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Old 04-21-2005, 09:46 AM   #181
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He said in an interview the other day that he has a personal trainer-that just made me

I don't mean to be prejudiced against the guy because of his weight, I really couldn't care less. And maybe the rest is all muscle except for his lil belly

As long as he keeps winning I don't care if he gets up to 400 lbs

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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
He said in an interview the other day that he has a personal trainer-that just made me
Yeah, well, it takes serious discipline to be able to drink enough beer to accumulate a midsection that large.

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Originally posted by speedracer

Yeah, well, it takes serious discipline to be able to drink enough beer to accumulate a midsection that large.
damn skippy
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Nomaahhh's done for at least 2-3 months, groin muscle tear, pulled right off the bone. (Note to self, refrain from using "groin" and "bone" in the same sentence when referring to other men)

My guess is he's done for the season, and his career is way on the downside, don't think he's ever gonna be close again to the player he was in 1999 and 2000.
Should have taken the Sox' 4 yr $60Million offer in the 2003-2004 offseason, right now the Cubs are regretting shelling out $8Mil for 1 year, and my guess is Nomie may be lucky to get about $3mil next year if he can heal. Mia may have to unretire.
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Old 04-21-2005, 11:29 AM   #185
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my guess is he signs on to play second for the spankmees next year
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Nomaahhh's done for at least 2-3 months, groin muscle tear, pulled right off the bone.
Ouch! That sucks. The Cubbies are my 2nd fave team, mainly because of Mark Prior (Go Trojans!) Anyways, looks like that holy water isn't working. At this point, I think I believe in the curse.

PS: Dodgers are now 12-2
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Old 04-21-2005, 12:50 PM   #187
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Dodgers are not just winning, but they are finding every way possible to get it done. Penny, Gagne missing and still all this? Very exciting for SoCal baseball.

Too bad about Nomar, Cubs are really a tender, brittle team. Hope Prior stays healthy, pleasure watching him pitch.

Smoltz looked great today, he's still got electric stuff.

My Yankees depress me, I'm glad I love not just the Yanks, but the sport on the whole.
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Quick question...

When you're 6-6 on the year with a walk, and you have socred only 1 run....and that came on a solo HR....does your team suck? I'm thinking maybe they do.

Or it could mean I'm really really slow. Damn.
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now that's the al leiter i know and love...

walk cliff floyd... floyd steals second... david wright walks, give up a bloop bunt basehit to ramon castro load the bases and give up a grand slam to a lefty mientkiewicz...

followed up with another walk to diaz, a sac bunt by pedro, a bloop double for reyes to score another run... opposite field by matsui to make it first and third... sac fly by beltran brings reyes home and moves matsui to second, bringing... ta da... cliff floyd, who drives in matsui with a broken bat basehit to center... who proceeds to steal second base... again... and wright grounds out to end the inning.

ahhh yes... memories of al's days with the mets... 7 runs in an inning, 60 pitches through 2. ahhh yes.
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Pedro is off to a good start this year with the Mets, but so far, I'd say the Red Sox starting rotation is holding up quite well...
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Apparently Pedro's velocity is back in the mid 90's on a consisitent basis...he could end up as the steal of the free agency class of 2005 if it keeps up.
He's definitely already looking like the favorite for NLCS.

Meanwhile, the Orioles' lineup which had been pummeling pitchers from Randy Johnson to Cy Young, was just shutout back to back by David Wells and Matt Clement (each with an inning of bullpen help), so the Red Sox free agent pitching acquisitions don't look too shabby at this early juncture of the season.

Anyone in the fantasy league want to trade for Nomar??...anyone?....I'll take a water bottle and a rosin bag.
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Old 04-22-2005, 05:13 AM   #192
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Pedro-who's that?

Every time I go to Modells, they still have 5 dollar Pedro t-shirts that they can't get rid of
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oh and I'd like to add a quote I read from Pedro in an interview a couple of weeks ago, I think it was NY Post-whatever Pedro I wish him well, but come on

"I speak from my heart. I’m honest. I can’t be any other way. But yes, there were actually two things I’ve said that I’ve come to regret. The first, when I called the Yankees my daddy. I was feeling it that night so I said it, but I was saying it more for my team, than for me. I was feeling like I could not beat them because my team was not helping me."

Poor Pedro
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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
Pedro-who's that?
one of the greatest pitchers of all time
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as long as he can stay healthy, i do believe pedro will win the NL Cy Young this year... why? simple...

he's comming from fenway park, one of the best hitter's parks in all of baseball... where he had a career ERA of like 2.40... to shea stadium... one of the best pitcher's parks in all of baseball.

it's much easier to pitch in the NL than it is in the AL...

