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Old 05-20-2005, 09:09 AM   #1
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Normal A "private" message to Zoomerang96.

"i've seen your posts around here, and they're ripe for the picking of an intelligent person (such as myself and a few others), to be thoroughly humiliated. this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt that your opinions are laughable at best.

i honestly cannot believe how ridiculous some u2 fans are. it's obsene, like my spelling, except worse."

I am only replying to this post of yours, which was featured in the "I Hate So Cruel" thread, because it has been closed(maybe because of your nasty little reply?). I would email you, but I do not have Premier Membership access. And no, I'm not going to flame you, like you did to me. I would only like to ask a few honest questions.

First off, where do you get off implying that I am dumb? I've never spoken to you ONCE in my life on these boards, yet you act like you know me rather well. What posts of mine in particular are "ripe for the picking", anyway? My songs? My jokes in the Setlist Party threads? Can you please enlighten me?

Secondly, I don't care if you belong to Mensa, that doesn't mean your opinion is any better or more right than mine. Same deal applies for everyone else in the "So Cruel" thread.

I would like to think I have many friends here, still being a newbie and all, but I have never seen someone so directly and unapologectily be an arse. If I insulted your "favorite song", well, too bad.

Can you tell me who else belongs in your small circle of "intelligent, proclaimed geniuses", so I can rightfully ignore them? Thanks in advance!

Oh, and here's my email adress so we can further discuss this over the chosen medium: alexj33106@hotmail.com. If you'd like to give me yours, then that would be even better! If the mods close this thread, then we can just discuss it there over there. Thanks again.

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At the count of 3 you will awaken refreshed from your self-induced posting trance and from now one, everytime you hit the 'submit reply' button you will repeat to yourself, "It's only a message board. It's only a message board. It's only a message board....."

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Well, PopMartian can't possibly be that dumb, because he knew this thread would get closed, as spinoff threads (threads discussing closed threads) and threads calling out individual members aren't allowed!
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