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Another Edge Interview

A shorter one this time. I thought you guys could be interested, Edge answered a few questions by phone to VEJA, itīs a brazilian weekly magazine. The current issue has an article about the release of the new Best Of. Here is my rough translation from the original in portuguese...I apologize if sounds weird, Iīm used to translate from english...the opposite not so often. But Iīm doing my best.

VEJA: U2 is really a band of friends?

Edge: Yes. We see each other frequently. Since childhood Bono has been my best friend and he even wrote some songs to comfort me when I split up from my ex. In a given day when we have a serious fight the band will be over. Nothing more depressing than those bands where members offend each other through newspapers, but get together once in a while to release a mediocre CD.

VEJA: Does Bono really want to save the world or is he just posing?

Edge: He has already been more like a believer. Bono was running the risk of becoming like a caricature of a saint, but heīs more down to earth today. But if he wants to use his charisma to help people, why not doing so? Heīs good at it. Rare are celebrities who get to be heard by political leaders the way Bono does.

VEJA: Did Bonoīs extra curricular activities ever spoiled things for the band or were on its way?

Edge: I think they help in fact. Politics drives Bono to create good lyrics. Besides that heīs an extremely disciplined person. He always saves some time for U2.

VEJA: You are father of three teenagers. Do you try to have control about what they listen to at home?

Edge: I get concerned. I think it would be good if record companies were more careful about the work and songs they release. But donīt ask me to say bad things about lyrics like Eminemīs ones. I donīt believe, as an artist, that I should say a word about what others should write or not. Fortunetaly, my girls are fans of good rock and roll. They have been on a punk rock phase lately.

Thatīs it.


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Old 11-03-2002, 07:43 AM   #2
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Thanks for this post!

Edge is da man!!!

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Thank you for posting this follower..he is such a sweet, thoughtful man.

I LOVE reading Edge interviews..Bono gets enough attention already
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I could understand all of that, follower! Thanks for taking the time to translate for us
bonosloveslave [at]
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awww Edgy, he's such a gentleman.

Thank You follower for the great translation!
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Thanks follower! I think you did a great job translating, every sentence makes perfect sense!
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Thanks girls...and guys

Not a big deal anyways...just a few questions...but I liked what he said about Bono and their friendship, something that has always amazed me.

It seems that his girls have good taste.
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Originally posted by NicaMom
awww Edgy, he's such a gentleman.

I know!!!!

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