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New Album

When you buy an new album how do you listen to it for the first time?

Try to play it all of the way through? Skip around? Head for the first single? Dont play it right way?

Have any of you ever had an album that they couldnt finish the first time around but then grew to love?

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I listen to it straight through, ASAP.

I always finish an album to give it a fair judgement, but I remember being kind of put off by The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free. Then I decided to give it another chance and listened to it straight through again one dark, rainy night while driving...and I realized just what a great damn album it is.

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Hey Tarvark, the guy with name that sounds like mine!

I just whack it on and listen to it in full, to hear everything at once. Always seems to work for me!
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listen to it all the way through, maybe several times
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Originally posted by Aardvark747

I just whack it

Seriously though, folks. You gotta listen to it all the way through at least twice before you skip around.
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I prefer not to really love any of the singles on a album before listening to it, give the other songs a chance, because because I loved every single from Greendays album so much every song after Boulevard of broken dreams, feels like a filing up space before wake me up when september ends. But when i bought HTDAAB, i hadn't listened to any of the songs, I didn't want to hear Vertigo, I heard Vertigo for the first time at 9am Christmas Morning, and I listened to the whole album and still do.
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All the way through at least once.
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All the way through.

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All the way though. Preferably alone and through decent headphones. Depending on the band possibly in a chemically altered state. Not doing anything else -- just just sit back, close my eyes and listen. Loud. If I like it -- repeat the steps just listed several times.

And if it's a band I know already or a band that comes very highly recommended by a few trusted individuals, I also prefer to not have heard any songs on the album prior to hearing the whole thing. It just makes for a better listening experience to me.

Originally posted by Tarvark
Have any of you ever had an album that they couldnt finish the first time around but then grew to love?
Yeah. Several years ago I found a cassette of Priest = Aura by The Church at Goodwill for 25 cents. I was so excited to find a Church album that I immediately popped it into my car stereo as the guy I was seeing at the time and I ran errands. Big mistake. Not only was the car stereo quite poor, but the guy was being his usual whiny bastard self, so I just didn't get anything out of the album.

A few months later I listened to the album again -- on a decent portable cassette player (still not great, but a whole lot better than the one in my poor car) and without the whiny bastard. And I thought "Wow, this is good!" so I listened to it again, and again, and again. It's one of my very favorite Church albums now(and therefore one of my favorites overall as well).
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I listen to it all the way through twice, then start skipping the songs i don't like
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I sometimes get this annoying urge where I think "OK, I'm enjoying this song, I can listen to it later, I want to know what's next and I want to know now!" So yeah, sometimes I skip simply because curiousity gets to me too much.
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Listen to the album as a whole. Over and over and over. I know on first listen, I wasn't so sure about HTDAAB, but I had to hear it a lot before I could give it the

Even now, I generally don't skip around CDs. I push play and let it go. Unless of course you have the urge to hear a particular song at a particular moment. Which reminds me...
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I always listen all the way through the first time, but after that I'm sometimes a bad girl and skip tracks if I'm listening while driving or something. If I've got music on in the background while I'm on the computer I'll just let the whole thing play without skipping.

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