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Old 05-17-2003, 12:23 AM   #1
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ever been on stage?

Let's see...

at 7 I was the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.
at 8 I had to do stand-up comedy (horrible jokes)
at 11 I was doing some weird thing for our National Day celebrations (something to do with waving a flag which is horrifically ironic considering I'm just a Permanent Resident)
at 13 I was an extra in our adaptation of 'Romeo + Juliet'...I had the crap beaten out of me by Mercutio's gang
at 14 I played the lead in a pseudo-intellectual play I co-wrote regarding urban isolation and alienation - I represented the rural farmer which was being eradicated by urban migration and things like that...no one understood it.
and this year I played my first female role (I'm in an all-boys high school).


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Does it count that between the ages of 13 and 19 I was in my skating club's annual ice show? If yes...

13- Chop Suey
14- Flight of the Ewoks
15- Sparklers precision team (Tea for Two)
Wild, Wild West
Stand By Me
16- Sparklers precision team (Ragtime music)
Stars and Stripes
Cherokee People
17- The Ultimate Edge precision team (Gypsy music)
Shake Your Tail Feathers
Be Our Guest
18- The Ultimate Edge precision team (see above; uncreative coach)
Merit Solo (Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone... )
Yellow Submarine
19- Superettes senior precision skating team (short program- Paso Doble from Saturday Night Fever; long program The Storm)

I was also the Three Cornered Pig in my kindergarten play and Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood in second grade.

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Old 05-17-2003, 01:09 AM   #3
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summer camp production of Grease when I was 14. I was an extra and had to dance and hold hands with a boy who was at least a foot taller than me if not more.

I think that's about it.
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yes as a child, a teenager and when i was in college.
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Old 05-17-2003, 02:48 AM   #5
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Yeah, for various music related things from childhood through early college.
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Old 05-17-2003, 02:56 AM   #6
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--10th, 11th grades high school chorus final exam
--russian club music fest (russian club choir) 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades
--11th grade russian club music fest guitar accompaniment for someone who wanted to sing something, but not accapella
--some mickey mouse birthday party play when i was in 5th grade
--wizard of oz thing in 4th grade
--little engine that could play in 1st grade

numerous chorus concerts from 10th-12th grade and 2 in 4th grade

5th and 6th grade school band concerts

piano recital when i was 10, and another when i was 11
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Yep. I was in a couple plays in 7th and 8th grade (best supporting actor in 7th! ), then I was in the big talent show production in 11th (solo piano) and 12th grade (piano with a friend dancing). I was on stage plenty of times in college - countless choir concerts and smaller piano recitals, several competitions, accompanying a few friends for their string recitals, plus my own two solo piano recitals.

Since college the closest thing I've done to being on stage is providing the music for my brother's wedding.

I was never nervous acting on stage or being part of an ensemble on stage, but performing solo terrified me at first. The first few times my foot would shake almost uncontrollably the entire time I was at the piano.
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Old 05-17-2003, 06:52 AM   #8
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Big Grin

Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle
and this year I played my first female role (I'm in an all-boys high school).
Very cool!!!!

I did a grade school version of "Wizard of Oz"
High school I did "Bye Bye Birdie" and Grease"

Since, I have done some public speaking and improv.

I want to do more improv. I will probally take a class when I move back to Minneapolis.
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Old 05-17-2003, 08:42 AM   #9
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3 - On an episode of "Duck Duck Goose" in Miami

5 - Played the part of Mary in a Christmas Pageant

13 - School talent show; numerous productions for drama class

14 - Drama productions; church youth group plays & talent shows

15 - Drama productions; more youth group plays

16 - Lead in school play

17 - Lead in school movie
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I was the bar tender in three straight school musicals...each story had a barman, lol.

Oh and I played 'Alderman Greedy' of Hamelin in a primary school play about the pied piper.
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My 3 years of high school being in an all girls chrous group, we would sing twice a year. At Christmas and a Spring concert.
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Never as a student.

Now, I am on stage nearly every weekend for Sunday school dramas.
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I performed in choir concerts every year I was in school. My senior year of high school, I was in a small singing group in school that was one of those audition-only groups. I was thrilled I had gotten in...I'd always wanted to try but was too chicken until my senior year. In my junior year, I was in The Sound Of Music. I also was in a skit for the Shakespeare Festival during my freshman year.

While it wasn't onstage, I also sang the national anthem at a basketball game. That was the largest group I ever sang acapella for. I don't think I have that voice in me anymore...I'm out of practice.

I miss performing!
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at] interference.com
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I know i did more but the ones that stand out for me are these...I took this drama shit really seriously.

10th grade:

My friend and I did Lie of the Mind for a 2 person serious for Drama Festival...took 3rd place out of 90 high schools.
Hey I can act!

11th grade:

Did a musical called Working. I didnt sing. I was an extra I guess. I was one of those trucker whores who just danced around. I didnt get to do much that year.

12th Grade:

I directed and also played a part in Extremities. I had to cut it down to 20 minutes for a certain scene for a grade to finish out high school. I chose to do the fireplace scene. My lead won for best actress, while I was nominated for Best Director. I didnt get it, but I still think this is one of the best accomplishments I have ever pulled because of the controversy I caused in high school.

Aahhh the memories!
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Old 05-17-2003, 10:56 AM   #15
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Yes early childhood till now!

let me see:

1st grade - Sang at a Christmas pageant
2nd grade - perform ballet Ballet folklorico
3rd- Play "Various short stories"
4th grade - Talent Show *singing*
5th grade - School Play
7th grade- Play performance (Some Ancient Greek play)
10th grade - Small part in a school play


Freshman year: small role in a school play
Somphomore Year: Performed a play in front of so many people.... I played an angel! I looked so cute with my wings and halo!

That's all I can remember!
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Old 05-17-2003, 12:22 PM   #16
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in high school and college. i loved it.
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Old 05-17-2003, 12:36 PM   #17
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-3 concerts a year from 7th grade through 12th grade for the middle school and then high school band
-3 concerts a year from 10th through 12th grade for high school symphonic winds... the "advanced" band, whatever that means
-i did the public address for our high school football games in 11th and 12th grades
-p.a. for long island class a lacrosse championships in 12th grade (was held at my high school)
-gave a presentation at the honors conference in college in front of about 700 or so
-every summer i give lectures to about eh... 350-400 kids at a basketball camp... not exactly a stage per say, but close enough

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