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Column about Bono

In one of our evening papers here a columnist decided to write about Bono. It kind of surpriced me and normally I don't really like her. (this isn't too good either) It's in swedish and I couldn't find a translator to do a proper translation so I gave it a try myself. Don't laugh too hard if there is something that sounds weird. Some stuff was already weird from her and some might sound weird translated. It's hard to get the right touch.
When it comes to the quotes and the commandments, I couldnt' find the exact ones so I made a rough translation and specially the commandments that are shortened and translated into a more modern language. I guess you get the point of it all anyway.

You swedes out there, if you know a better translation to something, let me know and I'll change it. I just passed english when I graduated so don't kick on me.

Here we go:

The Question is: Can Bono save the world?

Holy fuck in my corner.
(this sentence sounded really weird already in swedish so.. ,my note) Can you please get to keep your idols to yourself! They are not supposed to be on the cover of Time. An idol of mine, I am more then happy to see sitting next to Frank Sinatra in a limo and chat. It was a few years ago. Sinatra was old back then and probably didnít hear much of what my idol said.

Now, see for yourself. Bono is one the cover of Time (Mars 4th): Heís standing there with his tinted glasses and the american flag tight in his hand. Headline says: Can Bono save the world? Of course Time takes a risk here because they changed their mind and next to it there is another smaller headline, that starts with the words: Donít laugh.

Itís good that Sinatra never got to see that, I think. Even if he stood behind the democrats he later also whole hearted supported the republicans. But who cared about that. As long as he wore a tuxedo and sang.

But Bono. The guy is from Ireland. For 20 years my thoughts have been about what good music he is a part of creating. With U2.
ĒI wonít give up on the republicansĒ Bono says in Time. "I talk to them about reducing the debths and how AIDS is spreadig. They are hard, the republicans, but they are willing to listen."

So do you hear, people. Bono is talkig to everybody. And he has a special star chat list. You know the kind of list big stars has, who talks to those who not are as big as they think, like the Pope, Tony Blair and Colin Powel. Putin. Kofi Annan.

It took me an hour to read the article in Times. That because it was a difficult text because the writer suffered from bad humility. Some sentences was so touching that I almost thought he was dead, the idol. But it was wrong. Those who dies live in Africa or are refugees in Pakistan.
At the same time I get my hand on Q magazine where someone has written down Bonoís ten commandments.

Q is the biggest british music magazine. The magazine has painted Bono on the top of Sinai. He holds a brick of stone with his commandments. #1 You shall not let your fame goes over your head.
Among the other commandments number five stands out: You shall not stop touring (well you can release an album that people will buy. But thatís not the point!)
Commandment 3: You shall fear television (because TV steals the mystery from you. People can turn down the volume if they like)
Commandment 2: You shall respect your limits (because itís what you canít do that makes you great. To open one door other must close for you)

Or as it says in Time: While ideas were flowing, Bono nodded along but once in a shile he came with the releasing words ĒTrevor, we can helpĒ.
Does it really has to be the poor Winona Ryder to say: Bono is God!
Itís your fault Bono. Partly.
Personally, I wouldnít mind if you went away and hid for a while and wrote some new songs.

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Oh, and here is the link to the column for you who knows swedish.,00.html

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Cool. Thanks for posting it Sara
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