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Bono Pushes U.S. to Increase Aid to Poor

Bono Pushes U.S. to Increase Aid to Poor

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 11 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Quoting from Islamic, Jewish and Christian texts, rock star Bono called Thursday for the U.S. government to give an additional 1 percent of the federal budget to the world's poor.


Speaking to President Bush and members of Congress at the National Prayer Breakfast, the U2 front man said it's unjust to keep poor people from selling their goods while singing the virtues of the free market, to hold children to ransom for the debts of their grandparents and to withhold medicines that would save lives.

"God will not accept that," he said. "Mine won't. Will yours?"

Bono's speech riveted the ballroom audience that included the president and first lady and leaders from Congress, the Cabinet, the military, the clergy and countries from around the world. At every table, Bono had distributed white plastic bracelets from The ONE Campaign to fight AIDS and poverty, and Sen. Hillary Clinton was among those who wrapped it around her fingers while she listened.

Bono thanked the president for helping to fight the spread of malaria and AIDS. Bush, in markedly lighter remarks than the singer, praised him as "a doer" but didn't comment on his proposal.

"The thing about this good citizen of the world is he's used his position to get things done," Bush said. "You're an amazing guy, Bono. God bless you."

Bono said the United States spends less than 1 percent of its budget on the world's poor. One percent of last year's budget would have been about $26 billion.


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New Yorker
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yes I just read this in the U2News forum

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guys, 7ust learn to drink the koolaid and let cheney spend what's necessary to keep freedom alive and well in iraq.

america en7oys her freedom, and the day we pull out, we'll lose to the evil people who want nothing more than to see america lose its freedom. they're freedom haters.

so naturally, money isn't as available as it used to be for "causes". we have freedom to defend first and foremost, guys, we'll worry about poverty after our freedom has been secured.

oh, actually, check that - we have iran and north korea to worry about first. that could take a few years...and a bit of money too.

it's 7ust a good thing canada's no longer on the list too, thanks to the evil left-wing liberals getting spanked out of office by our conservative counterparts.

can i get an amen?!
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The Fly
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That's a good idea Bono, but you see America hasn't been doing a good job looking after America's poor. In fact, the Christian President and his buddies in Congress in fact cut spending for the poor in America just yesterday. And Bono's new friend Bush is going to sign it into law! So how the heck is America going save the poor in the rest of the world when it can't help poor people in their own country!? The world will become a better place on Jan. 20, 2009 when Bush is gone back to Texas!
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mybono, stop asking questions.

7ust 7oin me in acknowledging the brilliance of our supreme leader. i can't stop drinking the koolaid, guys, and believe me - i've tried!

heck, this shit keeps tasting better the more he feeds us!

hey bono, thanks for the endorsement of america's most super-elite. he's really got his pulse on the needs of the world community, and his freedom wars are proof. meanwhile, you bash paul martin of canada wherever you could, and we're all grateful for that! because we all know how stephen harper and the conservatives have an ambitious social agenda that promotes a better world for those less fortunate than us.

but hey, keep swiping your american express every time you buy one of your special LIMITED EDITION!!!! u2 ipod's, it looks good on you, and makes the president smile.

can i get another amen?!?!
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the whipping post, has now been properly whipped.

back to your regularly scheduled program.
"If you needed my autograph, I'd give it to you." Bob Dylan
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I think Bono is doing the right thing. Poverty in Africa is stupid poverty. Hunger in Africa is stupid hunger. Poverty and Hunger in the United States are much more complicated issues. I personally believe in most cases, the homeless in Developed countries if they put 100% into it, they can and WILL get a place to live. obviously this isn't always fair(as there are many parents working 2 full time jobs trying to feed their family, and they live in crappy areas) but it certainly isn't as hopeless as Africa is.

People in Africa are NOT lesser than Americans. I also believe that if Bono is asking America to do that, than other countries with the resources should too (hint hint Stephen Harper)

Bush has asked for an incredibly large amount of Billions of Dollars for war... 26 Billion is 1% of the United States budget... I think he can spare that.

The money is just unfortunately going to the wrong places.

Please don't flame me, I am just stating my opinion from my (incredibly) limited knowledge of Geopolitics. I hope it doesn't sound ignorant, as I am not ignoring the homeless and problems in the US and Canada... but I think there are differences.

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