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Old 11-07-2002, 10:41 AM   #21
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Re: My toughts about Best of '90 - '00

Originally posted by Ronald42
I also like the version of SATS but I was really hoping for a version sounding like the acoustic one they did on the ZOO TV CD-V and VHS.


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best of 80-90 vs. 90-00

these are just my thoughts on these best of discs and i was wondering if anyone thought the same thing.

i am bothered about the b-sides of the 90-00. do we really need to hear so many different versions of mysterious ways, discotheque and even better than the real thing?

why not do like the 80-90 and put quality b-sides on there like where did it all go wrong, paint it black, fortunate son, the non remix version of salome, satellite of love or holy joe???? to name a few.

also, i do not have a hidden track on either of my discs for the 90-00. does anyone else?? i thought the fly was going to be on there somewhere. anywho, that's all for now.

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Old 11-07-2002, 06:35 PM   #23
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The double dosing of songs was my only gripe about this otherwise beautiful collection. The 80's Best Of only repeated The Sweetest Thing. This new one repeats 5 songs! Electrical Storm, Discotheque, Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, and Numb. 2 I could handle. 5? That is a lot.
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Why must we always complain about something. U2 has given us what we've wanted and let's accept it.
The day the Lemon dies is a sad day.
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Re: Re: My toughts about Best of '90 - '00

Originally posted by DaveC

Originally posted by Ronald42
I also like the version of SATS but I was really hoping for a version sounding like the acoustic one they did on the ZOO TV CD-V and VHS.

Yup MAJOR mistake but I think most of you knew what I meant. The accoustic version of course from the Please CDsingle. And than to think they preformed it right into my face. OOOPPSS. I must have been thinking of the Satelite of love of love version. Hey with so much good music it's sometimes hard to get it all straight.

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Old 11-08-2002, 01:33 PM   #26
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I really like the album. though I find myself skipping to the remixed versions and new songs only cause I know what the other songs sound like.

The bsides could have been better, but they must have thought those songs did not match up well against the 80's best of bsides.

quick things i like and dislike:

new mix of numb: I love what they've done. It's a very harder sounding song. Especially after the middle break, there are a lot more sounds coming from my speakers than the original.
Disco: I like this version, maybe not as much as the original, but I still think it rocks.
Hands: I really like this song. Especially the "with all of the promises" part.

they had more bsides to chose from. nobody really wants dance remixes.
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Old 11-08-2002, 10:37 PM   #27
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- I thought that the buffalo cover for Best Of was pretty damn boring until somebody mentioned that they look like Bono's fly shades if you squint. Nice touch, although I still think that the cover looks a bit too sombre and monochrome for a decade that had so much visual overload. I also wish they did something a bit more creative with the booklet rather than sticking a bunch of (admittedly fantastic) photos. Oh, welleth...

- I'm very happy with the remixes, especially Gone, although I'm still puzzled about the line change in Mysterious Ways. I looove "Hands" and I've warmed up to the William Orbit mix of ES. The B-Sides disk is a bit of a disappointment; I just didn't find most of the remixes particularly interesting, but the DVD add-on is cool beyond words and really makes you realise how much great stuff 90s U2 produced.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Greatest Hits and as far as the selection of songs goes, I find it much better and more varied than the first one.
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Old 11-08-2002, 11:39 PM   #28
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Originally posted by Saracene
although I'm still puzzled about the line change in Mysterious Ways.
i'm surprised no one asked this in the chat they had. actually, i guess i should say that i'm sure someone did ask them, but i'm surprised they didn't tackle the question. i was hoping they'd do a radio interview (or maybe they did and i missed it) with rockline (i think??) like they did for the 1980-1990 greatest hits. i remember taping that!

i'm sure they would've asked them that on there. i remember the guys asking why they put bad on there, and essentially asked why they chose so many hits when it's a best of, and not a greatest hits. cool interview.
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Old 11-09-2002, 09:59 PM   #29
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Great collection.

The Good:

ATYCLB's inclusion on this record. After all, the disc is called the Best of 1990-2000. To all of the complainers: There are only 3 songs from this period out of 30 songs. Also, BD is already a classic....I still hear it played on the radio almost every day, and it won 3 grammies.

The continuation of the same theme, in regards to the artwork of this disc and the Best of 80-90.

The placement of Stay/Stuck, it keeps the melancholic mood going.

The fact that this band gave us two brand-new songs, instead of just one remixed b-side (but I did like ST), + a bonus DVD for the price of 2 CDs. Way above the call of duty.

The inclusion of Miss Sarajevo...I don't have Passengers but I finally discovered this gorgeous song because of this Best Of.

