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Originally posted by Irvine511

this is very sad news, but the above bears repeating. just because you are on drugs does not mean that you are unbeatable.

from 1973 until 1990, the East German women were thoroughly dominant in swimming, and every last one of them was drugged -- by the State, many of the athletes had no real idea, and they were told that the West was doping anyway, so nothing to feel bad about -- and every last East German record in women's swimming has been relegated to the dustbin in history. in fact, the longest standing records in either men's or women's swimming are Janet Evans's distance freestyle records set in 1988/89 that existed until 2006 (400m), 2007 (1500m) and she still holds the world record in the 800 that's been around since 1989. and it was dramatic watching her win in 1988 -- she stood 5'3" and all of 101 lbs against East German women who were both a solid 6ft and more of all muscle, and she thrashed them. hard. three times.

drugs only get you so far. that's what kids need to learn. drugs aren't a replacement for heart, guts, soul, whatever you want to call it. did Marion Jones cheat? yes. should she be shamed? yes. does it mean that she was unbeatable? not by a long shot.
Remember those amazing results Chinese female athletes had a few years ago in the long runs in athletics ?

Sadly, in the competitive world of top level sports sometimes people will do anything to win.

Crack down on all the sports druggies (and the suppliers, above all), be it athletics,'s not just about setting an example and the issue of cheating, it's about letting them compete safely, and healthy. Denounce scores and strip the medals for the past decade or two if you have to, and start over.

The only other alternative - stop trying to catch everyone, it's like police vs criminals always one step ahead and just let everyone loose and use whatever they want - is too scary.

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I wasn't really up on what steroids do - thanks for clarifying

I just think though, is that it still takes away the pride of winning if you had to take something to make yourself better, that isn't natural etc.

But on the other hand, i also think athletes shouldn't be held up in such high regard - wow you can run 100 metres in under 10 seconds... or
wow you found a way to treat agressive cancers so people can live 10 to 15 more years etc

bring on the sexy researcher/scientist idolisation!

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