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zooropa - part 4

"I'll leave you kids to yourselves now. I must be going now. Behaves

yourselves, please!", the wizard man smiled, excusing himself.
"By the way.. my name is Zoizi-Paul.. y'know.. mix of both cultures.."

They all tell him their goodbyes and continue off where they left off.

"Bono here is a bit of a cheeky little bastard. He doesn't know how to control

himself.. or his mouth", Edge commented.

Kristen smiled. She obviously found Bono very charming. Who couldn't?

"Mouth? As in what exactly?", Adam questioned.
"What are you talking about? His mouth.. you know.. mouth", edge asked..

seeming confused... and irritated yet in a comical way... gesturing at his

mouth. lol.

Bono, Larry, and Kristen laugh.

"Well, he does like to kiss everything in sight and he's also a big mouth in

the verbal sense.. so I was wondering in which context you meant that by..",

Adam said seriously, adjusting his glasses, which weren't there any longer, by


Edge looks at Adam.. like "what in the fuck?" and ready to start cracking up.

"My mouth is mine. I can do what the hell I want with it, buddy", Bono said,


"I meant his big ass, verbally impulsive mouth. Then again, I guess I could

toss in the other as well..." edge said, smirking.

"Since you guys love talking about me so much....", bono started..
"Feck that!", edge joked.

"I think you're all in love with me...", bono concluded.

Adam spit out his drink ready to laugh and suprised for some odd reason. LOL

"Adam here's always been in love with ya, bono... not us though..", larry joked

from the back.

"yes, i wished all of those years you brought a lady up to dance with you on

stage that it was me, instead...", adam said sarcastically.

Bono gleamed. "Well, thankyou, my precious..." he said bowing.

Kristen was blushing in laughter.

"Yeah, we're .. from Earth. I guess we are really on another planet I am

assuming? and we have no idea how we got here.....and on Earth... we are in a

famous band which we call U2. anyways, not sure if we're known here on this..

what the hecks it called again?", bono forgot the name of the planet again...

"Octaligiopia", Kristen laughed.

"Octo..feck it..", bono decided to lazy out of it.. with a grin. making kristen


"Yup, I know who you guys are", she smiled, shyly looking down at her shoe for

a second.

"You do??" bono and edge asked suprised at the same time.

"Yup, you guys are known here. Very well, actually. Got a lot of fans 'round

here.", she answered.
"I sure remember you guys, how could one not?", smiling.

"Is that good or bad?", Adam laughed.. going back to sipping his drink.

"Good actually", Kristen smiled.. sitting down next to Bono.

"So, are you from Earth.,. or a hybrid.. or an Octalio... AHH feck..", bono

frustrating himself with the damn name again.

Kristen laughed at Bono's little quirks. Not sure what it was, but he sure as

hell had a spark about him that was hard to ignore.

"I'm from Earth actually...", she started.
"Oh.. same thing that happened to us, eh?", adam asked.
"Yeah.. I've been here for a long time. Zoizi took me in.. and has been a good

friend to me all this time..." she continued..

They hear a knock at the door.. interrupting them.
Kristen excuses herself to go check. Its her and Zoizi's friend Frida, who came

to drop off some muffins she made.
"Hey, guys! This is my friend Frida!", she said introducing them all.
"Hi all!" Frida greeted them all.
"I must be running now though. Got to get back to the kids. Enjoy the muffins!

I'll stop by tomorrow again.." she said, rushing out the door.
Kristen shut the door, laughing. "Yeah, she's got 4 crazy little kids and shes

always giving people muffins".
The guys all laughed.. eyeing the muffins.
"Want some?"
"Sure!" they all said simultaneously like kids themselves.

They all ate.. and chatted for a long while. Drank some alien wine, and just

loosened up.

"Just like a hipper version of Dublin, eh guys?" Kristen joked.. holding up a

glass of the alien wine.. in which larry drank too much of and was burping up a


"Nothing beats Guinness.." bono stated.. holding up his glass..drinking some

"Goddamn, I need a smoke right now..", he added. "Anyone got any?"

Kristen shook her head no and Adam lectured.. "Bono.. come on, I gave them up..

why cant you?"

"Because. I dont want to.", bono said.

"I'm gonna miss Dublin...." larry said.
"We'll get back. Trust me.. we will.." bono said. he knew they could. if he had

anything to do with it.
they all looked at him like.. "yeah.. sure..."

"So... what happened to you? How did you get here?", bono asked kristen..

becoming very interested in her story and learn more about where they are...

and how it was like for her.. and also.. very interested in her in general. he

was beginning to really like this girl. he had felt something click between

them from the start.. either way, he knew they'd be good friends.

"it was 5 years ago. i was visiting a friend of mine, and went upstairs to use

her bathroom. she had this beautiful big window in there higher up.. and it was

opened. a very beautiful spring day. clear and blue sky. i hear a strange

buzzing outside the window.. and it wasnt like a bug or anything... but it was

more like a loud static sound. i look outside and the noise got louder and

louder. next thing i know, the ground starts shaking and i see this huge

silvery object hovering outside the window. damn, the thing must have been 2

cars length and had weird looking cone-shaped things sticking out from all

ends... i squinted my eyes to get a better look, as the sun was so bright

shining against it.. and then a bright light emerged from the middle of it

and.. the next thing i knew.. i ended up in a field here.. right down the lane

from Zoizi here."... she said.. recalling the odd, yet painful memory.

the guys were silent, and listening intently.

