born.
ADAM: Bunji Jumping.
BONO: I found this pair of sunglasses, I picked them up, I put them on......

BP: Is Elvis alive or dead?

BONO: Elvis is alive, man. We're dead.
BP: Have you ever seen him?
BONO: He never called, he never wrote......

EDGE: Both.
BP: Have you ever seen him?
EDGE: Only on the tele.

LARRY: Not sure...
BP: Have you ever seen him?
LARRY: Maybe not.

ADAM: Elvis is alive.
BP: Have you ever seen him?
ADAM: I see him every day.
BP: Is he in the band?
ADAM: He thinks he is.

BP: Do you ever have dreams?

BP: About what?
LARRY: Elvis!

ADAM: Yes.
BP: About what?
ADAM: Nice warm colourful dreams, really positive dreams that make you feel good. They're a bit like trips.

EDGE: A lot.
BP: About what?
EDGE: Always very weird acid trip-like journeys...lots of logic that I can figure out.

BONO: Yes.
BP: About what?
BONO: I'm chasing BP Fallon.

BP: Do you ever have nightmares?
BP: About what?

ADAM: Not when I'm asleep.

EDGE: Rarely.
BP: About what?
EDGE: Albums and touring and guitar overdubs and...

BONO: Yes.
BP: About what?
BONO: BP Fallon running after me.

BP: What's your real-life nightmare?

LARRY: Temptation.
ADAM: To not remember.
EDGE: Losing my mind.
BONO: Having to explain yourself.

BP: What's your real-life dream?

LARRY: Giving in to temptation.
ADAM: To play bass.
EDGE: To fulfil my potential, creatively, spiritually and intellectually. And see my kids, my family and friends do the same.
BONO: I start a magazine that reviews the critics and you Beep! Remember, Rock'n'Roll is the sound of revenge!

BP: How many hours a week do you spend on the phone?

ADAM: About four hours a day. What's that over a week?
BP: Who was the last person you called?
ADAM: (Laughing, trying to decide what to say) Elaine.

LARRY: I've never counted.
BP: Who was the last person you called?
LARRY: The Stock Exchange.

EDGE: It varies. I'd guess about three hours when I'm at home, 96 hours if I'm away.
BP: Who was the last person you called?
EDGE: Aislinn.

BONO: I've got to the point where at this stage my ears are allergic to the phone. Don't you hate the things you need!
BP: Who was the last person you called?
BONO: BP Fucking Fallon!

BP: What do you plan to do after the tour ends?

EDGE: I have no idea, get depressed....get a life.
LARRY: Sleep.
ADAM: Settle down, have, I'm not going to do that! I'm going to live in New York for a bit because I think after being turned on to Zoo TV I need the same level of stimulation.
BONO: Extend the tour...reality isn't what it's cracked up to be.


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The Fly
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Please tell me you didn't hand type all that out?!@#?! :O

Good stuff though *Ally* thx!! I'll have to read it all when I get more time.

...the steam of my misfortunes, has given me the power to be afraid.
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that was very funny Ally, thanks.

man this site is sure dead now that the tour is over...
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Notice how much shorter their replies become after they've been on the road for a year? Bet they were getting burned out.

This was very interesting, Ally. Thanks for posting it.
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oh no, i didn't type that all out- thank GOD!! that would have been a *major* pain in the arse! i just copied it from BP Fallon's website.

glad you all enjoyed it... i know, things are SO slow here now that the tour is over! well, maybe things will pick up with the superbowl and the grammys. and then there will be (hopefully!) new tour dates announced this spring, so that should liven things up.

but until then, i guess we'll have to entertain ourselves with old interviews.
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Cheers Ally, very funny indeed!!!
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Den Mother
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Great interviews!
BONO: I suppose I do everything in extremes - laugh a lot, cry a lot, fight a lot, make love a lot, eat too much, drink too much, try too much, cry too much. Pass the onion...
Awww, those are the same effects U2 have on me!
Thank You Ally!
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I laughed all the way through, but this --

BP: Did you ever think you were going to die?

LARRY: Yes, only on the back of Bono's motorbike!
EDGE: Only on the back of Bono's motorbike.
ADAM: Only in the back of Bono's car.
BONO: Die, no. Squashed, yes.


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made my footsteps firm

the greatest frontman in the world -- by truecoloursfly:
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Those interviews ruled.
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lmao! some of those answers are so off the wall.

thanks, ally, you made my afternoon.

)|( Vande )|(

"Rock 'n' roll is a term that's been heavily abused. It's not
something you can buy in a record shop. It's an attitude." -Adam

"And I wear grey underwear." -Bono

Everyday can be a beautiful day. Don't let it get away.


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Thanks for posting those, Ally! They gave some very amusing answers- I love 'em!
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Now I know where "Jesus Was A Cool Guy" came from!


Look what you did, you little JERK!

Kevin! You're such a disease!

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