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Another Chicago Thread - I've never been this lucky!

This is a bit long so be warned.... and I apologizing for posting this twice but I know that not everyone ventures over to PLEBA

Well you all know by now that LadyLemon, the POPWhore and myself had quite the time out in Chicago. Monday nights GA was just plain old awesome - then to top it off April and Kristina got Larry's sticks. After we all stopped jumping up and down and squealing like a bunch of 12 year olds ( ) we started out of the heart - I looked over at the stage and noticed Dallas giving out pics so I went charging over there like Terminator Girl and was able to get a Bono pic Just one of those nights that seemed totally surreal... I couldnt get over the fact that I was as close to them as I was. I love the fact that Adam seems to make eye contact with everyone in the audience at least once.

Then as some of you may also know - the next morning I get a call on my cell phone from a woman from Electric Artists telling me that she has put my name on a list at the door for photo passes!! Now a few months ago I sent out about a hundred letters and emails to PM etc... asking about getting these. I didnt in a million years expect to get them, but I did! So basically what happened was I was able to go down to the heart for the first three songs of the setlist and take as many pictures as I possibly could, and I was positioned between the rail inside the heart and the ramp. While I was waiting through the beatles songs before the band came out I was like a little kid... touching the red walkway etc...things I couldnt do from inside the heart. I was talking with fans in the heart for a little bit too - basically telling them how I got the passes, how nervous I was etc, and giving them my email address for the pics once I get them up. Let me tell you, I was a complete and total nervous wreck. But But BUT! Talk about being close to the action... when things started I was so busy at first jumping up and down and woohooing along with elevation that I had to contain myself and get cracking with the camera I was running all along the length of the heart taking the pictures... I went through about 4 rolls of film and I really truly think that I got some great shots... even if I get one or two - it will be worth it I think I used a whole roll of film on the bull fight alone. The thing that was so unbelievable was just how close I was to Bono and the Edge at the tip of the heart, I've been in the heart before and this was even closer - believe me it took every last ounce of willpower that I had to not reach out and grab one of them. Bono looked right down at me at one point, and of course the camera wouldnt go off (probably because the photographer was SHAKING)- but still I really cant complain. Plus I was able to get some good ones of Larry too I think which has always been kind of hard before since the drum kit has always been in the way. I'm in the midst of putting a web site together , and once it's set and the pics are developed I'll put up a link!!! Sorry for rambling on and on but this was kind of like a small dream come true for me! Ok, I'm done now! lol

"Edge, it's you she's you!...I know him! He's in my band!" Bono - Zoo Boston, 1992
- Kathleen -

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