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Old 11-04-2002, 01:24 PM   #1
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Does anyone collect stamps?

I bought a sheet of the U2 stamps when I was in Ireland. I'd really like to frame it, but I know there are important things to do to make sure you don't ruin the stamps. I've been trying to call shops around Seattle, but I was wondering if any Interferencers could help me as well.

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U said stamps....I collect them and want to transfer my stamps to more long term storage....which is expensive. I've never framed any so can't help you there. Acid-free backing paper would be a start I suppose.
I had a session with my stamps a couple of weks ago for the first time in years. I love them, the art, the history , the culture. What is on the U2 stamps? Can you scan them? Was the Bono stamp ever released?
I have the Australian Rock n Roll and Rock music series, they came already in a display folder. There are so many issued these days. I'm becoming freinds with the guy at the post office. I go there to drool at first day covers. he knows now I am not going to steal anything.
Sorry I can't help, just wanted to say, enjoy them. Maybe look on the internet. I once tried to join a philatery class that was advertised in the paper. I was the only one who enrolled. Funny about that

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I found out that if you frame them, they will be damaged by the light that comes through the frame. So it's either ruin the value and frame them, or preserve them, but not have them on display.
Acid free paper, like the kind for scrapbooking with photos?
The U2 stamp is what some people called the "bono stamp"...but it's an awesome photo of the guys.
I want to keep them in good I guess they can't be on display...
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i used to. i have a lot of the old bloopers of the american postal service, thanks to my great grandfather (r.i.p.) who gave me a lot of them, and even more (his entire collection, actually) when he died a few years ago.

even though i'm sure i have thousands of dollars of stuff, like several copies of that infamous upside down airplane stamp, i'd never sell them.
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How are they stored?? In a box? Wrapped in paper? Sheet protectors?
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