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Details from a TV special

All this things:U2 special

Channel [V] India aired a 1 and 1/2 hour interview/retrospective on U2.The good part was that it primarily focussed on the 90s U2.Bono told how his voice was 'subterranean' the 90s and he pushed to an extent that he forgot to sing in an 'ecstatic' manner which came back when they were attempting to record Kite.Here's the story, the initial version of this song was very subdued like the choruses were entirely different.Then Bono had a lots of throat problem and at one stage he couldn't even sing properly, but then he had to start it all over again.He said that the emotions couldn't be brought upon unless he sings it the way he eventually does.

Home: Bono sang it for half a minute, its a shame that I didnt get the lyrics,but it was beautiful(shame it didn't made the cut).U2 were not entirely satisfied with this song,although they worked 'quite a bit' on it,Bono loved the song so much that he sampled it into Walk On.Now this was the least enjoyable moment of the whole ATYCLB rec. sessions.The Edge and Danny Lanois were not satisfied, but Bono and Larry insisted...eventually they pulled out the 'magic' that was missing.Steve Lillywhite added that ecstatic guitar,in the ealry version it sounded more like guitar from the verse of Please.There were several versions of Stuck In A Moment,including a Piano version.

Larry Mullen:Never gets to perform for the audience, he always has to perform for the band.Whenever he looks up Bono is missing and the "guitarist" is in his own and Adam always relies on him *chuckled*.So his job is to make sure that everything turns out they way they were meant to be.Larry blamed Bono for losing a few songs (when he was doing Jubilee 2000 thing)...but Bono made up by writing some of his(Larry's) fave songs.He also said that songs from this album, they enjoyed most taking to the streets.

Adam:Well Lord Clayton was in his usual jovial self...when asked about POPmart he said it was longtime back.He was quite surprised by the way they've been playing and he feels things will get better, but the challenge is also getting tougher.He said that he is having a very good time on this tour.He said they would never burn out,they we will bore out.

The Edge:Gave color/inside to each song,nothing that we dont know or haven't read(there is a much harder veriosn of WILATW).He is very eager to go back to the studios...He took the interviwer on a tour behind the Elevation sets and showed them his private NASA.He produced 6 different sounds just from one chord,VJs look at that moment were priceless,he was like "this cant be possible".His current fave song is Walk On .

Bono:announced the "death of progressive rock" (note: I or Bono didnt hear the question properly, so I cant say for sure in what context he was saying that).Sang Home and one another song 4-5 lines,this song had something to do with the ego.Talked about Jubilee,Pope,Michael Hutchence,his Dad,Ali,hows he's afraid to imagine life without his mates,which unfortunately includes his band members,talked about life in Ireland.The most funniest part came when he was talking about Aung Saan Su Kyi,he talked and talked and then realised that interviewer was Asian and then paused and looked into the camera and said "oh of course you'd know".He said that when all said and done with U2,he just hopes that they had made the light brighter.

Elevation,Celebration:U2 Live and Videos

Video for Mofo (collage from POPmart, this video was directed by Maurice Linnane and was supposed to be released with the remix singles,but somehow never did)
Gone (Live performance...excellent visuals and B-man's voice was awesome,very powerful and effortless)
Night and Day
Electric Co. (live performance from 1981)
A song that U2 did for some TV show.... my guess Street Mission
Please (one of the best U2 video)+a live version (non mexico performance)
Zoo Station,The Fly,Bullet from non Sydney show.
U2 rhearsing for POPmart
+all the U2 videos during the last 48 hrs.

I began to understand Indian Sadhus and and the begging bowls of the Hindu Priests that get dignity out of the way.And that maybe humility is the eye of the needle that we all have to pass through.-- Bono

All that you reason

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that sounds pretty cool. hope all this vids and unheard material hit the web one day.

Kobayashi's bizarre use of colour, superfast editing and extreme camera angles, coupled with a hilariously deadpan performance by Toshiro Takemitsu as the inspector who discovers a whole family of ghosts travelling without valid tickets, remains without peer.

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sounds really cool. hope they show it again soon sometime.

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Wow, I'd love to see this. Thanks for writing up the details!
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A much harder version of WILATW? Now that is something I really wanted to hear.
Thanks for posting about this special program ishkash, you rock!
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