"i literally had a nervous breakdown about it all. if it werent for zoizi and

some other good people ive met here.. i dont know what i would have done. its

hard to convince yourself that this is really happening...", she added..

feeling as if she were about to cry.. but she didnt like to show her tears much

anymore. she learned to hold stuff in... out of fear of her own emotions.

bono could tell... and reached out for her hand, gripping his fingers around


she looked up at him suprised. she saw the sincerity in his eyes.. and the

warmth of his hand... she gripped back.

"if you dont wanna talk anymore about it.. you dont have to. its okay...", bono

said softly next to her.
she shook her head.. "no, its okay", she said.. confidently.. and feeling a bit

better now... she felt like she could open up to these people, and felt she

needed to tell them some things she'd learned while here.

"I guess Zoizi told you guys all about the book and the king and queen

here..?", she asked.
"Yeah.. he told us about it. We're all still trying to.. digest it all...",

bono said... still holding her hand.. and she suddenly realized she was still

gripping back. Edge noticed this... and felt a pang of slight jealousy all of a

sudden. He didnt really know why.

Larry was sitting in an odd position in the odd chair and fell off of it,

trying to adjust himself on it... distracting everyone in the room... snapping

everyone out of it.

"Fuck!", larry cursed.. standing back up again.

Adam shakes his head at him.. "Would you like me to help you sit, Lar?"

"Fuck off", larry's favorite response.

"You might wonder how a bunch of guys like us could have ever survived in a

band for this long..." bono laughed. The atmosphere started lightening up.

She was a fan of theirs... but not that big of a fanatic. She had some of their

albums.. and funny thing is, she had always previously thought of Bono as a

pain in the butt, and he annoyed her, and thought that he was stuck on himself.

But... in reality, he sure didnt seem like that at all, actually... now meeting

him in person. he was really growing on her. she was curious to get to know him

seeing them... it gave her a sense of normalcy.. of her life back on earth..

memories, and gave a stronger realization that she was not dreaming all of

this... stuck on an alien planet stuff. even though she'd never met the band..

she in a sense felt like she had always known them... and it was very

comforting. but she also felt like she'd just met 4 brand new good friends.

they were bonding.

they all loved her as well. she was just like "one of the guys".. and had a

great sense of humor and they all clicked nicely.

"So, let me ask. Are you a U2 fan?", bono asked.. grinning this sly little

adorable smile.

"HA HA HA HA That's a horrible question to ask", Adam giggled.

"Nah.." she laughed, joking.
"No?", bono started to look kinda sad and shocked.
"Ok, a little bit.." she said.
bono still kinda pouted... not pleased.
"Yes i think you guys are great. and always have. i guess i am a fan.." she

smiled.. giving bono a wink.
bono smiled.
edge started laughing.

"So who's your favorite member?" bono asked winking back.
"Adam", she said.
"AHAHHAHAH!!" edge almost shit himself.
bono looks at him "Its not funny, damn you"
Adam perked up. "Why thankyou!"
"And not me?", bono asked.. looking very sad. sad puppy dog eyes. "why not?"
larry was cracking up now.

Kristen loved this teasing.

"His big mouth. thats what!" edge joked across the table.

bono gave him a pissed off look.

"Ok, and edge.." she added.
edge sat back, crossing his arms in triumpth.
"a tie between adam and edge.."

bono started getting all depressed. heh. scowling at edge as edge was basking

in the glory.

"Ok, and larry..."

"HA!" larry laughed.

"Odd one left out, bono. finally! suits ya right", edge joked.

kristen was silently snickering to herself.
this was a fun test.

bono couldn't believe it. "ahh.. fuck you all. you know she fancies me.."

"stop trying to convince youself of that", edge laughed.

kristen thought of them all as her favorite member. they were all as one entity

to her. an equal whole.

"and of course.. bono.." she finally said.

"I dont believe ya..", he said.. sipping more wine. scowling jokingly.

edge couldnt stop laughing.

"you're all my favorite... i cant choose one. that'd be horrible.. and you all

are part of the puzzle and i admire all of you", she said.

bono knew she was joking around now. but yes.. he was worried his ego might

have a little.. bruise earlier. lol.

"youre probably thinking dirty thoughts about me right now, i'm sure", bono

teased... looking down at his drink.

kristen chuckled. "nope. i'm not." trying to keep in a laugh.

"well we know hes having dirty thoughts about me", edge laughed.

"feck off, baldy", bono scowled.

kristen got off on this whole thing. and gave a little shy blush towards bono,

giving him a wink. making eye contact. a little non-verbal assurance that he

was OK in her book, for sure. he smiled. his ego intact. LOL.

all laughs and joking about lasting a while.
after all settles...adam, larry, edge all decided to look more at the book

Zoizi showed them... and bono finally found an un-used single smoke in his back

"Hey, im gonna go get a smoke outside.." bono announces.. holding his cig very

protectively. lol.
"yeah, go do that.." edge joked ushering him out there with a gesture.

"Hey, i'll go with you..", kristen stood up and said.
bono was suprised.
"You smoke, too?"
"Hahaa nope... just thought I'd give ya company, thats all..."
Bono grinned ear to ear, linking her arm in his and leading eachother out the

door. "I'd like that very much", he smiled.

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theres gonna be a very interesting love triangle coming up in this very soon. so stay tuned...
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