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[QUOTE]Originally posted by AchtungJedi
remember after the Irving Plaza show in 2000 where Bonos vocals were rather raspy there were people here saying there was no way Bono would make it through a world tour.[/bquote]

That's hard to imagine, because Bono had one of his greatest vocal moments in that show (at the end of the combination of One and Walk On).
Not really, you are referring to one moment in that show. I'am referring to the overall show. His vocals are strained at times. Still a great show, but he was a bit raspy. Mostly likely because they were in the middle of their promotional compaign for the album and we all know how Bono likes to talk.

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Right, just that one moment (or few moments, but you know what I mean). But what a moment it was.

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Please, american friends, download some European shows!! In Barcelona, Turin, London or even Dublin, Bono has many problems to reach high notes! The best performances of the tour was in march and april 2001 and in most 3er leg concerts, but in Europe??

In 1987 and 1989-90 Bono suffered some medical problems with his voice but was on SOME shows, and when he was in top form, this voice sounded GREAT.

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Originally posted by Michael Griffiths
Blue Room - I know what you're saying! Bono's had vocal troubles since the very beginning of U2, especially during the JT tour, and yet people insist it's a recent worry! It's funny that it wasn't a big deal back in 1987. I think it had something to do with the fact that he was only 26 at the time. It's interesting how age skews our perceptions of situations. The fact remains that Bono has always had vocal complications, so it is really no different now than it was then. He recovered then; he'll recover now - and in the future, if history is an indicator. If anything, he's in better shape now: he actually takes care of his voice now, and uses proper techniques! LOL. People need to think this stuff through!
Amen brother!

I downloaded a great JT version of "One Tree Hill" from a concert in Texas done in 1987. I was stunned at Bono's operatic moments in that song. I thought if Bono sounded that great during "One Tree Hill" then the rest of the songs from the night would be outstanding. Well.... It turns out that "One Tree Hill" was performed early in the set-list that night. And after listening to the songs that followed that song, I believe that Bono "shot his vocal wad" (if you will) on that song. The rest of the songs sounded weak and raspy. And yes, this was 1987.

Bottom line: He's a good singer, not great. Listen to the AB version of "One" - raspy. Listen to the off-key moments in the album version of "New Year's Day" (where Bono strains to hit the notes). On the Elevation tour, Bono blew me away with his vocals. He kept some songs within his range - resulting in a fuller, richer voice. And at times, he would belt it out - but just when needed.

After listening to the operatic bursts in "Hands...", "Ground Beneath Her Feet" and "Wild Honey" and the "oh-oh" in "E-Storm" I am not at all worried about Bono's vocals. He clearly has it, before, during and after the tour.
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One thing is certain, Bono's best vocal days are behind him.


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Re: Well...

Originally posted by jick
One thing is certain, Bono's best vocal days are behind him.


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Wrong. He keeps getting better. I'f he'd sung Kite in '87 it would've been a mess. Go listen to a live bootleg version of Pride from 87 or 89, you hear a man who doesn't know how to sing, but does know how to scream, and it sounds terrible sometimes. Now he actually SINGS the tune.
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I'd say Bono's lost someof his range over the years but nodes on the vocal cords will do that. SOme people can never sing properly again. So lets count ourselves lucky. The upside is that Bono is vastly more technically competeant than he's ever been. Since the dicey moments on the Popmart tour he's had the vocal cord surgery and has learned to work around his vocal limitations. Though I'm still sad to know he doesn't ahve that full rich midrange anymore. Compare JT rendtitions of WOWY to more recent aones and you'll know what I mean. But either way Bono remains one of the best rock singers in the indusrty.
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We'll see...I hope not. It's true he sounded weaker in 3rd leg (of what I heard), but otherwise it was good during the last tour.

I wish people wouldn't bring up the 80's voice over and over again. Of course he can't sing like that anymore, he's not a youngster. One of the reasons I really like his voice now is he sounds more humane, and he has better control of the voice.

He sounds raspier now because of the way he used to sing (screaming instead of really singing the high notes. sure it may sound impressive but I bet it cost him a lot to yell like that in the 80's), maybe smoking added a bit, plus consider he's been singing for over 20 years now - you can't expect him to sound fully the same all the time, with singing so many high notes tour after tour. It started changing and it hasn't been the same since the early 90's.

Personally I thought his high notes on the last tour were better than Popmart (which was the worst in that part IMO).


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