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Originally posted by Reggie Thee Dog
I agree that Bono and Larry sing backup on Numb, there is no doubting that. I've known that since it came out in 1993, but what I am saying is that in this new mix of Numb that they have added Adam saying, not singing, 'I Feel Numb'. It's not Larry's vocal, which is clearly audible, but a fourth vocal that I am positive is Adam's. When I listen to the new mix with my headphones, in the right channel, when Larry sings his part you can hear another voice, less audible, that says 'I Feel Numb', and it sounds very much like Adam.

I read the credits on the Best Of CD, and it only credits Bono and Larry, but I swear I hear Adam. I could be completely off my rocker, but I'm convinced!!
Exactly what I meant when I started this thread. The fourth voice was saying, "I feel numb..." almost the same time as Larry sings his part. I just listened to it again this morning. The only dispute is that we aren't sure if it really IS Adam. IMO, it does sound like him, but who knows.

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The low voice thingy is in the original mix as well, you just have to have ears of a bat to hear it (or a frog it seems).

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Originally posted by Reggie Thee Dog
C'mon now, it IS Adam coming out of the right channel. Very monotone, very flat saying "I feel numb". Larry's is sung in the left channel, and Bono's is unmistakeable.

Listen to Adam's vocal in Your Blue Room and then listen to the right channel of the new Numb mix. It's definitely him.
No, they sampled that bit off the Soul Assassins Remix. Whoever's voice that is on the Remix, they sampled that over onto this new version. I'm pretty sure it is not Adam, or they would've given him credit in the album, and Bono would've said something about all 4 members singing different parts at once.

Also, Adam sung backing vocals on the song they did on the Simpsons, his voice can clearly be heard.

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