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Old 08-10-2005, 03:05 PM   #41
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Dont give up on Kid A, RA-D. I flat out hated it and vowed to sell it back to a used cd store after my first listen. For some reason I kept on trying to figure out what everyone else had seen in it, and one day I did. My "musical palatte" was probably as changed from getting into this album as any other I can think of at the moment.

That being said, no biggie if you never get into it. Just enjoy what you like!

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although having only just reread the rules, and remembering that you all hate Creep, I'll go for the following (yes, I know I'm 3 months late for the whole competition thing):

1. 2+2=5
2. There There
3. Just
4. Knives Out
5. Palo Alto
6. Trickster
7. Bones
8. Lucky
9. Paranoid Android
10. Electioneering
11. Planet Telex
12. Polyethelene (part 2 only)
13. My Iron Lung
14. Karma Police
15. Street Spirit

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first listen: Hated it, gave it back to the guy who I borrowed it from

second listen: Bought it in a fit of madness on a 3 for 2 offer, took it back to the shop and swapped it for Gold Against The Soul by the Manic Street Preachers, never regretted that.

third listen: someone recently gave me a copy. I finally managed to listen to The National Anthem all the way though on the Glastonbury DVD but it still irritated me. I liked the start of Everything In Its Right Place on an acoustic French show I acquired somewhere but couldn't get any further than the repetition of the line 'woke up sucking a lemon'. Have any of you got any good studio-esque acoustic versions, I have the three b-sides, Street Spirit, Fake Plastic Trees and (forgotten the other) that were on an OK Computer single but am looking for others. How is the first album rated by you guys, I'm wondering if I should buy it on eBay.

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