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Don't you just love old cheapo fan magazines?

I recently bought a bunch of old ZooTV era magazines from a guy and JEEZ. I got thi really cheaply made magazine that promises pin-ups, exclusive interviews, etc. It is really dorky but has some really funny parts. For example they have interviews that are mysteriously left unfinished, etc.

Anyway, they have a section for fans to write in their opinions about U2. Here are my favourite letters.. (btw: exact wording, and I changed it to just their state rather than their names, which are listed)

I think Bono's got a lot of guts to fall into the crowd at U2's arena shows. What if we dropped him?
-- a fan in TX

I love the Joshua Tree album, but I don't like Achtung Baby. I think U2 made some drastic move with this album. We were expecting to hear songs that were as good as the Joshua Tree; you could call it what I wanted to hear Joshua Tree, Part 2, for all I care. But because of all the experimentation on Achtung Baby, it sounds like U2's regressing. I thought Boy had a lot of experimental tracks -- not finished songs and lots of new wave interludes. Nowadays it's not cool to be a new waver unless you like the Cure. Then new wave is all you can be. So it's more cool to be an intellectual jazz musician. That's what U2 did on Achtung Baby. Also the name Achtung Baby sort of scares me. It's like they are being Nazis. I'm Jewish. I'm not a Christian. I'm beginning to think that U2 is taking their Christianity too seriously and really believe they're a master race. Why don't they downplay the God trip? Why don't they realize their words can hurt people?
-- A fan in PA

U2 are so phony and pretentious. They take themselves so seriously. How come they're never looking into the camera when they take their promo shots? They're trying to be sensitive art farts. Who does Bono think he is? God? Why did he write that song God and why does he tell me to register for Amnesty International, fight against AIDS, not go to South Africa and be politically correct? I can't stand people like that. U2 are entertainers not politicians. I liked them until they started telling me how to live. Then I realized they were mindless liberals.
-- a "fan" from MO

They also have some funny "exclusive interviews" that write off the page and never finish on another page. Go figure that out. Also, in a "Little Known Facts About U2" article..

While recording Achtung Baby U2 almost broke up. The Edge took Bono aside and the two had a heart-to-heart. During the conversation the Edge stated,"I was finding it hard to reconcile my Christianity with being in a rock band" and said that he was thinking of quitting. "I said, 'Listen mate, I can't go on.' " Bono told the Edge that is he left U2, Bono would break up the band.

Another dumb "fact"..

After Edge's marriage to his wife of eight years Aislinn broke up. The Edge dated Julia Roberts. They spent some quiet time in his mansion in Oughterard County in Ireland, and Julia accompanied him to the premier performance of U2's US tour in Miami. Apparently the two became friendly when the Edge offered her sympathy when she called off her marriage to Kiefer Sutherland.

Another fact..

When U2 were working on the Rattle and Hum album and soundtrack they wanted to involve the surreal blues saxophone work of Captain Beefheart in the project. Bono sent Captain Beefheart a note and, in return, Captain Beefheart scribbled a note which began,"Dear Bongo, I'd be delighted to work with you." Bono was so peeved that his name was misspelled that he promptly abandoned any plans for a collaboration.

Is that why people call him Bongo or is it just a coincidence? I never heard this but.. ????
Also, it has a fact about Bono writing a book called 50 Reasons Why I Love Bob Dylan -- is that true?

"Very strange looking object you have at the end of your stick.." - Bono

"Bono looks too intense for me." - Rollercoaster Tycoon park guest

"I was drunk, high on him, a shrinking, shadowboxing dwarf following in his foosteps...badly...STARSTRUCK.." - Bono, on meeting Frank Sinatra for the first time

"Bono? Bono is going to tie ropes around my neck? Wait a minute.." - Edge, when shooting the 'Numb' video

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That is so funny. BONGO


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that article is craaaaazy!

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