3/4s of the guys he'll be facing in the NL have never faced him and/or haven't faced him often and/or haven't faced him in 8+ years.

and to think... just last year he was mollesting collies
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Old 04-22-2005, 09:33 AM   #196
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I still wanna see Nelson riding on top of that big apple that pops up after a home run.
That should have been worked into Pedro's contract.
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Originally posted by Hewson
I still wanna see Nelson riding on top of that big apple that pops up after a home run.
That should have been worked into Pedro's contract.
i'd like to see nelson dressed up as mr. met... i shall call him... mini mr. met
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Old 04-22-2005, 10:58 AM   #198
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I think they're feuding..

What ever happened to Nelson de la Rosa [Pedro’s midget pal who became a sort of locker room personality with the Red Sox]?

Nelson needs help. He is a special human being. I haven’t seen him in a while.

But he says you broke his heart.

He was angry that I signed with the Mets. He wanted me to stay with Boston
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Old 04-22-2005, 12:03 PM   #199
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i'd just like to present the 1999 draft for you... i didn't realize this before i read it today. twas amazed...

1. Tampa Bay, Josh Hamilton, rf-lhp, Athens Drive HS, Raleigh, N.C.

2. Florida, Josh Beckett, rhp, Spring (Texas) HS.

3. Detroit, Eric Munson, c, Southern California, San Diego.

4. Arizona, Corey Myers, ss, Desert Vista HS, Phoenix.

5. Minnesota, Brandon Garbe, of, Moses Lake (Wash.) HS.

6. Montreal, Josh Girdley, lhp, Jasper (Texas) HS.

7. Kansas City, Kyle Snyder, rhp, North Carolina, Sarasota, Fla.

8. Pittsburgh, Robert Bradley, rhp, Wellington (Fla.) Community S.

9. Oakland, Barry Zito, lhp, Southern California, El Cajon, Calif.

10. Milwaukee, Ben Sheets, rhp, Northeast Louisiana, St. Amant, La.

11. Seattle, Ryan Christiansen, c, Arlington HS, Riverside, Calif.

12. Philadelphia, Brett Myers, rhp, Englewood HS, Jacksonville, Fla.

13. Baltimore, Mike Paradis, rhp, Clemson, Auburn, Mass.

14. Cincinnati, Ty Howington, lhp, Hudson's Bay HS, Vancouver, Wash.

15. Chicago White Sox, Jason Stumm, rhp, Centralia (Wash.) HS.

16. Colorado, Jason Jennings, rhp, Baylor, Mesquite, Texas.

17. Boston (from Anaheim for Mo Vaughn), Eric Asadoorian, of, Northbridge HS, Whitinsville, Mass.

18. Baltimore (from St. Louis for Eric Davis), Richard Stahl, lhp, Newton HS, Covington, Ga.

19. Toronto, Alexis Rios, 3b, San Pedro Martin HS, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

20. San Diego (from Los Angeles for Kevin Brown), Vince Faison, cf, Toombs County HS, Lyons, Ga.

21. Baltimore (from Texas for Rafael Palmeiro), Larry Bigbie, rf, Ball State, Hobart, Ind.

22. Chicago White Sox (from New York Mets for Robin Ventura), Matthew Ginter, rhp, Mississippi State, Winchester, Ky.

23. Baltimore (from Cleveland for Roberto Alomar), Keith Reed, rf, Providence College, Yarmouth, Mass.

24. San Francisco, Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, LSU, Baton Rouge, La.

25. Kansas City (from Boston for Jose Offerman), Robert MacDougal, rhp, Wake Forest, Mesa, Ariz.

26. Chicago Cubs, Ben Christensen, rhp, Wichita State, Goddard, Kan.

27. New York Yankees, David Walling, rhp, Arkansas, Lakeside, Calif.

