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Old 04-18-2002, 06:43 AM   #21
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Originally posted by pub crawler:
From her rant:

"Bono likes to go off about how U2 are a "punk band" and how they continue to "fuck up the mainstream". Um, hello Bono - U2 IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF MAINSTREAM. You are what they call an "arena rock" band, and while I have no qualms with arena rock (my favorite band is R.E.M., after all) it is about as far from being "punk" as you can get. YOU PLAYED THE DAMN SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW, DORK. Any romantic notions you've had about U2 being a "punk band" should have stopped once you started getting play on adult contemporary radio stations."
Heh, this is funny. So she took an apparently non-existant quote and something that Bono said, like, seven years ago, and spun a whole paragraph from that. Now that's deep.

It's a shame that some people couldn't think of anything except abusive name-calling. Although I must say that people who complain about their right to an opinion often miss out on one thing: people aren't necessarily offended by the fact that other people dislike someone or something, but rather by the way this dislike is put into words. If you demand intelligent replies to your article, how about -writing- an intelligent article without name-calling, exaggerations and USING CAPS?

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Old 04-18-2002, 07:12 AM   #22
New Yorker
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I didn't like the fact that she kept implying that if you are in a ROCK BAND you shouldn't be doing anything good for the world.

The not standing up straight part was the only thing that made me laugh, well laugh is a strong word, how about grin.

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Old 04-18-2002, 12:05 PM   #23
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I am late in reading the original article since it's been taken down, however I did read the comments that were posted on her site. The last comment that April made was that U2 fans were phsyco. I find that very offensive, since I am a U2 fan, and don't think I am physco, as is anyone else on this board.

Very strange.
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Old 04-18-2002, 12:08 PM   #24
you are what you is
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Originally posted by pub crawler:
"Bono likes to go off about how U2 are a "punk band" and how they continue to "fuck up the mainstream".
it seems that she is confusing Bono with 95% of U2's fans

Shake it, shake it, shake it
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Old 04-18-2002, 01:50 PM   #25
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Personally, I never responded to her article..but her posts on u2log really irritated me. What a pathetic example of journalism to go on a fansite crying about people flaming you AFTER about writing a cruel piece about another human....I didn't participate in it myself...but if she wants to put out the heat...she better be ready to take it...

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