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Just another pseudo-intellectual punk. Bryan Adams? Holy crap.

Probably why it sound so much like Rollins. Ignorance disguised as intelligent critique.

U2 have borrowed from all elements of popular music and culture. I think U2 have been guilty over indulgence or over-doing it.

The Joshua Tree and Tour was brilliant
The Rattle and Hum Movie and Lovewtown was indulgent and uneccessary.

Achtung Baby and ZooTv were brilliant.
POPmart was over indulgence at it's finest and the quality of the music on POP was sacrificed because of greed. They had signed the tour before they were done recording.

They just don't know when to put on the breaks when they've got a good thing going. We will know within 6 or 8 months of U2 has decided to move into a new area of creative energy or just get indulgent again.

All i am saying is the band and namely Bono, have doen a few things that do deserve criticism, they are not above reproach.

The guy who wrote this has lost sight of the fact that they are a very mainstream band who gets critical praise and fans who are not often mainstream. Why? Because they are good and have given nods to artistic influence while making mainstream rock, or even pop.

He holds the grudge from the 80's. He probably would write the same about REM but hasn't because they aren't as popular, not as easy of a target.

U2 are the Beatles for the rock and roll fan of the modern era. Some fans and critics worship the ground they walk on and some are contrarian, and just criticize not really understanding.

how many of you had friends, co-workers, or relatives who totally did not understand the pop culture/irony statemnt of ZooTv thru Popmart?

It was easily explainable before 1996. In fact it was quite brilliant for a band in their position. So what did they do with that? They over indulged. And the critics were shown the same thing that they thrive on. They think U2 are egomaniacs who aren't original. They thought it was comical, and in truth some of that was.

How beautiful and powerful is a song like Mofo, which was about Bono and his mother whom he lost at a young age, and how much was it affected by the manner in which it was presented live and on a album over underproduced material?

This is something that a U2 fan can easily understand but to a Joe Schmoe music critic, who is already predispositioned to criticize them, he will take it and add it to his list if supposed negative evidence about the band. Some of it is warranted, but not much.

In actuality they are just artists who make statements, some original and some borrowed from other good artists. They write songs, good songs, they are great peformers and you get your money worth when you see them live.

What makes them so special? They have done it for 25 years, with the same 4 members, and the only thing that has really changed about them personally is that they've gotten older. The music has changed, but that is just a sign of progression.

Some bands aren't going to progress with their sound because it goes against what they are about. AC/DC is a fine example.

U2 is all about progression. It's music that is meant to be alive, with vitality, spirituality and creativity. They don't always get the credit they deserve and they get unfairly railed against by some of the ignorant, but in truth that's why they are where they are.

Because they are basically the standard for modern bands. It is only natural that everything they've done to be ripped apart only to remain intact. Because the standard is the music itself, not the image that has gone along with it.

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Originally posted by EvolutionMonkey

Someone posted it at a musicians board I goto but never posted the source but sounds like Henry "I hate U2" Rollins in some way.

no, too many words and not enough slagging of the fans, the country, the people in the country that have nothing to do with the band or aren't possibly even fans, the road pavement, the grrass in the fields, the oxygen in the air, etc.

and even mr rollins knows they're from dublin...

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