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At the Brink of Death with Bono


So this weekend I had a bad cold, and Im travellin from Columbus OH back home to Tampa Florida today on a plane, and the pressure in my head goes haywire while im flying because of all the pressure changes. When we land, I canNOT hear out of my left ear at all and am like bumpin into everything and goin "WAAT?" real loud to whoever is talkin to me. Amusing at first, but then I come to the realization that this is NOT cool b/c I have a U2 concert to attend in a week.

So as soon as I get home I haul balls to the Doctor's Walk-in Clinic (hay, no comments from the peanut gallery, it rules), and the doctor gives me that crappy Z-pak stuff that you take for 5 days. So I come home and take those pills and a sudafed and make some grilled cheese and soup, and I still cant hear out of my left ear. After I eat the soup though, I get really really feverish.

I've already had to take a plane today so was prepared to die today as it was, but now that I've got a huge fever I was sure that the medicine didnt mix right with something and that I was gonna die. I dont even have the energy to rewind the pre-programmed recording of U2 on Vh1 last night so I can spend my last few moments alive with U2

So there I was all alone, lying in bed, feelin like ass and expecting to die at any moment, still friggin deaf in one ear, and I get to thinking...

Maybe if I last for just one more week, I could get my mom to get on interference to ask someone the number of Principle Management and then they can arrange for Bono to come meet me since he'll be in Tampa and because it is my last dying wish, and Bono can sit by my bed and we can talk and I'll tell him how to achieve world peace and he can sing songs to me and then when Im about to die we can sit together and sing Satellite of Love as I drift off, and then the night of the concert after I've passed on from Z-pak overdose, Bono can sing 40 in my honor and have all my friends come up onstage and stuff...

And Im almost getting excited about how cool its gonna be to meet Bono on my deathbed, and then all hte sudden I turn over and my ear pops and all sudden I can hear, and then a few minutes later the fever breaks!

So I guess Im not gonna die of some freak medicine reaction after all and I'll be able to hear the U2 concert, so all is well again. Now I gotta make a stupid U2 shirt and think about what to put on my poster and stuff.

But I better get that Principle number handy just in case...

"Listen guy, one more piece of sh** outta you and you're outta here! I don't care if ya paid the front row...I'm telling ya.... one more and he's fu**in' outta here..... Does anyone wanna play my guitar? Then you just come up here and play my guitar!" -Bono
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LOL! Cute story Gator! But don't worry - you ain't scheduled to die for a while. Oops... I wasn't supposed to tell you that.

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LOL Cool story! Thanks for sharing, and glad your feeling better!
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