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View Poll Results: The B-man's 'do
The ATYCLB mullet was hideous 2 1.67%
I liked his hair on tour 59 49.17%
I liked his hair in the BD video, but it got out of control by tour time 32 26.67%
I liked the short hair he had during POP 27 22.50%
Voters: 120. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06-14-2002, 06:20 AM   #41
The Fly
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For you Michelle;)

Originally posted by SamanthaPuff
Out of control you say?


Have some of you forgotten that the man-----




He looked very good on the tour. A rock singer needs a generous amount of hair, and if it gets messed up during the concert, well, that's rock and roll, and that's SEXY!!!!

Tour hair all the way! I think it looked very much like the Zoo/AB era hair which I love too. Bono with black hair and black leather, those are a few of my favorite things!

That's it, I just think some people just don't like hair and don't think anyone should have any. I find guys with long hair the most attractive. My favorite is the JT hair, but I liked his tour hair and it was a very nice layered shoulder length style and not a mullet. Like somebody said, regular guy hair. He was beautiful. Nothing was worse than the way he looked in Pop. Lady Lemonade I agree with you, he IS ageing gracefully and looking beautiful these days. I love his hair in the new pics.

I want all those who dumped on him to post their pics and we can start a hateful thread about the way they look and vote on them! LMAO!

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Old 06-14-2002, 10:06 AM   #42
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I love how *some people* chastise us for talking down the ATYCLB mullet on the grounds that Bono should be allowed to look however he wants, but then turn around and talk down the POP look themselves.


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Old 06-14-2002, 10:46 AM   #43
The Fly
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Okay, hairstylist here. It looks like some of you people are going by what you personally prefer in general and not what is best for Bono.

First let me say that Bono's Elevation style was not at all a mullet, and if anyone calls it that they are mistaken.

Second I would like to say that in an honest evaluation of Bono's hair, I think he is doing the right thing. As a hairstylist, it is part of my training to find the hairstyle that matches a person's face the best. Sorry, but the way his face has changed, aged and broadened over the last few years, he could not "pull off" the long hair of the Rattle and Hum era anymore. He could also not "pull off" the close cropped or buzzed look of Pop, not that I ever thought he did in the first place. He NEEDS hair to soften his features, accentuate his eyes and achieve his best appearance. Take a look at the picture I will attach. Haven't any of you noticed that his hair is several inches shorter now than it was on tour? His hair as it is now is just enough. The hair is full and shaped around his head with volume on top and around his ears, and the little length below the ears enhances the best in his face. If all the length were gone, and it was close on the sides, he would look much older, heavier and less attractive. If it were longer, it would not suit him either, ,he would look strange with long hair now. What he's doing is exactly the right thing for his face, and anyone who just would rather see the very short or very long hair, go back and look at some old pictures. The Bono of today is a handsome man with a hairstyle that suits his face to a "T." If this man were to come in off the street and ask me to recommend a haircut for him, not even knowing who he was, I would give him this:
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Old 06-14-2002, 01:27 PM   #44
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That is a great professional analysis - however, if you look at the pic that ladylemonade posted above, the darkness of the photo makes Bono look as if he actually does have short hair - and I think he looks pretty cool with it!

Bono has definitely aged since POP (in the face and the figure) - but I think that was when he looked the coolest (post JT) - mostly due to his hair.

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