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Originally posted by S|aney:
I wonder what this world would be like if Dr. Martin Luther King had taken a break?
Wow. Great point.

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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
Surely you're not comparing Bono the rockstar to Ghandi, King jr and Jesus?

Why not? Is it not possible for Bono to follow in their footsteps?


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There are interesting parallels between Bono's approach and that of Gandhi and MLK. (We'll leave Christ of it since there's no evidence that he even exists).

Gandhi did not become a "rebel" in India until he had spent many many years sucking up to the British elite, encouraging Indians contribute soldiers to fight British wars, etc. (read his autobiography) After doing so, he was very popular among the British, and was actually hailed as a British patriot by many. With this access, he was then able operate as a rebel without being crushed like an ant. So while I don't necessarily endorse this approach, it actually is quite similar to Bono's sucking-up to the U.S. powers that be - I suspect Bono will eventually try to do the same kind of thing. His problem is that the U.S. is doing just fine and is unlikely to fork up the dollars; in contrast, Britain at that time was vulnerable: recovering from a war, and progressively losing its empire to the U.S. - it was a very bad time for Britain to continue the economic and public relations nightmare of its Indian problem.

MLK was a little more of a rebel, but in the 1960s he was perceived for a long time as a "moderate" (i.e. friendly to the government) African-American activist (as compared with Malcolm , etc.). So the American media viewed him favorably, which did empower him, enabling him to eventually become more "rebellious".

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