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Paper Gods
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U2girl, i think it was a joke about him forgetting all that.

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Originally posted by KhanadaRhodes
U2girl, i think it was a joke about him forgetting all that.
Indeed. I was just trying to make y'all laugh. I took something that was only semi-true (they haven't forgotten the 90s, but they definitely have placed more emphasis on their 80s catalogue...and honestly, they play maybe 1.5 songs from Pop) and made it extreme for hilarity's sake.

And the 'forgot the names of his children' was also thrown in simply for laughs. I don't really think he's forgotten the names of his kids.

Annnd the post about the vagina - I was being semi-literal. In actuality, I did interpret it as one of two things:

1.) Wanting to go back to a more innocent time, like his childhood, or....'fetushood'

2.) From the Christian perspective - wanting to 'go back to God', where we all start out from, and finally end up.

But if you take the 'where I started out from' line just plane literally...well...vagina!

-Miggy D

P.S. - It is kind of cool, however, how the post got some of you to write 'vagina' in your responses. That has got to be a first for some Interferencers!

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Originally posted by U2girl
As for ABOY, try either one of his parents or God. NOT vagina.
Try us. When he sings that song, he's singing it to the fans.
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Miggy D, you are genius.
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Originally posted by Dalton
I have this good friend who has a heart of gold. He is one of the most generous and loving people you will ever meet. When you first meet him you will think that he is the wisest man on the planet cause every word that comes out of his mouth seems profound, but the more that you get to know him you see that he just talks too much and its all regurgitate crap.

He reminds me of Bono. You love him, hes great, but hes a lot better if you are both piss drunk.
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Old 12-13-2004, 11:23 AM   #26
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I think half the things Bono says in interviews, is said to embarrass the media for taking every word he speaks as gospel.
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Re: Bono: "This is our first album..."

Originally posted by bw in dc
In the DVD for HTDAATB, Bono says "This is our first album. And "Vertigo" is our first single from our first album..."
It's funny, he's been claiming this as early as '83 referring to the War album.

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