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Help DATA - Maybe get some Live U2 Music

Some background first -- keep reading, it's worth it, I think.

A new webservice, eSwarm, allows registered users to start and participate in "swarms" -- a swarm is similar to an online auction, except that the swarm sets and fixes the price of a given product or service. For example, registered users can start a swarm for an MP3 player at $75 meaning the price you, and other swarmers are willing to pay is $75, and no more. If a business does not supply the swarm, you are not obligated to pay for anything - even if you joined a swarm.

The beauty of this? eSwarm allows the swarm to fix a percentage of the transaction to benefit a charity, group or cause -- think African Well Fund. If the total swarm ends up with 1,000 $75 MP3 players, then each user gets the MP3 player and, to continue the analogy, AFW would get 3% of $75,000.

Registration is free at *link removed by Sicy* users can swarm around any product or service, and they can benefit any charity, group or cause.

I have recently started a swarm for a product that does not exist -- 10 live shows from the Vertigo Tour -- that will benefit DATA. If enough people swarm, and the right person hears about this, maybe it works: swarmers get good music, DATA gets a generous dontation -- go to eSwarm and search for "U2" for details.

I'm posting this here cuz I beleive that many U2 fans could see this as a good way to purchase products or services with the bulk buying power of swarms and get the beneifit of helping their favorite cause; many U2 fans have been inspired by Bono; or have their own reasons for various philanthropies.

Please email at if you would like more information -- in case you are wondering, my role with eSwarm is simple -- I have provided them feedback on their business model and website and I have considered, but not committed to their next round of financing as a start up company.

Regards to all.

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1. Wrong forum.
2. This is probably spam, despite the intentions.

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Which forum then?

Though I understand your hypothesis, this is not spam -- been here for 5 years or so -- 420 or so posts.

Ask Axvar; that guy down under -- he knows my ID.

Just trying to help and to find a way to build awareness for a new vehicle that could be used to raise money.

email me --
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I'm sorry, I know it may be for a good cause, but we dont allow any type of advertising on the forums.

You can either post in your journal or if you were a premium member you could have a link in your signature.
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