28. San Diego, Gerik Baxter, rhp, Woodsway HS, Edmonds, Wash.

29. San Diego (from Houston for Ken Caminiti), Omar Ortiz, rhp, Texas-Pan American, Brownsville, Texas.

30. St. Louis (from Atlanta for Brian Jordan), Chance Caple, rhp, Texas A&M, Southlake, Texas.

52. Tampa Bay, Carl Crawford, CF, Jefferson Davis HS, Houston

53. Florida, Terence Byron, RHP, Indian River CC

54. Kansas City, Brian Sanches, RHP, Lamar

55. Houston, James Perez, C, Seymour (Conn.) HS

56. Minnesota, Robert Bowen, C, Homestead HS, Fort Wayne, Ind.

57. Montreal, Brandon Phillips, 2B, Redan HS, Stone Mountain, Ga.

58. Kansas City, Wesley Obermueller, RHP, Iowa

59. Pittsburgh, Ryan Doumit, C, Moses Lake (Wash.) Sr HS

60. Oakland, Ryan Ludwick, OF, UNLV

61. Milwuakee, Joshua Johnson, C, Seminole St. College

62. San Francisco, John Thomas, LHP, Ernest Righetti HS, Orcutt, Calif.

63. Philadelphia, Jason Cooper, RF, Moses Lake (Wash.) Sr HS

64. Chicago (AL), Jonathan Wright, RHP, Arkansas

65. Cincinnati, Benjamin Broussard, 1B, McNeese St.

66. Chicago (AL), William Hill, SS, Miami

67. Colorodo, Ryan Kibler, RHP, King HS, Temple Terrace, Fla.

68. Anaheim, John Lackey, RHP, Grayson County College

69. Los Angeles, Brennan King, 3B, Oakland HS, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

70. Toronto, Michael Snyder, 3B-SS, Rueben Ayala HS, Chino Hills, Calif.

71. Arizona, Jeremy Ward, RHP, California St. U.

72. Texas, Nicholas Regilio, RHP, Jacksonville

73. New York (NL) Neal Musser, LHP, Benton Central Jr-Sr HS, Otterbein, Ind.

74. Cleveland, Will Hartley, C, Bradford HS, Starke, Fla.

75. San Francisco, Jack Taschner, LHP, Wisconsin

76. Boston, Mathew Thompson, RHP, Timberline HS, Boise, Idaho

77. Chicago (NL), Michael Mallory, CF, Dinwiddie (Va.) County Sr HS

78. New York (AL), Gary Winrow, CF, Bishop Verot HS, Fort Myers, Fla.

79. San Diego, Alberto Concepcion, 1B, El Segundo (Calif.) HS

80. Houston, Travis Anderson, RHP, Washington

81. Atlanta, Mattaues Butler, RHP, Hattiesburg (Miss.) HS

85. Tampa Bay, Douglas Waechter, RHP, Northeast Senior HS, St. Petersburg, Fla.

86. Florida, Joshua Wilson, SS, Mount Lebanon HS, Pittsburgh

87. Detroit, James Jenkins, 1B-3B, William T Dwyer HS, Jupiter, Fla.

88. Boston, Richard Rundles LHP, Jefferson County HS, New Market, Tenn.

89. Minnesota, Justin Morneau, C, New Westminster (B.C.)

90. Montreal, Andrew McMillan, C, El Dorado HS, Placentia, Calif.

91. Kansas City, Enrique Bengochea, RHP, Christopher Columbus HS, Miami

92. Pittsburgh, Gordon Weston, RF-CF, Solon (Ohio), HS

93. Oakland, Jorge Soto, C, Troy St.

94. Milwaukee, Ruddy Lugo, RHP, Xaverian HS, Brooklyn, N.Y.

95. Seattle, William Bloomquist, SS, Arizona St.

96. Philadelphia, Russell Jacobson, C, Miami

97. Seattle, Sheldon Fulse, SS, George Jenkins HS, Bartow, Fla.

98. Cincinnati, Brandon Love, RHP, Viola (Ark.) HS

99. Chicago (AL), Jon Rauch, RHP, Morehead St.

100. Colorado, Joshua Bard, C, Texas Tech

101. Anaheim, Philip Wilson, RHP, Poway HS, Ramona, Calif.

102. St. Louis, Brent Cook, RHP, Oregon St.

103. Toronto, Matthew Ford, LHP, Taravella HS, Tamarac, Fla.

104. Baltimore, Jonathan Kessick, C, Ball St.

105. Texas, Hank Blalock, SS, Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego

106. New York (NL), Jeremy Griffiths, RHP, Toledo

107. Cleveland, Eric Johnson, RF, Western Carolina

108. San Francisco, Sean McGowan, 1B, Boston College

109. Boston, Antron Seiber, CF, Independence (La.) HS

110. Chicago (NL), Ryan Gripp, SS, Creighton

