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Originally posted by Pinball Wizard
On a technical note, I can't seem to get the latest episode "Attack of the Shirtless Maestros (Now with Bonus Shirts)" to work.

yeah i accidentally only pasted half the url into the rss feed... it should work now!!

glad to see my thread is causing a real movement here.. that's not bowel!

also.. if otto can blatantly advertise for products on the site i can goddamn advertise free shit.

additionally my show already legally airs on the radio and is streamed legally on the internet.. so hopefully the podcast doesn't cause some copyright fiasco.

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Originally posted by LemonMelon

Romo's going to be needing some glue for those field goals.
Tony Romo Regrets Eating Greasy Fried Chicken During Crucial Field-Goal Attempt

DALLAS—Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, whose bobbling of the snap on a crucial fourth-quarter field goal ended the season for Dallas, took full responsibility for the gaffe Wednesday by admitting he should not have been eating a bucket of grease-covered fried chicken while play was in progress. "I keep running through it in my mind—Martin Gramatica lines up the kick, I kneel and put down my bucket of chicken with my left hand, I transfer the chicken leg in my right hand to my mouth to hold it there, I signal for the snap, and the ball slips right off my fingers," Romo told reporters while cleaning out his locker at the Cowboy's practice facility. "It could easily have been the chicken grease, which sickens me—this was a play we'd run a hundred times in practice. But this time I let the chicken get in the way." Romo promised to make improving his ball- and fried-chicken-handling skills a priority in the offseason.

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Perhaps he was also distracted by pink elephants.
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Originally posted by snowbunny00774
If you put it in your Journal or sig or the links database it's cool though

Correct. People are not allowed to start threads that promote their own sites or podcasts or whatever.

Originally posted by Pinball Wizard

If anything, SkeeK is just promoting new music, which he has always done in this forum.
If anything, SkeeK is breaking the rules. We don't allow others to promote themselves like this, so it wouldn't be fair if we allowed him to as well.

Originally posted by LemonMelon
It would be quite cool if this thread slipped through the cracks and went unmoderated.
It would be cool if the moderators didn't notice and let a person break the rules, despite the fact that other people have their threads locked and links removed for the same reason? That wouldn't be quite cool, that would be quite unfair.

Originally posted by SkeeK

also.. if otto can blatantly advertise for products on the site i can goddamn advertise free shit.
I'm not positive, but I know in the past Elvis has posted about Otto, like when he had a special prints sale. Therefore, I think Elvis and Otto probably have sort of an agreement where Otto is allowed to post about his web site. You'd have to check with Elvis for sure on that.


Personally, I do not like shutting down threads like this. But I have to enforce the rules and be as fair as I possibly can.

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