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Electric Co. and the edge of the world

So I'm driving south out of Van Horn, Texas the other day (and believe me, Van Horn is a place to drive out of), and it was in the morning. The road has a bit of a rise to it, so it seems like you can't see too far in front of you. There's nothing down there but railroad tracks, a few cows, and the wonderful, lonesome Texas desert. The clouds are so close that it seemed as though I could touch them if I stood on my car and reached up. Little morning clouds, yellow from the sun and the building heat. The clouds were coming from the south and moving quickly on the breeze. Electric Co. was playing on my new cd changer. With the rise in the road and the clouds so low and coming towards me, it seemes like I was heading for the edge of the world! I was going to where the clouds were coming from and soon I would fly off the rim of the world! Electric Co. is a great song to accompany you into the shining home of the clouds!

It was so much cooler and beautifuller than I can explain, but I wanted to share that with you.

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And I thank you martha. Never been to Texas but you kinda painted the landscape with your words, so its not so hard to imagine. You reminded of my experience with Basstrap and the sunset over the river here in my town. Or a night at the sea shore watching the road built by the moonlight over the sea while listenig to Walk to the Water...stories I have already told. Its amazing the way some U2 songs can really match with a particular landscape or situation. I loved your post, really.


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Electric Co. is a great song. The geetar almost forces you to get some groove
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Ahhh, I just took a trip thru with you, Martha and Maria Teresa, thank you!
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you kind of know I've been in a strange place lately. I apologised to a chat friend this morning for my public mid-life crisis. She said that's OK, more public the better ty 4 thatC.
The friends I went out with today, get the impression I quite like U2 So that is what they play on the stereo, today ATYCLB. As we were turning home, over the wobbly little bridge that connects us to the world, the last few bars of Stuck In A Moment played.
I keep quiet in the back seat now, the girls always say i give them goose bumps with my stories. So I kept it to myself, probably better that way..but I'm telling you.
I really felt I crossed from one stage to the next ( no alcohol or drugs involved for any cynice reading this, my Balinese friends are Buddhist)

oh I have a story about the "edge of the world"!!!! later
**cass leaves martha the prettiest and most comfy pair of sandals you ever did see**
Good luck with the school year martha...
just look at them and sigh...and know they love you
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Wow, cass; what a lovely post. Thank you.

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