111. New York (AL), Alex Graman, LHP, Indiana St.

112. San Diego, Joshua Vitek, RHP, Fayetteville (Texas) HS

113. Houston, James Barrett, RHP, Fort Hill HS, Cumberland, Md.

114. Atlanta, Patrick Manning, SS, Mater Dei HS, Anaheim Hills, Calif.

115. Tampa Bay, Alexander Santos, RHP, Miami

116. Florida, Dominic Woody, C, Washington

117. Detroit, Cody Ross, RF-CF, Carlsbad (N.M.) HS

118. Texas, Kevin Mench, RF, Delaware

119. Minnesota, Jeffrey Randazzo, LHP, Cardinal O'Hara HS, Broomal, Pa.

120. Montreal, Matthew Cepicky, LF, Southwest Missouri St.

121. Kansas City, Mackeel Rodgers, SS, Miami Jackson HS, US Virgin Islands.

122. Pittsburgh, Justin Reid, RHP, California

123. Oakland, Keith Surkont, RHP, Williams

124. Milwaukee, Travis Horne, LHP, First Coast HS, Jacksonville, Fla.

125. Seattle, Vaughn Schill, SS, Duke

126. Philadelphia, Brad Pautz, RHP, Minnesota

127. St. Louis, Benjamin Johnson, CF-RF, Germantown (Tenn.) HS

128. Cincinnati, Kenneth Lutz, RHP, Collinsville HS, Caseyville, Ill.

129. Chicago (AL), Brandon Sloan, RHP, Wichita St.

130. Colorado, Charles Crowder, LHP, Georgia Tech

131. Anaheim, Stanislaw Bukowski, RHP, Dunedin (Fla.) HS

132. St. Louis, James Journell, RHP, Illinois

133. Toronto, Brian Cardwell, RHP, Sapulpa HS, Kiefer, Okla.

134. Los Angeles, Joseph Thurston, SS, Sacramento CC

135. Texas, Christopher Jaile, C, Christopher Columbus HS, Miami

136. New York (NL), Angel Pagan, CF, Republica De Colombia, Rio Piedras, P.R.

137. Cleveland, Jeffrey Baker, SS, Gar-Field HS, Woodbridge, Va.

138. San Francisco, Jeremy Cunningham, RHP, California Poly

139. Boston, Rory Shortell, RHP, Madison HS, Portland, Ore.

140. Chicago (NL), Steven Smyth, LHP, Southern California

141. New York (AL), Robert Corrado, RHP, Oakwood HS, Dayton, Ohio

142. San Diego, Jason Moore, SS-2B, Texas

143. Houston, Jon Topolski, CF, Baylor

144. Atlanta, Sean Zumwalt, CF, East Forsyth Sr HS, Kernersville, N.C

145. Tampa Bay, Michael McClung, RHP, Greenbrier East HS, Lewisburg, W.Va.

146. Florida, Nathan Robertson, LHP, Wichita St.

147. Detroit, Dayle Campbell, RF, Los Angeles Pierce JC

148. San Diego, Christopher Heck, LHP, Clemson

149. Minnesota, Edward Schoening, RHP, Auburn

150. Montreal, Patrick Collins, RHP, St. John's

151. Kansas City, Kenneth Harvey, 1B, Nebraska

152. Pittsburgh, James House, C, Seabreeze HS, Ormond Beach, Fla.

153. Oakland, Darin Moore, RHP, Pacific

154. Milwaukee, Dustin Lansford, RHP, McLennan CC

155. Seattle, Clinton Nageotte, RHP, Brooklyn (Ohio) HS

156. Philadelphia, Joseph Saunders, LHP, West Springfield HS, Springfield, Va.

157. Texas, Andres Cavazos, RHP, Brazoswood HS, Clute, Texas

158. Cincinnati, Michael Esposito, RHP, Cimarron-Memorial HS, Las Vegas

159. Chicago (AL), Joshua Stewart, LHP, Memphis

160. Colorado, Christopher Testa, CF, Palmdale (Calif.) HS

161. Anaheim, Vincent Lacorte, RHP, San Jose St.

162. St. Louis, Melvin Williams, CF, Rice

163. Toronto, Scott Porter, RHP, Jacksonville

164. Los Angeles, Philip Devey, LHP, Southwestern Louisiana

165. Texas, Victor Hillaert, RHP, Shippensburg

166. New York (NL), Nicholas James, RHP, Allan Hancock College

167. Cleveland, Curtis Gay, 1B, Oklahoma City U.

168. San Francisco, Ryan Cox, RHP, Southern Illinois

169. Boston, Gregory Montalbano, LHP, Northeastern

170. Chicago (NL), Todd Deininger, RHP, Joliet (Ill.) Township HS

171. New York (AL), Thomas Taylor, SS, South Alabama

172. San Diego, Michael Thompson, RHP, Lamar (Colo.) HS

