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Zooropa - Part 1

Ok, this story is obviously completely made up. All bullshit made up in this pathetic little mind of mine, lol.

This story takes place during the post-ZooTV era.

None of the members are married in this story, involved or anything like that.

And please disregard the foul language in this story, not that it's probably that far off from how the guys are with eachother anyway though. LOL.


It was a strange thing that had happened. Something that no one had ever imagined. Was it real?

It must all be a nightmare or Bono got drunk, fell asleep and left an episode of the Twilight Zone on the TV in the background... and was dreaming.

A strange smell started to fill the air... and Bono sees Edge next to him, passed out.

"What the feck? Edge, you okay?", Bono asked out loud, nudging Edge awake.
"Eeeh... what the hell happened?", Edge asked, groggy-eyed.
"Where the hell are the guys?", Bono started to get nervous.. looking all around for Adam and Larry.

"Follow that stench.. maybe it's Adam's farts..", Edge said, silently laughing at himself.

"Come on, man, seriously..", Bono said, getting up, shaking off some purple colored dust-like stuff from his leather pants and shirt.

"ADAM!! LARRY!!!", they both yelled out.. hearing their voices echoing out into the vast .. whatever it was.

Nowhere in sight.

"Good God, Edge, what the fuck happened?", Bono starts getting very panicky.. fidgeting about.

"Lets just calm down a bit, alright?", Edge said getting very worried now.

They hear an obscenity coming from the distance...

"Fuck!" a voice calls out...

"WHO'S OUT THERE??", bono yells.

"Bono???" the voice replied.

"LARRY???" bono and edge say at the same time.

Larry emerged from the outside of wherever they were...

"WHERE ARE YOU?????" edge yelled.

Larry replies, "I'm over here!! I've been looking everywhere for you guys!!!!" as Adam follows behind him, cursing under his breath about his glasses which have a broken lens.

"Where were you guys at? What the feck's going on??", Bono asked Larry and Adam. Edge behind him, examining the materials around them closely.

"I have no idea... we must have passed out and realized we were outside.. but its all... well, you guys just have to see it for yourselves...", Larry said... nervously.. very nervously.

They all walk together to the outside of the unfamiliar looking place.

"Holy shit...", Edge said, as his voice quivered, fading off.

"Guys.. this sure as fuck isn't Washington, D.C....", Bono said... eyes boggled out his head, looking at what was before him.

A vast purple sky... huge.. odd looking planets in the sky... appearing 100 times closer than the Earth's moon... or that you could actually fly up in a plane and touch them. Odd looking bugs frolicked all around the air... with bizaare looking lights on them.

"Um... guys, this doesn't even look like Earth.." Edge said... squinting at the bright beautiful... eerie, alien sky.

"Doesn't look like we're in Kansas anymore", Bono kind of jokes.. trying to make light of the situation... gaining scowling faces from his bandmates..

"Whaat??", Bono asked, as if he said something perfectly sane, lol.

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I like this. It's odd but it sounds like it's going to be funny.
*waits for part 2*

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This is looking pretty good.
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