The SATS remix.

Gone remix - I like the addition of more guitar.

The Bad:

The overload of remixes...what was wrong with b-sides such as Satellite of Love? The first Best of had cover songs.

The Fly's was the band's first single off AB and signalled where the band was headed for the 90's.

The Numb and Discotheque...what was wrong with the originals? Also, I miss the BOOM-CHAs.

Final rating.....4.5/5! Great collection.
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Old 11-10-2002, 11:59 PM   #30
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Overall: 9 out of 10 is my rating

As a fan who owned nearly all of the tracks on the cd, I didn't need to be sold on this disc. I wanted it no matter what songs were included, mostly because I already had 95% of the B-Sides and 100% of the tracks (the exception being Electrical Storm and Hands That Built America). The idea of there being a U2 album that I didn't own would keep me up at night, and we all need at the minimum, 6 hours of sleep per night.

The Greatest Hits disc was near-perfect. I say this because I consider Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses to be one of the band's most moving, vocally demanding, and memorable tunes. To put it in place of Until the End of the World would be understandable, but choosing The First Time made me turn away....Of course I turned back around and sholved over my $20, but nevertheless.

The remixes of Gone, Discotheque, and Staring at the Sun prove that U2 is still ashamed of Pop. Why this is, I don't know. Each U2 album has it's own personality and while Pop does resemble the equivolant of one's howdy, rowdy teenage years there's no reason to attempt to erase their memory. By remixing the songs U2 let's it be known the years spanning from 1996-1999 where a fuzzy dream. A time with no direction and little less confidence. Don't get me wrong, the remixes added worth to the album. If you count the number of remixes and new cuts, a casual U2 fans would have over twenty new tunes to lush over. I just don't think remixing was the way to go.

The two new songs are fine. That's about all I can say. Like when The Ground Beneath Her Feet arrived in the LP rack, my expectations were grounded with medocrity. Electrical Storm is predictable, but enjoyable. Hands That Built America is somber yet etheral. Where the songs to make it on a completely original album they would be consider a ballad lacking in depth and filler to set the mood.

The B-Sides, as we all now know, contained more remixes than originals. It's true that everyone made it as a B-Side, technically. But where are the Where Did It Go Wrong's, the Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad's, the Big Girls are Bests', the Paint it Blacks', just to name a few. There absense might not be missed by the masses of U2 fans, but do they really think that Joe Smoe would enjoy a remix of Even Better Than the Real Thing better than Fortunate Son? Okay, that's a stretch, but you get my point.
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Old 11-11-2002, 06:54 PM   #31
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My ranking: 4 stars out of 5.

The first disc is almost perfect. I'm not terribly bothered by the lyric change in Mysterious Ways or the fact they didn't include The Fly. I'm just thrilled that I can hear so many great U2 songs on one disc. I have a feeling I'm going to be listening to this CD a lot in the car on long road trips. I'm particularly happy that U2 gave us not just one brand-new song but two. I'm not totally sold on The Hands That Built America yet but I LOVE Electrical Storm. The remixes of Numb and Gone were great. The only major problem for me was the Discoteque remix. I didn't like the original that much in the first place, and I like the remix even less.

The B-sides disc was disappointing, especially compared to the incredible B-sides disc from the 1980s Best Of. A few of the remixes were good, but I would much rather have had Always, Big Girls Are The Best, Night and Day and Satellite of Love on there instead. And whose bright idea was it to include that God-awful remix of If God Will Send His Angels? I was also a little disappointed in North and South of the River. I'd never heard it before but I had heard so much about what a fantastic song that I guess I built up unrealistic expectations. I do like the lyrics, but the music itself simply didn't do that much for me. Maybe it will grow on me. Still, the B-sides disc is far from a total loss since it does have Lady With A Spinning Head, Salome and Happiness Is A Warm Gun, which all kick ass, plus the alternate version of ES (I actually like both versions almost equally).

The DVD bonus was mega-cool. The only problem was it left me hungry for more - but I guess that's the point since the whole purpose of the thing is to entice people into buying the full Best Of 1990-2000 DVD.
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Old 11-11-2002, 09:31 PM   #32
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Here's the review I submitted to

As far as a Best Of, I think U2 have done a good job here. Of course many people will disagree vehemently. The tracks as chosen, will naturally not correspond with every fan's wish.. indeed many of my favourite songs from this era haven't been included (Please, Lemon, Fly for example.. though Fly is on the UK version). But the songs will give a good example of U2's output in the 90s. I think it's ridiculous to expect U2's choice of songs to correspond with what each individual fan expects.. that given, they have chosen both big hits, live favourites, and some songs that are just downright good but didn't get much exposure (Miss Sarejevo), to create an undeniably strong compilation of songs.

