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Old 12-06-2002, 04:45 PM   #21
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Telemarketers show up as "Unknown" on our Caller ID. Problem is, there are some of our relatives who call and come up as "Unknown" that sucks.

I like to use funny accents or pretend that I'm my dad when they ask for him or use a really sexy voice.

"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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wink you wish you had my numba

Originally posted by deep

i got ur numba

I'll numba your face

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Old 12-09-2002, 07:40 AM   #23
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Originally posted by icelle

it was probably me who said it was a hard job. i worked as a telemarketer for the local newspaper. i was supposed to be there for a month before they decide to keep me permanent. they dumped my ass after a week and a half. it was a hard job and would never recommend that job to anyone unless that person enjoys verbal abuse from people they don't know.

Hey Icelle? Did they do it cause u werent 'selling urself' well?

(u know what I mean!)

I know pple have rang me at work, and one time it pissed me off that I hadnt even requested or ordered anything from them and within 10 mins of talking to them they were already into my address and how many they were sending! I always say Ive spoken to those companies who ring maybe after 3 months, and ask to be taken off database, but I bet they dont, I mean, I hear a lot of telemarketers work on commission, so I guess they try and try again to sell their must def. be a hard job, cause yes, for two things; to sell, and then you're also seen as the enemy.....the pain in the ass.......the scum bum.....the whole heap......

Normally I cant stand tele sales, but then, I have to try and view it from their point, they HAVE to be that way................I feel for them sometimes.................
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Old 12-10-2002, 11:58 PM   #24
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yeah, some of those guys were real mean! they would do that on purpose!

i can understand why some people dont like telemarketers because they can be too pushy or they don't know how to say their potential customers' names right, or they called at the wrong time...i had the daytime shift so i rarely had that problem. but to be flat out rude for no reason was just a good way to fuck up my day right there.

if it helps any, i was never pushy like that, i was always polite, and if i couldnt pronounce anyone's last name, i would just ask for the owner of the house, and for example, just ask for nancy, or i would just spell out their last name on the phone so that way i won't get in trouble with them. it worked most of the time. sometimes i buy from telemarketers too.
after all, i was on the other end too at one time.
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Old 12-11-2002, 05:32 AM   #25
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I dont know if it just me, the area I live in, or if I have bought something recently that has had my details sold to every bloody marketing company in this country, but there has been an increase in them lately. I have the mortgage people down pat "No, I'm a financial adviser, I dont want a mortgage assessment thanks." The security firms "No, I'm a cop, I dont need a back to base security system installed thanks" I am of course neither of these occupations. I am however not working now as of last week due to the baby, and unfortunately or fortunately, depending, we have previously almost always given to charities who ring asking for donations. Now I tell them the truth, but I am thinking I need something more foolproof than the honest truth cos just the other day I got a wonderful call from CareFlight.
Him: "Hi this is blaaaaaaaaaaaah [droned on for half an hour]
Me: "Unfortunately, we have gone down to a single income, baby due etc, cannot support your cause at this stage...thanks for calling"
Him: "Oh but wait! its a great're expecting? Oh congratulations! Hmm, well.... Wouldn't you be thinking right now that you hope YOU never need CareFlight for your baby?"
Me: "I beg your gawdamn pardon?"
Him: "Well, look at it this way too, this soft teddy we are selling would make a lovely Christmas present too for a new baby!"
Me: ".....Like I said....we cannot afford to give any money right now......"
Him: "......Its only $50 too for the smaller bear!"

I hung up on him. I could count on one hand the number of times I have hung up on someone. As annoying as I find these people, I know they are simply employees, they are trying to earn a living, but when they dont listen and use tactics like "I hope you never require CareFlight" ...... I hate hanging up on people, it is so rude. But this agressive selling is out of control. If they aren't ringing up to 5 times a day, they door knock and refuse to leave.

Hate them all.

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