173. Houston, Michael Gallo, LHP, California St. U.

174. Atlanta, Matthew McClendon, RHP, Florida

175. Tampa Bay, Eric Henderson, LHP, Santa Fe CC

176. Florida, Charles Frazier, RF, Toms River HS, South Toms River, N.J.

177. Detroit, Brant Ust, 3B, Notre Dame

178. Arizona, Justin Maureau, LHP, Highlands Ranch (Colo.) HS

179. Minnesota, Brian Wolfe, RHP, Servite HS, Anaheim, Calif.

180. Montreal, Dominick Ambrosini, LF, Connetquot HS, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

181. Kansas City, Ryan Baerlocher, RHP, Lewis & Clark

182. Pittsburgh, Barry Barns, CF, Duquesne

183. Oakland, Mario Ramos, LHP, Rice

184. Milwaukee, Mark Ernster, SS, Arizona St.

185. Seattle, Joseph Putz, RHP, Michigan

186. Philadelphia, Daniel Tosca, C, Durant HS, Seffner, Fla.

187. Baltimore, Erik Bedard, LHP, Norwalk Comm Tech

188. Cincinnati, Ronald Leflore, CF, Pinellas Park (Fla.) Sr HS

189. Chicago (AL), David Sanders, LHP, Barton County CC

190. Colorado, Roney Johnson, RHP, Woodcreek HS, Antelope, Calif.

191. Anaheim, Dustin Bergman, LHP, Hawaii

192. St. Louis, Joshua Teekel, RHP, Belaire HS, Greenwell Springs, La.

193. Toronto, David Hanson,, RHP, Richland (Wash.) HS

194. Los Angeles, Shane Victorino, CF, St. Anthony HS, Wailuku, Hawaii

195. Texas, Aaron Harang, RHP, San Diego St.

196. New York (NL), Tyler Parker, C, Lassiter HS, Marietta, Ga.

197. Cleveland, Shane Wallace, LHP, Newman Smith HS, Carrollton, Texas

198. San Francisco, Ryan Pene, OF, Dixie College

199. Boston, Jon Kail, CF, Baldwin HS, Pittsburgh

200. Chicago (NL), Benjamin Shaffar, RHP, Kentucky

201. New York (AL), Reggie Laplante, RHP, Cegep Ahuntsic College

202. San Diego, Blair Dehart, RHP, James Madison

203. Houston, Jason Lane, LF, Southern California

204. Atlanta, Andrew Brown, RHP, Trinity Christian Academy, Deltona, Fla.

205. Tampa Bay, Andrew Beinbrink, 3B, Arizona St.

206. Florida, Jacob Laidlaw, SS, Cheyenne HS, Las Vegas

207. Detroit, Timothy Kalita, LHP, Notre Dame

208. Arizona, Ryan Owens, SS, California St. U.

209. Minnesota, Darren Ciraco, CF, Pelham Memorial HS, Pelham, N.Y.

210. Montreal, Cletis Boyer, SS, Largo HS, Bellir Beach, Fla.

211. Kansas City, James McAuley, C, Louisville

212. Pittsburgh, Matthew Schneider, CF, North Florida

213. Oakland, Joshua Hochgesang, 3B, Stanford

214. Milwaukee, Jeffrey Robinson, RHP-1B, Southwestern Louisiana

215. Seattle, Michael Davies, LHP, Westview HS, Beaverton, Ore.

216. Philadelphia, David Gil, RHP, Miami

217. Baltimore, David Farren, RHP, Texas HS, Texarkana, Texas

218. Cincinnati, Okorie Barrow, CF, Clarke Central HS, Athens, Ga.

219. Chicago (AL), Michael Patten, RHP, Tecumseh (Okla.) HS

220. Colorado, Carlos Figueroa, SS, Hilberto Concepcion, Carolina, P.R.

221. Anaheim, Alan Wawrzyniak, RHP, Philadelphia Textile

222. St. Louis, Covelli Crisp, 2B, Los Angeles Pierce JC

223. Toronto, Robert Nunley, RHP, Englewood Senior HS, Jacksonville, Fla.

224. Los Angeles, Jose Escalera, RF, Carlos Escobar Lopez, Loiza, P.R.

225. Texas, Luz Portobanco, RHP, Miami Senior HS

226. New York (NL), Rodney Nye, 3B, Arkansas

227. Cleveland, Daylon Monette, LF-CF, Ab Miller HS, Fontana, Calif.

228. San Francisco, Joe Jester, SS, Arkansas

229. Boston, Richard Carroll, 1B, Venice (Fla.) HS

230. Chicago (NL), Michael Dzurilla, 2B, St. John's

231. New York (AL), George Phillips, SS, Alabama

232. San Diego, John Scheschuk, 1B, Texas A&M

233. Houston, Nick Roberts, RHP, Southern Utah

234. Atlanta, Brett Evert, RHP, North Salem HS, Salem, Ore.