Also included are 2 fine new songs, and hey no one can argue with that, can they? Electrical Storm is a great tune, if somewhat formulaic.. but the Orbit mix emphasizes a great buildup and I dig it. Hands is very cinematic and very pretty.

The big point of contention here is the remixes of Discotheque, Numb, Gone, and Staring At The Sun. Some people will disagree with changing the songs and wish to hear the original versions they are so used to. Other people (me included) will just be interested to hear re-interpretations of great songs, and if the new Discotheque mix is pretty disappointing but the Gone mix rocks just like the live version of the song (my opinion) then so be it.

Of course much of what is here is simply regurgitation of what many fans already have on the albums... so this compilation is most useful to people relatively new or unfamiliar to the band, or those who just want to have everything.

The bonus CD is nice... not to many people's taste though because of the technoish remixes, and missing many B-Sides that probably should have been included, but hey it's sure better than nothing. The Bonus DVD has a live performance of Please that is almost worth the cost of the compilation alone.

Overall, while this is definately not for everybody, I think U2 has done a good job with this compilation of providing a lot of interesting material for a variety of people. They've done it in a way that will very likely [anger] a lot of passionate people, but recently I'm all the more excited to see U2 doing something a little unexpected (like including First Time)
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Old 11-11-2002, 09:53 PM   #33
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I got it the first day it came from Marc (meow)..I wasn't impressed with the dvd included but I am a great fan of the best of CD's...the dvd reminded me a bit of an advertisement...but there is a lot of neat mix there and I love the vocals in The Hands that built America..maybe I would have to take you through the mountains with it craked to take note but the sound is totally out there....and Miss Sarajevo, just that lilting cry in the "Hands" that trails off Bono >Pavarotti? I think he put more depth and emotion in that note! wow I actually preferrd the both songs to to electrical storm though I lean toward electronica. Best of both worlds U2 and electronica.

Has anyone heard the remix tunes on U2-'7'? There's a remix of beautiful day including a mix of the intro music from the site...peppy!!!! I like it...A LOT!

You know I will always love the older U2 tunes and the way they seem to make me think..and feel...but there is a lot of new great stuff in the band yet..of that I am sure. And I believe this is a playful introduction to it.
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Old 11-12-2002, 06:09 AM   #34
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Why Best Of 1990-2000 Sucks The Big One ...

The 90's was when U2 redefined themselves. The Fly was the single that led the way and let the world know that U2 had this transformantion. It gave us the new industrial sound, the distorted vocals, and one of U2's most unforgettable lines "every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, all kill their inspiration then sing about the grief." Unfortunately, The Fly was ommitted. Why?

The 90's represented the decade where U2 went beyond the confines of 4 musicians in one room. This is the decade where U2 had balls - they were willing to take on drum loops, synths, and even sampling! What does U2 do? They remix their more musically adventurous tracks (the POP songs and Numb) and the mixes have more of the 4 musicians in one room feel. In Edge's own words, the songs were remixed to be more reminiscent of how they were played live. This is such a flimsy excuse. We already have the live version of Gone from the Walk On single, the Best Buy CD and Hasta La Vista Baby. We already have Discotheque live in Hasta La Vista and the Beautiful Day. We don't care about a new mix to highlight 4 musicians in one room because that isn't what the 90's were about. For example, U2 didn't bother to remix Bad for the Best Of 1980-1990 to mimic the live setting more. We all know any live version of Bad beats the studio version. U2 didn't remix WOWY to add the stars verse either, so why remix the songs now? If the remixes were slight refinements then fine, but the remixes were substantial and took away the essence and character of the song in the 1990's context.

The omission of the Fly and the major song revisions and remixes, and the addition of two "slow" songs in Electrical Storm and Hands That Built America can really mislead the new U2 fan into what the 90's were all about. The turmoil, the irony, the industrial sound, the artistic pursuits -- they aren't represented as they should.

Instead, in this collection we see a U2 trying to sugar-coat what really happened in the 1990's. While The First Time is a great song, something like Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car or Lemon would have been more reflective of the 1990's. And there is no better 90's poster song than the Fly - all ommitted in favor of more mellow tracks. As for the less mellow tracks, they were remixed to make them lose their character.

The Best Of 1990-2000 sucks the big one. It does not represent U2 in the 1990's. It is more like a little boy trying to hide something from his mother. It is U2 trying to hide the real score of the 1990's. It's a good thing there is a DVD to be released. Now I am sure that will be a better addition to the collection.

Rating: 2 1/2 stars out of 5.



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