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Bootleg request

I'd like to download the best U2 bootlegs, one for each tour(from Boy to Elevation) but I want to do it safe. It means that I'd like to know what gig to download considering your opinion about

1-audio quality
2-show quality(i.e.particular songs played,performances,intensity...)

And, if you know, the site where I can download it. Thank you.

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The best one I've heard from the JT Tour would be Rock's Hottest Ticket (and not at all biased even though it was performed near Chicago ).

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some essesntial bootlegs:
12.31.89 Point Depot Dublin, Ireland - Held by many (me included) as the best bootleg to date for U2.

8.23.93 Dublin Excellent radio broadcast of Zooropa show.

3.24.01- Miami, Fl Opener of Elevation, i'm partial b/c i was there- but great show and recording.

4.29.87 Chicago, Il. Excellent recording great set, includes Mother's Of the Disappeared, and Spring Hill Mining Disaster.

1982, Manchester UK- I forget the date of the show, but soundboard recording with some of the earliest live versions of songs from War.

12/2000 Irving Plaza- ATYCLB Promo show, would be possible better thatn the 89 new year's eve if it was only longer. still incredible though.

Thats all that comes to mind from memory, I'll have to look at actual dates for more.

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Thank for your informations.
I'll try and I'll tell you what I think.
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Originally posted by wolfwill23:
NYC Elevation #5 I think it is is top notch. I think the date was 9/24. Great show, very emotional and sound quality is close to soundboard.

All the others listed are quite good too.
Actaully, NYC#5 was 10/27. I have an audience copy that's great. If you can get your hands on any copy of this show do it.

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This has been discussed a few times in the MP3's section, so a search through there might turn up some good results. That said, a few that spring to mind (first listed being the best, imo, followed by other worthy choices in descending order of show/sound quality, for when you want to flesh out your collection):

Pre-Boy: The Contract Demos (which are demos, not live) and My Hometown are must-haves. My Hometown's sound isn't fantastic, but there's an awful lot of cool stuff in there.

Boy: Another Time, Another Place is generally regarded as the best out there. Lost Broadcasts 1, Touch and Back Through the Mirror are also good.

October: Lost Broadcasts 2 is good, as are Boygroup and Last Night At The Ritz. Werchter 1982 (as listed on Bloodredsky) and the Roskilde Festival are good broadcasts.

War: Complete Boston Tapes and An Electric Company On Stage are the best I've heard. No Surrender is good, though the copy I downloaded is incomplete (I think...). There are also good boots from Red Rocks, but you'll already have most of that concery from Under A Blood Red Sky....

Unforgettable Fire: (I'm _really_ light on these) Sharks In The High Chair/Unforgettable Fire Nantes are by far the best. Nantes is the full concert (two or three more tracks), though Sharks' sound is better, from the copies I've got of each.

Joshua Tree: Caught on 35mm Black And White (which you can download from until the end of the month) and Rock's Hottest Ticket (which cover first and last legs of the tour) are probably the best I've listened to, though I don't really listen to the JT stuff all that much. From What I Recall, Mountains and Deserts, Joshua Tree Live In Los Angeles, and Christmas In The Desert/Last Prayer At The Foot Of The Joshua Tree are also quite good, and Lucille is probably the best boot from the European leg (which has very few good boots).

Lovetown: X-Mas At The Point Depot, December XXVII, At The Eleventh Hour, The New Years Concert. These should probably be the first four U2 bootlegs you download. Bloodredsky now have a VERY good copy of the show on the 26th (high bitrate), and for the rest, you'll want to go by their catalog's ratings, as there's several copies of the shows. The intro to the New Year's Concert is just flat out ungodly. As well as these, Melbourne 5A is worth getting, Melbourne 3A and Sydney in Flames are both good. Oh, and Angel Of Rottedam and All I Want Is U2 are also worth downloading (the latter being the last real performance of "40")

ZooTV: Many, many good shows, and you'll probably want to get at least one per leg. Bono Is A Dinky Trabant arena US; Dancing ZooTV (very good), Wild Horses and ZooTV From The Mixing Desk arena Europe; DC, ZooTV Live Transmission outside broadcast; ZooTopia/Zoo Europa (very good again), Wembley Nights 1&2 (3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 are also good, but 1/2 is probably the best), Heil Muenchen! and Three Nights And The Truth for outside Europe. For Zoomerang, I like Adelaide 1993, though Sydney In Flames is another good one. I don't think I've seen a New Zooland boot, and I've not seen any good FULL ZooTV Japan boots, but I've got a couple of Bono Vs. Akebono tracks from somewhere that are very good.

1995, 09, 12 - The War Child Concert. It's just two tracks but you can NOT miss the orchestral One.

PopMart: (another tour I'm really short on) Miss Sarajevo is the must-have from this tour for sheer emotion. Apart from that, again by leg: Amazing Grace and Las Vegas Soundboard (it's a bad show, though good sound) for leg 1; Shalom Israel (fantastic sound), Le Cock Up (from a French radio broadcast - good sound, annoying station ID's between EVERY track, though hilarious that they sound EXACTLY the same as North American rock radio promos), Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf for leg 2. Meximofo for Leg 3 (good sound), though I've heard there's good MP3's from the Seattle show. En El Fin Del Mundo (amazing Mothers Of The Disappeared) and Sao Paolo are both very much worth having. Last Night On World Tour is good for leg 4.

Elevation: too many to list, really (EVERY show has been bootleged). FYI, Bloodredsky's ratings are VERY unreliable for the Elevation tour - some time last year they bumped ALL the 3.5 star shows, and a lot of the 3 star ones up to 4 stars for no good reason, and they've been rating shows high ever since. There's a lot of four star shows that ARE four star shows, but most listed aren't. All that said, Beautiful Night In Cleveland, Excavation (Charlotte), Antwerp 2, Notre Dame, and the third leg New York shows stick out in my mind as good.

Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but even with a piddly 56K connection, you should be able to download all that in a month and a half, connecting over night. You might want to upgrade to braodband, though.
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NYC Elevation #5 I think it is is top notch. I think the date was 9/24. Great show, very emotional and sound quality is close to soundboard.

All the others listed are quite good too.

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