235. Tampa Bay, Ryan Gloger, LHP, Jesuit HS, Tampa, Fla.

236. Florida, Kevin Hooper, 2B, Wichita St.

237. Detroit, Anthony Ware, 3B, Hamilton HS, Los Angeles

238, Arizona, Christopher Capuano, LHP, Duke

239. Minnesota, Matthew Scanlon, 3B, Minnesota

240. Montreal, Luke Lockwood, LHP, Silverado HS, Victorville, Ca.

241. Kansas City, Eric Nelson, 2B, Baylor

242. Pittsburgh, Jonathan Searles, RHP, Huntington (Fla.) HS

243. Oakland, Charles Lehr RHP-C, Southern California

244. Milwaukee, David Pember, RHP, Western Carolina

245. Seattle, Terrmel Sledge, CF, California St. U.

246. Philadelphia, Jesse Thrasher, RHP, Benton HS, St. Joseph, Mo.

247. Baltimore, Matthew Tate, RHP, Holmes County HS, Bonifay, Fla.

248. Cincinnati, Ryan Lundquist, C, Arkansas

249. Chicago (AL), Dennis Ulacia, LHP, Monsignor Edward Pace HS, Hialeah, Fla.

250. Colorado, Gregory Catalanotte, RF, Florida

251. Anaheim, Aaron Franke, RHP, Owens CC

252. St. Louis, Shawn Schumacher C-3B, Texas A&M

253. Toronto, Ryan McCullem, LHP, David Hickman Sr HS, Columbia, Mo.

254. Los Angeles, Thomas Nall, RHP, Schaumburg (Ill.) HS

255. Texas, Joshua Rahrer, RHP, Emmett (Idaho) HS

256. New York (NL), Forrest Lawson, CF, Rogers HS, Puyallup, Wash.

257. Cleveland, Devin Rogers, RHP, Nicholls St

258. San Francisco, Kevin Vent, RHP, Arkansas

259. Boston, Andrew Heimbach, RHP, Mount Vernon Nazarene

260. Chicago (NL), Dustin Pate, RHP, Daniel HS, Clemson, S.C.

261. New York (AL), Scott Oliver, RHP, College of Charleston

262. San Diego, Todd Donovan, CF, Siena

263. Houston, Christopher Sampson, SS, Texas Tech

264. Atlanta, Christerson Spencer, RHP, Humble (Texas) HS

265. Tampa Bay, Daniel Ortiz, 1B, Hemet HS, Nuevo, Calif.

266. Florida, Benjaman Hickman, RHP, Louisiana Tech

267. Detroit, Casey Rowe, RHP, Fresno St.

268, Arizona, Matthew Kata, SS, Vanderbilt

269. Minnesota, Grant Gregg, LHP, McLennan CC

270. Montreal, Brandon Watson, 2B, Westchester HS, Inglewood, Calif.

271. Kansas City, Mark Ellis, SS, Florida

272. Pittsburgh, Shane Wright, RHP, Texas Tech

273. Oakland, Kirk Asche, RF, Jacksonville

274. Milwaukee, Matthew Tindell, C, Avon Park (Fla.) HS

275. Seattle, Steven Kent, LHP, Florida International

276. Philadelphia, Julio Collazo, SS, Mississippi Delta JC

277. Baltimore, Peter Shier, SS, Hilliard Davidson HS, Columbus, Ohio

278. Cincinnati, Casey Bookout, 1B, Oklahoma

279. Chicago (AL), Corwin Malone, LHP, Thomasville (Ala.) HS

280. Colorado, Colin Young, LHP, Fordham

281. Anaheim, Brian Specht, SS, Thomas Doherty HS, Colorado Springs, Colo.

282. St. Louis, Paul Thames, SS, Rice

283. Toronto, Joshua Holliday C-3B, Oklahoma St.

284. Los Angeles, Jonathan Berry, RHP, Newberry

285. Texas, Brett Cadiente, OF, Arizona St.

286. New York (NL), Wayne Lydon, CF, Valley View HS, Jessup, Pa.

287. Cleveland, Stephen Cowie, RHP, Duke

288. San Francisco, Joshua Cook, SS, Yuba College

289. Boston, Richard Thoms, RHP, Mississippi St.

290. Chicago (NL), Christopher Curry, C, Mississippi St.

291. New York (AL), Jeffrey Leaumont, 1B, LSU

292. San Diego, John Puccinelli, 3B, Notre Dame HS, Toluca Lake, Calif.

293. Houston, Jonathan Helquist, SS, University Christian HS, Jacksonville, Fla.

294. Atlanta, Angelo Burrows, CF, Miami Killian HS, Miami

295. Tampa Bay, Nathan Cromer, LHP, Lincoln HS, Des Moines, Iowa

296. Florida, Scott Goodman, LF, Arizona St.

297. Detroit, Jerrod Fuell, RHP, Palo Verde HS, Tucson, Ariz.

298, Arizona, Matthew Abram, 3B, Chaparral HS, Scottsdale, Ariz.

