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The Fly
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Sulawesigirl4, while my negative feelings did show a bit in my comments above, I'm actually quite serious. If Bono HADN'T done all the kissing up to the US that he has over the past 6 months or so, and if he HADN'T referred to Western corporations as "easy targets", and if he HADN'T lauded Bill Gates' work, he WOULDN'T be on the cover of Time and there's no way he'd be mentioned for a Nobel Peace Prize. If he had done the exact same things from a humanitarian standpoint, while criticizing the US bombing of Afghanistan, he'd be pilloried in the media and told to shut up, you're just a rock star. That's the way the media and government work, and it's the way awards like the Nobel Peace Prize work. That's the point I'm trying to make.

When you refer to "bias", I was stating an opinion. Opinions are inherently biased - in fact, that's what opinions are. The opinion of some that Bono should be nominated for the prize is also "biased". You just don't happen to like my opinion in this instance.

I have no axe to grind with Bono. Like you, I'm a big fan of his musical ability and of most of his humanitarian efforts. I just happen to think it's a shame that he knows exactly where the problems lay, but that he has chosen to place his trust/support in those very people. I believe he wants the best for Africa. But on a practical level, I think he's very aware that it's no-lose for him as long as he doesn't challenge the powers-that-be - he will win whether Africa does or not.

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I think that while the problems of Africa tend to concern us more, since we are well aware of Bono's work, the scope of the problems on the continent have eluded the average person. Though Bono is one of the leaders of the grass roots movement, it is a movement that is barely making a dent in the situation. Debt relief for the poorest nations is a cause that needs a real politcial leader to appeal to the richest nations. Bono, while certainly making headway into the politcial arena, is still seen as an outsider, and a figurehead. Many have questioned his motives and of course criticized him for being a rich rock star lecturing on helping the poor. I don't agree with these criticisms, but the point is that they certainly exist.

What will gain some credibility for the movement is the average person becoming more aware of the problem. Though there are many people working to resolve the issues, many more are needed to make serious headway. For most world leaders, debt relief is not a major issue, mainly because the poor nations provide little in the way of economic or political support. If a group, led by Bono or otherwise, can convince leaders to change their minds, it would be a step in the right direction.

Remember, that as diehard U2 fans, we all tend to allow our personal views towards the band affect how we the outside work of Bono. It's difficult, but sometimes we need to have an outsider's view of the issues, and try to objectively analyze them. Personally, I've done this, and while I see debt relief and African aid as great ideas, I can see that there is still a long way to progress before we see a real difference.

Change is the only constant

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