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Originally posted by jimmmm

Actually THE VAST MAJORITY of the Utd fans were being showered with missiles of all kinds when the main trouble kicked off, roma fans surged towards the barrier separating the fans, Utd fans did likewise, Utd fans had their heads smashed in, roma fans didn't, WHY, I've stated in several threads before I'm not for 1 minute interested in defending hooligan behaviour, whether it be Utd fans, England, or any English club side, what sickens me to the pit of my stomach is seeing INNOCENT, (& the vast majority of Utd fans on Weds. night were INNOCENT) fans have the living shit kicked out of them, & on top of that have every man & his F***ING dog defend the TWATS responsible for legelised assault, LETS ALL be absolutely honest about this now, IF those scenes were replicated in ENGLAND by the old bill, or any set of fans, the wingebags around Europe would be calling for ALL English club sides to be banned, & have the national team banned as well, no ifs or buts, & I for 1 am sick of England being made a scapegoat for violence around the continent. Decades ago it WAS A MAJOR problem in England, and the nation as a whole rightly paid a price for it, probably too late, but a price we paid, & since then by & large its a problem that has been controlled at least at club level(I'm not talking about the knobheads who follow the national team) & the fans of those clubs should be treated more humanely when following their teams abroad,

1 more piece from the article I posted earlier;

* The Telegraph:

At 8.30am yesterday morning, Michael Skarratt, 51, woke up in his hospital ward here to find an enraged Roma fan staring at him.

"I was just putting on my T-shirt," said Mr Skarratt, a Manchester United season ticket holder who was taken to the San Pietro hospital after being stabbed in the left buttock before the match on Wednesday night.

"He was all messed up, his nose had been broken. He started screaming at me in Italian, with some English swear words mixed in. Then he spat in my face. I was shaking with fear. Luckily after a while he went away."

Now the door to the end of Mr Skarratt's ward is locked shut. His wife, Linda, and his 26-year-old daughter, Nicola, were by his bedside.

Mr Skarratt's wound is a favourite of the Roma Ultra, who believe that a bottom wound humiliates their victims, who are unable to sit down during their recovery. Unfortunately, since he was taking anti-coagulants for a heart condition, doctors were unable to stem his bleeding until early yesterday morning.

I suppose Mr Skarratt is a typical English thug who deserved not only to have his head caved in at the match, but then deserved to be frightened shitless & spat at in his hospital bed HEY.

Stop DEFENDING the DEFENCELESS, open your eyes & let the BASTARDS know that kind of behaviour SHOULD NOT be allowed in a supposed CIVILIZED society, before some poor innocent FOOTBALL fan goes to a match never to return, no-one wants a return to that !
I have absolutely nothing to say re: european football, but I'm gonna be the voice of reason here (how often does THAT happen?? ) before a mod steps in and tell you that you have got to chill the fuck out, man.




And cut the thinly-veiled prejudice against "continentals" while you're at it.


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Details surface in Italian fan shooting

The Canadian Press
11/13/2007 9:47:14 AM

ROME - The police officer who fatally shot an Italian soccer fan last weekend fired with his arm outstretched - suggesting that the gun did not discharge accidentally as initial reports indicated, Italy's interior minister said Tuesday.

In a briefing to Parliament, Interior Minister Giuliano Amato also announced another dozen arrests stemming from the riots that erupted across Italy as fans attacked police stations after the officer fatally shot 26-year-old Gabriele Sandri on Sunday.

Sandri, a disc jockey from Rome, was sitting in a car stopped at a highway rest area near Arezzo in Tuscany when he was shot in the neck. Initial reports said police had intervened to stop a scuffle between Sandri's group of Lazio fans - headed to see their club play at Inter Milan - and a group of Juventus fans, also travelling north to see their team play.

Reports initially said police fired warning shots into the air, and that "it was possible that firing in the air while (the officer) ran, a second shot came out while his arm was down because he was running," Amato said.

But "now it seems definitively established that the shot came with his arms outstretched from the other side of the highway," he said. "It remains to be understood why."

Amato said the officer should have put his pistol back in his holster after the first warning shot.

The officer has been placed under investigation for possible manslaughter.

Sandri's death forced the postponement of two matches last Sunday and the suspension of another as clashes erupted in cities including Milan and Bergamo.

Enraged by the shooting, rioters smashed windows and hurled stones at police cars. In the capital, fans rioted into the night, setting trash bins and police vans on fire.

Amato said a total of four people had been arrested in Rome, five people in Taranto, six in Milan and seven in Bergamo - and that more arrests were expected. He noted that prosecutors in Rome were considering terrorism charges against the four Roman suspects.

Amato said the fans' violent response to the shooting showed they were just looking for an excuse to attack police, still enraged by security measures imposed following the February death of policeman Filippo Raciti during soccer violence in Sicily.

"Now there's a new reason for a vendetta, for hatred against the police," he said.

Amato confirmed that the reports of a fan scuffle at the rest stop had reached the Arezzo police station, but that it wasn't clear if the patrols at the scene had been informed of the fight.

Reports on Monday suggested the shooting might not been prompted by a fan scuffle at all.

"It's also possible that the patrols acted before receiving the news," Amato said. "We don't know, I confess, if the young police officer who fired knew that there was a fight between fans, or perhaps he was thinking about something else."

Amato defended the measures taken by police in the aftermath of the shooting, saying their restraint avoided a "true massacre." He also said the decision to allow most games to continue as scheduled following the shooting was correct since a flat-out cancellation of all Sunday matches would have provoked even more serious fan violence.

On Monday, the soccer federation said it would suspend this Saturday's games.

A national watchdog body for soccer violence also announced that some fans would be blocked from traveling to certain games. The agency labels games by risk level, and visiting fans will be barred from travelling to high-risk matches until a system of fan identity cards can be instituted, it said.


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this shouldn't generalize italian fans...these are facist and communist "ultras" groups who wear team colors so they can pick a fight, its disgusting. I'm a lifelong Fiorentina fan, but I go to the stadium to support my team, not screw around and fight. It was wrong to schedule games that day and it should have been postponed, but these so called "fans" make me sick.
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Italian football is starting to get a really bad name for this. especially after the catania game last year where the policeman was killed. i think the government needs to do something about these "ultras". i'm not sure what though, i can't imagine these groups ever really dissappearing.

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