299. Minnesota, James Caine, RHP, St. Charles (Ill.) HS

300. Montreal, Grant Dorn, RHP, North Carolina St.

301. Kansas City, Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl, LHP, Rice

302. Pittsburgh, Jeremy Sickles, C, California St. U.

303. Oakland, Justin Sobchuk, RHP, Sehome HS, Bellingham, Wash.

304. Milwaukee, Benjamin Hendrickson, RHP, Bloomington Jefferson (Minn.) HS

305. Seattle, Justin Smith, LHP, Alabama

306. Philadelphia, Marlon Byrd C-3B, Georgia Perimeter College

307. Baltimore, Octavio Martinez, C, Bakersfield College

308. Cincinnati, Scott Dunn, RHP, Texas

309. Chicago (AL), Matthew Guerrier, RHP, Kent

310. Colorado, Sean Daly, C, Golden West HS, Visalia, Calif.

311. Anaheim, Robb Quinlan, SS-LF, Minnesota

312. St. Louis, Kevin Sprague, LHP, McNeese St.

313. Toronto, Robert Cosby, SS, Academia Bautista, Rio Piedras, P.R.

314. Los Angeles, Lamont Matthews, OF, Oklahoma St.

315. Texas, Jason Bryan, CF, New Utrecht HS, Brooklyn, N.Y.

316. New York (NL), Prentice Redman, CF, Bevill St.

317. Cleveland, Fernando Cabrera, RHP, Discipulos De Cristo HS, Toa Baja, P.R.

318. San Francisco, Anthony Yacco, RHP, Mahopac (N.Y.) HS

319. Boston, Brian Wiese, RF, Mississippi St.

320. Chicago (NL), James Deschaine, SS, Brandeis

321. New York (AL), Bradley Ticehurst, CF, Southern California

322. San Diego, Todd Shiyuk, LHP, Alabama-Huntsville

323. Houston, Gregory Dobbs, 3B, California St. U.

324. Atlanta, Bryan Cetani, LHP, Deep Valley Christian HS, Ukiah, Calif.

325. Tampa Bay, Jason Cromer, LHP, Lincoln HS, Des Moines, Iowa

326. Florida, Randall Messenger, RHP, Sparks (Nev.) Senior HS

327. Detroit, Erick Burke, LHP, Houston

328, Arizona, Benjamin King, LHP, Grapevine (Texas) HS

329. Minnesota, Michael Prochaska, LHP, Leesville Road HS, Raleigh, N.C.

330. Montreal, David LutzLf Monte Vista HS, Spring Valley, Calif.

331. Kansas City, Edwin Franco, LHP, Florida International

332. Pittsburgh, Craig Munroe, 1B, Maryland

333. Oakland, Michael Wenner, CF, Rider

334. Milwaukee, William Ford, OF, Rice

335. Seattle, H H Wayne, RHP, Columbia

336. Philadelphia, Richard Legette, RHP, Stratford HS, Summerville, S.C.

337. Baltimore, Kraig Brinkman, RHP, Napa (Calif.) HS

338. Cincinnati, John Darnell, LHP, Tarleton St.

339. Chicago (AL), Alec Holifield, RHP, Stranahan HS, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

340. Colorado, Christopher Moore, SS, Western Carolina

341. Anaheim, Chris Barski, C, New Mexico St.

342. St. Louis, Aaron Davidson, 2B, Cuesta College

343. Toronto, Charles Kegley, RHP, Okaloosa Walton CC

344. Los Angeles, Eric Junge, RHP, Bucknell

345. Texas, Justin Echols, RHP, Greenway HS, Phoenix

346. New York (NL), Joseph Cole, RHP, Texas Pan American

347. Cleveland, Monte Mansfield, RHP, Hesperia (Calif.) HS

348. San Francisco, Jeffrey Verplancke, RHP, California St. U.

349. Boston, Kregg Jarvais, C, Maine

350. Chicago (NL), Timothy Lavery, LHP, Illinois

351. New York (AL), Jeffrey Moye, RHP, Seminole JC

352. San Diego, Brian Adams, LHP, Clemson

353. Houston, Kristopher Kann, RHP, Mansfield

354. Atlanta, Hector Trevino, LHP, Andrews (Texas) HS

355. Tampa Bay, Jorge Maduro, C, Monsignor Edward Pace HS, Miami

356. Florida, Angel Sanchez, C, Vineland HS, Vineland, N.J.

357. Detroit, Daniel Davis, CF, Osceola Senior HS, Kissimmee, Fla.

358, Arizona, Douglas Devore, OF, Indiana

359. Minnesota, Kevin Johnson, RHP, California

360. Montreal, Brian Stavisky, CF, Port Allegany (Pa.) HS

361. Kansas City, Anthony Cogan, LHP, Stanford

362. Pittsburgh, James Langston, 3B-OF, Georgia St.

363. Oakland, Jason Garthwaite, OF, Kent Meridan HS, Kent, Wash.

364. Milwaukee, Frank Wagner, LHP, Minnesota

365. Seattle, Larry Brown, OF, San Fernando (Calif.) HS

366. Philadelphia, Brian Bush, CF, Michigan

367. Baltimore, Bradley Rogers, RHP, Wellington Sec., Nanaimo, Can.

368. Cincinnati, Joshua Spoerl, 3B, Texas

369. Chicago (AL), Derek Stanley, CF, North Florida JC

370. Colorado, Craig House, RHP, Memphis St.

371. Anaheim, Michael O'Keefe, CF, Providence

372. St. Louis, Brent Spooner, C, Central Florida

373. Toronto, Christopher Weekly, SS, New Mexico St.

374. Los Angeles, Joshua Dalton, SS, LSU

375. Texas, Michael Scuglik, LHP, Xavier

376. New York (NL), Paul Viole, RHP, Seton Hall

377. Cleveland, Francis Finnerty, C, Wellington Community HS, West Palm Beach, Fla.

378. San Francisco, Ronald Merrill, SS, Tampa

379. Boston, Jon Ford, CF, Dallas Baptist

380. Chicago (NL), Lavalroe Cash, LF, Stephens County School, Toccoa, Ga.

381. New York (AL), Louis Witte, RHP, Xavier

382. San Diego, Brian Ward, 3B, North Carolina St.

383. Houston, Royce Huffman, 3B, Texas Christian

384. Atlanta, Benjamin Kozlowski, LHP, Santa Fe CC

385. Tampa Bay, Jason Pruett, LHP, Brookhaven College

386. Florida, Bryan Moore, RHP, Houston

387. Detroit, Kevin Jackson, 3B, North Florida

388, Arizona, Jesse Harper, RHP, Brazoswood HS, Clute, Texas

389. Minnesota, Seth Morris, RF, Hamilton (Ohio) HS

390. Montreal, Christopher Humrich, RHP, Armstrong Atlantic St.

391. Kansas City, Gregg Raymundo, 3B, Pepperdine

392. Pittsburgh, Joshua Hudnall, SS, Ouachita Christian School, Monroe, La.

393. Oakland, Jason Pomar, RHP, South Carolina

394. Milwaukee, Terry Mayo, CF, Eastern Guilford HS, Greensboro, N.C.

395. Seattle, Justin Leone, SS, St. Martins College

396. Philadelphia, Frank Brooks, LHP, St. Peter's

397. Baltimore, Drew Hassler, RHP, Arcadia HS, Phoenix

398. Cincinnati, Travis Wong, 1B, Timberline HS, Boise, Idaho

399. Chicago (AL), Casey Rogowski, LF, Catholic Central HS, Livonia, Mich.

400. Colorado, Richard Cercy, RHP, Morehead St.

401. Anaheim, Alfredo Amezaga, SS, St. Petersburg JC

402. St. Louis, Jose Albert Pujols, 3B, Maple Woods CC

403. Detroit, Darko Milicic, C, Yugoslavia
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that pujols character didn't really amount to too much did he?

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